Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss

Chapter 703 - Going to the Demon Territory

Chapter 703 Going to the Demon Territory

“Have you thought about the result of our battle?”

Ba Xia said.

He had lived enough.

Moreover, his lifespan had already reached its end. At most, he could only live for a few decades.

He was not afraid of death. “The result will be your death.” “No, you will die too? And all humans will die.”

Ba Xia narrowed his eyes and said.

“Are you trying to scare me?” “The Heaven Burying Coffin won’t let you live. If you fight in the forest, if you connect to the Heaven Burying Coffin, the coffin will break through the forest and let the Demon Clan in. Many of the Demon Clans have already hidden. When the Phoenix Clan’s strength expanded, they took the opportunity to hide.”

“Are you threatening me with the Demon Clan?”

“No! You know too little about the Burial Coffin.”

Ba Xia looked at Li Mu with pity.

Only they knew the secret of the Heaven Burying Coffin.

The forces that knew the secret of the Heaven Burying Coffin had long disappeared in the long river of history.

“I have my own way to bury the coffin. You must die.”

“Alright! Since the humans want to destroy our Demon Clan, the Demon Clan also wants to destroy our Demon Clan. The Demon Clan will die before and after…”


As Ba Xia spoke, he pushed his palm towards Li Mu.

A man and a demon fought.


At the same time, another shadow appeared in the forest and attacked Li Mu.

“Another one… Is this Qiongqi?”

“In the direction of the Dark Forest…”

“It’s over! This battle… came too early!” Be it the humans or the demons, they didn’t expect this war to come so suddenly.

The peaceful days were not enough. Was there going to be another war?

In a certain city, an old beggar stared in the direction of the forest and suddenly shouted, “Immortal experts can’t fight in the forest!”


The old beggar quickly flew towards the You Fu Forest.

“Senior Human, I hope you can listen to my advice. The Heaven Burying Coffin can’t be used. After all the living beings and experts in the world are harvested, they will counterattack. Or the Heaven Burying Coffin can nurture you into an expert and then devour you. Back then, a senior of our Demon Clan died like this. More than five million years ago, the Heaven Burying Coffin was taken away by the experts of the Ascension Sect and it appeared again.”

“Aren’t you saying so much because you want me to hand over the Heaven Burying Coffin?”

“I know you don’t believe me. Don’t worry. You’ll see.”

As Ba Xia spoke, his power circulated crazily.

Just as Li Mu thought that the other party was going to use a big move, Qiongqi, who was pestering him, quickly retreated.


The world shook.

“This is… self-destruction?”

None of the masters had expected that the result of the battle would be like this.

Including Li Mu.

Thinking back to how Ba Xia had threatened them, what was the result of their battle?

“Is this the result?”

Li Mu vaguely felt that something was wrong.


A crisp sound rang out in Li Mu’s heart. Suddenly, Li Mu felt that something was wrong.

His divine consciousness swept around. Not far from him, there were a few more human immortals, and not a single demon immortal could be seen.

Not only could they not see immortals, but there were no other demons.

Something was wrong!


Li Mu was puzzled. Suddenly, a human master who looked like a beggar appeared beside him.

Li Mu was stunned by the sudden appearance of a master. Then, his pupils constricted.

The peak of Immortal Realm Level 7!

The human race actually had a seventh level immortal!

“It’s over!”

The beggar shouted.

He completely ignored Li Mu’s surprise.

“What’s over?”

Li Mu was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

The peak of the seventh level of the Immortal Realm.

Obviously, this human expert had lived for a very long time and knew many secrets.

“The world has cracked. Ba Xia from the Youwu Forest is dead, and Qiongqi is seriously injured. The Demon Clan is coming!” the old beggar said anxiously.

Then, he turned around and cursed at Li Mu, “You’re really stupid. There have been countless reclusive masters in the human race for generations. Why didn’t we take over the Demon Clan? Why didn’t we occupy the Dark Forest? Because we know that our descendants like to fight among themselves. We can’t defend the Dark Forest. I didn’t expect that you would…”

The old beggar let out a long sigh and flew deep into the forest.

Li Mu was stunned for a moment before he followed.

At the crack in the forest.

The crack was bigger than before.

It seemed that the demons guarding the entrance of the crack realized something and surged out.

When Li Mu and the old beggar rushed to the crack, there were already many demons strolling around the crack.

“Hurry up and destroy these demons.”

The old beggar blocked the entrance of the crack, blocking the swarming demons.

Li Mu immediately attacked the demon.

“Don’t bombard this place. Be careful not to cause the crack to expand.”

Two days later, Li Mu returned to the crack.

The old beggar looked at Li Mu sadly.

“Now, the forest is ours. Without the two of us at level seven of the Immortal Realm, the humans are no match for the Demon Clan. Attacking and defending have changed positions! The days of the humans are difficult.”

Li Mu’s face darkened.

“With the Heaven Burying Coffin, the Demon Clans don’t dare to make a move!”

“Sigh, the Heaven Burying Coffin can only make the Demon Clans afraid for a moment. If the Heaven Burying Coffin absorbs enough blood souls or encounters a calamity, it will attack the blood souls that it has nurtured. You are now at the seventh level of immortality. You were nurtured by the Heaven Burying Coffin, right?”

The old beggar stared at Li Mu and said.

Li Mu nodded. “Why are you saying the same thing as that demon expert?”

“He didn’t lie to you! And this time, they used a conspiracy against you. First, they stole the Heaven Burial Coffin. If they didn’t succeed, it would be a conspiracy. Ba Xia, who was at the sixth level of the Immortal Realm, escaped to the Youfu Forest. If you help it, it will escape. If you make a move, it will suit their intentions. They will give up the Youfu Forest and stick you in the Youfu Forest.”


If this was true, it was really one thing after another.

If they believed the words of the master of the Demon Clan, the Demon Clan’s goal would be achieved. If they didn’t believe it, they would set up one plan after another until they were tied up in the Youwu Forest.


If he continued to not believe it and used the coffin, he would be the one to die.

“That demon expert self-destructed. Is it also an open conspiracy?”

Li Mu asked.

“Yes! Ba Xia doesn’t have much time left. The masters of the Youwu Forest will use their lives to do something in the decades before their lifespan ends. You just happened to be here.”

Li Mu frowned slightly after hearing this.

“Then the solution now is to guard this place? Is there no other way?”

“Yes, it’s to completely destroy the Demon Clan. Then, seal the Heaven Burying Coffin forever. It’s easy for you to seal the Heaven Burying Coffin and deal with the demon…”

Before the old beggar could finish speaking, Li Mu darted into the crack.

“A level seven immortal can deal with a Nirvana Realm demon, but if you want to destroy all the demons…” The old beggar shook his head and continued, “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

In the Demon Territory, Li Mu stood still.

His divine consciousness scanned the dense demons around him.

All the demons stared at Li Mu with greed in their eyes. As time passed, the demons lost their minds.

Who wouldn’t want food that was delivered to their doorstep?


In the next second, countless demons charged towards Li Mu.

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