Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife!

Chapter 20

Goal: Earn Money!

“It’s about him finally having a son at this age! Didn’t you check your phone? Your dad just posted a picture of his little monkey on his Moments, as if he can’t wait to let the whole world know. My dad and his friends have already congratulated him. To be honest, I think that the little monkey is not good-looking at all.

“However, my mom said that the child is considered average-looking and seems healthy,” Mu Jingxing said loathly.

Hearing that the child was fine, Ruan Mengmeng let out a sigh of relief.

Although the newborn baby was Qin Fang’s son, he was innocent.

The enmity between adults had nothing to do with the kids.

However, Ruan Mengmeng felt something strange, “Was the baby born prematurely? The baby should’ve suffered some injuries as Qin Fang fell down the stairs. How is it possible that the baby is fine?”

It did not cross Mu Jingxing’s mind that Ruan Mengmeng was hoping that something bad had happened to the baby.

Mu Jingxing knew his best friend’s personality very well, so he thought through it seriously and said, “According to the picture posted by your dad, the child was placed inside an incubator, so I’m thinking that it might be due to premature delivery. However, my mom saw the baby and she said he looks healthy.”

Mu Jingxing’s mother was the director of a private hospital, so what she said should be true.

“I see,” Ruan Mengmeng replied.

‘That child seems to be blessed.’

Back then, her father married her mother because of her beauty, but they did not have a son for more than ten years.

Her grandmother had been unhappy about it ever since; thus she secretly introduced Qin Fang to her father. However, when she was finally pregnant, it still ended up being a baby girl.

For this, her grandmother spared no scoldings for her mother.

Since Qin Fang had been taking care of her grandmother for a long time, her grandmother could not bear to scold Qin Fang.

However, who would have known that her mother would later marry Li Yaoyang and become pregnant with a son the following year.

In contrast, it took Qin Fang 11 years to be pregnant with a son after marrying her father.

All of this was probably fated.

The corners of Ruan Mengmeng’s lips curled up slightly into a mocking smile.

Meanwhile, Mu Jingxing who didn’t hear her voice for some time asked anxiously on the other side of the phone, “Mengmeng, where are you now? Why don’t you come and stay at my house for the time being?”

“I’m currently at my friend’s house…,” Afraid that Mu Jingxing might be worried about her, Ruan Mengmeng told a lie.

“Besides, your house is just next door, I can’t stay there. I don’t want to run into them for the time being.”

Anyway, she studied at City No.1 High School, whereas Mu Jingxing and Ruan Jiaojiao studied at Wisdom Academy. He would not know who her classmates were.

“Fine. Take care of yourself and call me if anything happens. Oh, by the way, I’ll send you some money via Wechat later. You’ll need it.”

“No need, I have money…,” Mu Jingxing had helped her way too much.

“Just take it, will ya? You don’t need to feel embarrassed or anything. I’m sure you know that I have quite some pocket money.” His status as a nouveau riche was so strong that she could feel it across the screen.

Even so, Ruan Mengmeng was touched by his words.

She knew that Mu Jingxing was helping her out intentionally as he knew that she had spent most of her money to hire a detective to further investigate her sister’s accident.

Ruan Mengmeng could not help but knit her brows at the thought of money.

‘It seems that I do need some money.’

She suspected that there was something fishy behind her sister’s death as well as the Ruan family itself, but it was useless to tell her family about it.

It was even more absurd to tell her mother about it.

She was all alone in this.

This was also the reason why she could not pay more during her confrontation with Qin Fang previously.

Almost all of the money she made from playing games had been spent in the investigation.

Even if the nouveau richeā€”Mu Jingxing did not mind, she was still embarrassed to ask for money from a high school student who was still living off his parents.

Although Mu Jingxing was also in his senior year this year, he was actually one year younger than Ruan Mengmeng. He had just passed his 18th birthday.

“Mu Jingxing, I’ll think of a way to settle my financial problems. I know that you’re rich, but you should save it up and buy me lunch some other day.”

As soon as Ruan Mengmeng finished her sentence, Mu Jingxing immediately understood something and almost jumped in excitement.

“Lord Moe, does this mean that you’re going back to gaming?!”

‘Oh yeah!’

Ever since Ruan Shishi forbade Ruan Mengmeng from playing games, his rank had fallen from Diamond to Gold.

As her best friend, it was obvious that Mu Jingxing knew all the ways in which Ruan Mengmeng made money.

He was so damn thrilled right now!

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