Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1348 - Meeting The Parents, It Seems That Good News Is Coming (2)

Chapter 1348: Meeting The Parents, It Seems That Good News Is Coming (2)

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“Fair enough. If the movie is good, I’ll get my colleagues and friends to come and watch it.”

Su Bei smiled when she heard these words.

Lu Heting tilted his head and saw the smile in the woman’s eyes. He kissed her on the lips through the mask.

After watching the movie, Su Bei came out with Lu Heting in satisfaction.

She took out her phone to check the box office results, but as soon as she logged in, she saw her scandal on Weibo.

It turned out that someone had secretly recorded the scene between her, He Xuyan, and He Xuyan’s mother. However, it was obvious that the person who secretly recorded the scene did not hear their conversation.

Therefore, the person said: [Su Bei and He Xuyan watched a movie together in the middle of the night and met his parents. It seems that good news is coming.]

The comments below were also very enthusiastic. [Actually, when Su Bei and Director He worked together previously, I said that they were quite compatible. Director He is young and handsome, and Su Bei is also beautiful and generous. I think they make quite a good pair.]

[Exactly. And when they worked together before, that movie was pretty impressive.]

[Didn’t you realize that apart from Su Bei’s first movie, the rest of her movies don’t see her with a love interest? She’s completely beautiful alone. It’s obvious that she doesn’t want to hype herself up and be associated with any male actors. She must be doing this for Director He!]

[Our Su Bei is really working hard in the first half of her life. Actually, Director He is quite good. He’s strict and doesn’t get close to women. I hope they can really be together.]

[No, no, no. I still ship Su Bei and Lin Yu. Whoever breaks up my ship can’t be forgiven!]

[I firmly support my ship too. Mr. Weijian is the king!]

[Didn’t you see how sweet Su Bei’s smile was when she saw Director He in the photo? Madam He was very close to Su Bei when she pulled her along. The parents have already agreed to their relationship, so why are you outsiders still gossiping?]

Su Bei’s mind was full of question marks.

They watched a movie together?

They met the parents?

Good things were coming?

To be honest, she was quite afraid of He Xuyan. His dark eyes were too gloomy and always carried an unreasonable trace of harshness. It was as if his gaze carried thorns.

The reason why she smiled so sweetly when she saw He Xuyan just now was because He Xuyan’s appearance could solve the problem of her being clung to by Madam He!

On any other occasions, she would want to run away when she saw He Xuyan!

What happened in the captured scene did happen, but the other claims were all made up!

Su Bei pursed her lips, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Seeing that she was focused on the trending searches, Lu Heting’s expression changed. He asked with concern, “What happened?”

“Do you remember what I just said about a woman looking for her daughter?”

“You gave her your hat.”

“That woman is He Xuyan’s mother. Besides, her mental state isn’t well. She refused to let go of me earlier, and it was a scary scene. He Xuyan had to take her away after he came over.”

Lu Heting frowned slightly, obviously worried. “That happened when I was parking the car?”

“Yes. But nothing else happened. It was just that the scene was secretly captured by someone.” Su Bei handed the phone to him.

Lu Heting glanced at the news, and his dark eyes darkened. There was a trace of coldness in his aura.

He had only gone to park the car, yet someone wanted to discredit his and Su Bei’s relationship?

What was wrong with these netizens?

Su Bei couldn’t step forward and tell them the actual situation. After all, she believed that He Xuyan definitely didn’t want anyone to know about his mother’s mental illness.

“I’ll get Sister Qiao Mei to explain the situation briefly. He Xuyan definitely doesn’t want to be involved in a scandal for no reason. He’ll definitely clarify things.”

“Alright,” Lu Heting nodded and replied gently.

His displeasure was only for those netizens who were addicted to shipping celebrities.

On the way back, Lu Heting stopped the car and went to the pharmacy.

He had seen the photo. Madam He was gripping Su Bei’s wrist hard.

At night, after Su Bei took a shower, Lu Heting said in a low voice, “Come here.”

Su Bei walked quickly to his side and said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect watching a movie at night to cause a scandal.”

“Why would I be angry over this?”

“Then why are you unhappy?”

Lu Heting reached out and pulled her wrist over. Su Bei looked down and saw that her wrist was red. She subconsciously exclaimed and said, “Madam He held me a little too tightly. It’s fine.”

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