Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss

Chapter 705 (END) - The End

Chapter 705 The End

Immortal Level 7!

“I thought that the Phoenix Clan would have a seventh level immortal, but I didn’t expect it to come so quickly!”

“Quan Feng has been dead for 20,000 years. It’s normal for a seventh level immortal to appear in the Phoenix clan. I’m afraid the world is going to change?’

“Change what? The human race has two seventh level immortals.”

“Humph! Those two are now trapped in the forest.”

In the Phoenix Clan, a group of Phoenix Clan experts waited for the aura of the seventh level of the Immortal Realm to descend.

“If the human race doesn’t have two immortals, it would indeed be a joyous matter.”

“Fortunately, we seized that plan back then. Otherwise, who knew that the Human Clan still had a hidden master. Alright, not long after, our Phoenix Clan will have another Immortal. Two Immortal Realm Level 7 experts. They are not inferior to the Human Clan.”

“That’s only a tie with the humans.”

“There’s no rush. They’re trapped in the You Fu Forest. Let’s devour the humans bit by bit and boil the frogs in warm water. I believe that the two human Immortal Realm experts won’t make a move for a few small human forces.”

“Hmm, take it slow! The lifespan of humans is short, and they don’t have many years left to live at the seventh level of immortality. Our seventh level of immortality has just begun. Perhaps there will even be an eighth level of immortality expert.”

“Now, it’s impossible for those two humans at level seven of the Immortal Realm to attack us. I think we can do it without worry.”

More than ten years later, the aura of the Phoenix Clan erupted, and another level seven immortal appeared.

The demons and humans realized that something was wrong and began to shrink.

At this moment, a large number of Xuantian Sect experts had gathered in the formation of the Wildlands.

“Two level seven immortals have appeared in the Phoenix clan. Our situation is grim!”

“Don’t worry, our formation can still resist for a while.”

“So what if I resist for a period of time? My potential has been exhausted. At most, I’m at the third level of the Immortal Realm. Guo Huai is only at the fourth level of the Immortal Realm! It’s very difficult for the others to reach the Heaven Enlightenment Realm.”

Wei Yang shook his head.

Originally, his potential had been exhausted. Li Mu had left behind many pills that could seize the fortune of the world, which was why he was where he was today.


“Let’s wait! I hope the Ancestor has a way!”

Another two hundred years passed.

The Phoenix Clan charged towards the humans through the Immovable Mountain.

The guardian of the unmoving mountain was killed.

The humans were shocked.

Many sects and forces joined forces.

The Human Clan sent out more than thirty Immortals, but they were defeated by the Phoenix Clan in the blink of an eye. A large number of Human Clan Immortals were killed.

In order to protect themselves, the other sects could only hide in the great formation.

All the human forces with a little bit of resources were robbed. After the robbery, the Phoenix Clan threatened these forces to join them. Those who disagreed were all killed.

A large number of human forces were forced to become slaves of the Phoenix Clan.

In the forest.

The human beggars received news from the humans every day. Their eyes were filled with tears, but there was nothing they could do.

“Sigh! Come back quickly! There’s no need for you to do anything in the Demon Clan. After coming back to maintain the balance between the Human Clan and the Demon Clan, we’ll think of a way!”

It had been ten thousand years.

Why wasn’t he back yet?

The old beggar was not worried that Li Mu would be in danger.

He was an Immortal Realm Level 7 expert, and his cultivation and Dao techniques far exceeded ordinary Immortal Realm Level 7 experts. He was almost invincible in the Demon Clan. In the Demon Region. Li Mu fused with a devil and slowly opened his eyes. “There is still a demon who is about to step into the Nirvana Realm in the Far West. We can’t let him go!”


His figure flashed and disappeared. Now, Li Mu’s cultivation was already at level eight of the Immortal Realm. With a little more time, he would be able to reach level eight of the Immortal Realm.

During these ten thousand years in the Demon Territory, Li Mu had not been idle.

After slaughtering a large number of demons and devouring many demons, his primordial spirit had long reached the peak of the eighth level of immortality. Moreover, there were many resources in the Demon Territory.

Even if he didn’t cultivate for ten thousand years, these resources could raise his cultivation by a level.

Li Mu appeared in the Far West.

The demon fell into Li Mu’s divine consciousness and immediately attacked, not giving the demon a chance to react.

In fact, this demon was killed without even knowing what had happened.

“There’s such a devil in this place? Could it be that this devil hates the world?”

After killing this demon, Li Mu found that the surrounding demonic qi was sparse, and there were not many demons. They were all scattered demons, and there were not even little demons.

After entering the place where the demons often rested, Li Mu found a stone tablet.

The stone tablet was filled with a kind of rune, which was exactly the same as the rune of the Heaven Hiding Light.

