Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1349 - Meeting The Parents, It Seems That Good News Is Coming (3)

Chapter 1349: Meeting The Parents, It Seems That Good News Is Coming (3)

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Lu Heting applied the ointment on her gently and slowly massaged the spot.

Su Bei smiled brightly. “Don’t be angry. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“I’m not angry anymore. Shall we go to the movie theater again tomorrow?”

“A second watch?” asked Su Bei while beaming.

“Mhm. Your movie is worth a second watch.”


“Sure, then we’d better go at night.”

“Wear men’s clothes. We’ll go together openly.”

“Okay,” Su Bei nodded.

On Weibo, Qiao Mei and He Xuyan quickly clarified that the two had only met by chance when they went to watch a movie and had not specially arranged to meet up. The two of them were just ordinary and normal partners.

Moreover, photos of Su Bei’s and He Xuyan’s tickets were posted. Not only were they not in the same row, but they were not even in the same theater.

The clarification and scandal reached the top of the trending searches almost at the same time.

Some people believed him and clarified: [Director He and Su Bei don’t usually interact with each other. It can be seen from their work schedules.]

[It was just a chance encounter. And it’s perfectly normal to meet one’s parents and say hello and shake their hand. Some marketing accounts are really quite good at making up stories and setting the atmosphere.]

[Everyone, let’s be more considerate. Director He is a good director, and Su Bei is a good actress. Let’s not forcefully pair them up.]

However, the others did not believe it. [I insist that the news is true. Anyway, I believe in this sweet love.]

[That’s right. Su Bei’s smile in the photo is really sweet. Please let me know when the good news is here.]

Some boring anti-fans said: [Su Bei’s new movie has been released, so she’s starting to hype it up. Go ahead and hype it up. It’s only a small movie. How dare she hype it up like this?]

[This is just a common method of promoting movies that aren’t doing well. I just didn’t expect that He Xuyan would also be reduced to a person who bows down to capitalism by choosing to cooperate with such inferior promotion methods.]

As for most of the netizens, they said: [Am I strange for focusing on another thing? It’s fine if Su Bei goes to watch her own movie, but Director He also went to watch it. How good must it be, then?]

[I’m curious too. I want to watch it as well now.]

[Let’s go to the movies together. Maybe we can meet Su Bei and Director He.]

This incident made Su Bei’s movie’s sales soar that night.

Most of the movie theaters had been bought over by Jin Mingchang and Lu Tianqing, and the screening slots were all taken over by Lu Tianqing’s movie.

But Jin Mingchang couldn’t exert his dominance on all the movie theaters, after all.

Some movie theaters discovered that Su Bei had become a trending topic, which would drive up the box office results. They immediately added more screenings for Su Bei’s movie.

Movie theaters had to do business as well. The more tickets they sold, the more money they would get and the more profit they would make. They couldn’t just watch the money go by without making a profit.

That night, Su Bei’s movie had a strong momentum at the box office.

Most of the theaters only gave Su Bei’s movie a limited number of showings, yet her box office results had already caught up to Lu Tianqing’s box office results. It was a miracle.

The box office results spread very quickly. Those cinemas that had accepted Jin Mingchang’s and Lu Tianqing’s money also received the news.

They did not expect Su Bei to be able to catch up to Lu Tianqing despite her movie’s poor screening schedule.

Although there was still a gap, the gap was already shrinking at a visible rate.

“This… Su Bei’s movie has gained a lot of momentum,” one manager called another. “Should we do something about it?”

“Do what? Are you going to return the money from Boss Jin?”

“Alright, let’s take a look first.”

They did not want to return what they had taken.

The next day, Lu Heting and Su Bei went to watch a movie. Lu Heting held Su Bei’s hand and walked in.

Su Bei was now dressed like Lu Bei. She did not need to wear a hat or a mask. She did not need to keep a low profile. She walked happily beside Lu Heting.

One of the two men was handsome and cold as he walked. The other was valiant and cute. For a moment, they attracted many people who stopped to watch them.

Lu Heting was walking forward when he turned around and saw that Su Bei was not following him. He turned back helplessly and found her standing in front of a stall selling durian ice cream.

“You already had Coke yesterday,” Lu Heting said.

“I’m just looking. I won’t eat it.” Su Bei stared at it eagerly.

“Let’s go. The show is about to start.” Lu Heting held her hand and walked forward without looking back.

“Oh.” Su Bei followed obediently, but she no longer walked as freely as before. Her head was lowered as if she was rejecting the temptation of ice cream.

Lu Heting turned around and saw her pitiful puppy-like look.

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