Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1347 - Meeting The Parents, It Seems That Good News Is Coming (1)

Chapter 1347: Meeting The Parents, It Seems That Good News Is Coming (1)

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She waved her hands, looking slightly deranged.

Su Bei was also very surprised. She was stunned for a moment before she realized that the woman was pointing at the panda hat on her head.

“Do you want my hat?”

“That’s not a hat; that’s my daughter. My daughter. You give me my daughter back. Give her back.”

Su Bei sighed inwardly. She had met a woman with mental problems.

However, a hat was nothing, so she took off her hat and handed it to her. “Here. It’s getting late. Why don’t you go back early?”

“My daughter, I’ve finally found you.” The woman clutched the hat in a death grip.

Su Bei saw that the woman was beautiful. Although she was old, her temperament was still outstanding. Moreover, she didn’t look like she had anything wrong with her head. Su Bei wondered what had happened to her.

It was obvious that this woman’s upbringing and family conditions were very superior.

Seeing that it was about time, Su Bei said, “Then I’ll leave first. You can go home by yourself.”

She started to turn away, but the woman grabbed her wrist again. “Daughter, Daughter, don’t leave, okay? Don’t leave. You’re my daughter. My daughter—”

Su Bei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was obvious that she wanted her hat in the beginning. She had already given it to her, so what was she going to do now?

“Ma’am, I’m not your daughter. Please let me go.” She tried to pry her hand away.

“Mom! What’s wrong with you?” A young man strode over and separated Su Bei from the woman.

He cupped the woman’s hand and asked quietly, “Mom, are you okay? Who bullied you? Where does it hurt?”

When Su Bei saw that it was He Xuyan, she was delighted. She pulled off her mask and said, “Director He, it’s you! Is this your mother?”

He Xuyan recognized Su Bei. He glanced around and said, “What happened?”

“Is this your mother? She said she was looking for her daughter. She pointed at the hat on my head and said it was her daughter. I gave her the hat, but she still held onto me.”

He Xuyan’s heavy expression relaxed a little. “I’m sorry. My mother’s mental condition is a little poor. I’ve caused you trouble.”

“It’s fine. In that case, you should take her home first.”

“Okay. If you’ll excuse me,” he said while supporting his mother.

However, not only did his mother not leave, but she also came forward to pull Su Bei again. “My daughter, I can’t be wrong. You’re my daughter, my daughter! Xuyan, this is your sister. She really is!”

He Xuyan nodded apologetically at Su Bei and pulled his mother away helplessly. She comforted her, “That’s not true. Sister is still around. Stop fooling around. Let’s go home first, okay?”

Su Bei stood where she was and felt that someone was taking photos. She hurriedly put on her mask and hurried to a less crowded place to wait for Lu Heting.

It turned out that the woman just now was He Xuyan’s mother. No wonder she was dressed appropriately and looked very elegant. It was just a pity. That woman looked very gentle and beautiful, but she did not expect her to have a mental problem.

It seemed that she became like this after she lost her child.

Su Bei was very emotional. After becoming a mother, she couldn’t bear to see such a thing. She suddenly felt the urge to cry, which felt very uncomfortable.

As she was thinking, Lu Heting’s voice sounded behind her. “Su Bei.”

“Honey.” Su Bei looked back and gave him a smile.

“Where’s your hat?”

“A woman liked it just now, so I gave it to her. She lost her daughter and went around looking for her. It’s very pitiful,” Su Bei explained. “It’s almost time. Let’s go in quickly.”

Lu Heting put on the hat he was holding on her and held her hand as they walked quickly into the theater.

In fact, there were many people in the theater. Su Bei was still very popular.

She and Lu Heting sat in the crowd and heard someone say in a low voice, “Anyway, I believe in Su Bei’s taste in scripts. I’m excited to watch her movies.”

“I just don’t know why there are so few screenings.”

“That’s why I’m sacrificing my overtime to watch it. Didn’t I tell you that you have to put money and love into whatever content you like? The market gets feedback like that. The market knows what you like, and it gives back what’s equally good.”

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