Another two hundred years passed. The Phoenix Clan occupied a large amount of human territory.

The test was over. On this day, Wei Yang stared at the shadow flying over in the distance.

Then, more and more shadows appeared.

The pressure became stronger and stronger. “It’s the Phoenix Clan. The Phoenix Clan is here!”

Wei Yang said.


“The Phoenix Clan! Aren’t they attacking a large sect?”

“The big sects are probably already theirs. This time, they want to completely destroy us.”


Wei Yang and the others were talking as their four phoenix claws struck the formation.

The formation trembled.

“They want to break the formation by force!”

“Two level seven immortals are much stronger than Quan Feng.”


As soon as he finished speaking, he attacked again.

“The other Phoenix clans have also made a move.”

Outside the formation, all the Phoenixes looked at the formation coldly.


In an instant, a white shadow appeared beside Emperor Qing Luan.

“I’ve already told you the operation pattern of the great formation. If you can’t enter, it can only mean that after what happened back then, that person has already changed the life and death door of the great formation. The operation pattern of the entire great formation shouldn’t have changed. My master said that if we continue to attack according to the pattern he mentioned, we will be able to break through in a few years.”

“Yes! Thank your master for us.”

“No need. Master said that I should thank him for killing the people inside. In addition, I’m also under your command here.”

“Alright, wait for us to break the great formation. I’ll give you a portion of the things inside.”

Emperor Qing Luan said.

Ten years later, the formation shook violently.

Many places collapsed. Inside the formation, Wei Yang, Guo Huai, and the others were guarding the formation base.

The Phoenix Clan’s attack was very fierce.

“It’s purer than Quan Feng’s goal back then, and its attack power is even greater.”

Chen Yue said with a dark face.

Back then, there were still many tests when Quan Feng attacked the formation.

During these intervals of probing attacks, the formation absorbed the surrounding prenatal qi to recover.

Moreover, after Quan Feng attacked the formation back then, the sword qi of the formation could injure Quan Feng. Every time he attacked, Quan Feng was very careful.

Now, every attack of the Phoenix clan happened to be stuck on the weakness of the formation. The counterattack of the formation could also be known by the other party in advance. After attacking the formation, they would hide at the side and wait for the counterattack to end.

Two at the seventh level of the Immortal Realm and eight at the intermediate level of the Immortal Realm attacked at the same time.

It was much fiercer than Quan Feng’s attack back then.

Fifty years later, a crack appeared on the foundation of the formation.

Xie An and his men quickly took over.

“We can’t hold on for long like this.” The disciples of the Xuantian Sect were filled with fear.

Some disciples couldn’t stand the oppressive atmosphere and cried.

“Don’t give up until the end. We held on until the end back then,” Xie An said.

At the crack in the forest.

The old beggar frowned when he saw the fluctuations of the Dao techniques in the wilderness.

He wanted to help, but the demons at the crack had almost disappeared all these years. It shouldn’t be a problem to attack two or three times, but he didn’t dare to take the risk.

Then, he closed his eyes and said, “Sigh.”

They could only watch the humans die. Whoosh

Before the sigh ended, the aura in front of him fluctuated.

Suddenly, he saw an afterimage flying into the distance.

“He’s back?”

“It’s his aura. How can he be so fast? Did he break through?”

Just as he was wondering…

A huge Dharma Idol descended from the sky above the wilderness.


Then, the world shook. “Immortal… eighth level!”

The old beggar said with a trembling voice.

The Phoenix clan that was besieging the wilderness was instantly thrown into the apocalypse. “He’s back…”

“Immortal Level 8, run!”

“Can you escape?” A sneer came from the sky. Then, a palm landed, and one of the Phoenixes’ seventh layer of immortality turned into a bloody mist, and his primordial spirit dissipated. When the other Phoenixes saw this, they hurriedly fled in all directions.

Just like back then.


Not far away, another muffled sound came.

Another phoenix at level seven of the Immortal Realm crashed into Li Mu’s true body.

In an instant, his primordial spirit was devoured and his body was scattered.

“The Phoenix Clan is still the same as before.”

Two level seven immortals were instantly killed.

The other Phoenixes were shocked.

In an instant, many Phoenixes who had escaped were also split in half by Li Mu.

“Let’s end the grudge between us!”

Without giving the emperor a chance to reply, Li Mu slapped down.

After killing Qing Luan, Li Mu was stunned. Over the years, killing demons had become a habit, so he didn’t ask many questions.

Forget it!

Thinking about his own problem, it was not an important problem.

Twenty years later, Li Mu cleaned up the Phoenix clan. With a wave of his hand, the huge Heaven Burying Coffin appeared in his hand.

In the depths of the forest, Li Mu appeared at the crack with the coffin on his back.

He sealed the coffin in the forest.

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