Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife!

Chapter 19

Suspected by Li Junyu


When she heard that Li Junting had already left in advance, Ruan Mengmeng could not help a sigh of relief.

She was actually really nervous. She did not let it show on her face, but her nerves had actually been very taut the entire time.

After all, last night was her first time too.

If she had to face the man who had just taken her body…

Ruan Mengmeng was not completely sure she could keep herself from revealing any emotion.

Now that the burden had been lifted off her heart, her shoulders relaxed as well.

Ruan Mengmeng’s actions were not very conspicuous, but Li Junyu was sitting right opposite her, so he did not miss the changes in her expression and body language.

When he saw how Ruan Mengmeng clearly heaved a sigh of relief, an unreadable light flashed past the man’s deep and cold eyes.

The rest of the meal passed by relatively peacefully.

Everything was quite normal, except for when the pretty boy stole the little boy’s desserts and withstood the little boy’s sarcastic retort in return.

The only problem was that Li Yaoyang was the only one at the entire table full of people that could face her with a smile.

As for the other three…

One was cold and distant, one was arrogant and antagonistic, and the last one stared at her as though she was some kind of food.

Ruan Mengmeng showed nothing on the surface, but inwardly she had a lot to say about this situation. The longer she stayed, the more she regretted her decision to stay.

After she finally finished that meal, she returned to her room and was surprised to find both the clothes she wore and the bag she always carried with her waiting for her on the table.

Ruan Mengmeng walked to her table and took her phone out of the bag.

The phone screen was cracked, and the device itself was dead.

It had probably been damaged when she fell down the stairs.

Could it even be turned on again?

What if her father realized later that he had misunderstood her? What if he tried to call her, but could not reach her?

Ruan Mengmeng may have resented Ruan Zhaotian for his lack of trust in her earlier, but she still harbored some hopes for her father.

She pressed the power button and after a brief pause, the screen lit up again.

The phone was not damaged beyond repair after all?

As soon as the device booted up, she received a flurry of several dozen messages at once.

Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes lit up, and she quickly ran through the texts.

However, even when she reached the end, aside from her best friend Mu Jingxing’s calls, she had not received a single call from Ruan Zhaotian or the Ruan Family.

Her pretty bright almond eyes dimmed despite herself.

So her dad really did not care about her anymore, huh…?

Ruan Mengmeng told herself not to overthink things for now. After all, her dad was surrounded by people who hated her, so maybe he just never found the opportunity to call her.

Oh yeah, the little tyke was just born, and he was premature, too. Maybe her dad was just too busy to call her.

With that in mind, Ruan Mengmeng felt slightly better, and she gave Mu Jingxing a call.

“Mengmeng, what took you so long? Why didn’t you call me back sooner?”

As soon as the call went through, Mu Jingxing’s concerned voice penetrated the speakers.

“I heard that you and your family’s ‘foot-washing maid’ fell down the stairs together. Is that true? Are you hurt anywhere? Everyone’s saying you were the one who pushed her down now… Ruan Mengmeng, that’s one heavy accusation you’re facing!”

By ‘foot-washing maid’, Mu Jingxing meant Qin Fang. It was because Qin Fang used to be Ruan Mengmeng’s grandmother’s nanny, and she cared for her grandmother so carefully that she would even kneel on the ground to wash her grandmother’s feet.

That was why Mu Jingxing was always calling Qin Fang the ‘foot-washing maid’ to make fun of her.

Besides, Mu Jingxing truly was her gay best friend, because the first thing he did as soon as the call went through was to ask about her condition.

Not for a second did he suspect that Ruan Mengmeng had actually pushed Qin Fang down.

They were friends, so no explanations were needed.

True friends would understand exactly what kind of a person you were.

Ruan Mengmeng did not say anything, but her heart twisted a little.

She rearranged her thoughts and told him the truth, “She was the one who wanted to push me down, but she couldn’t make me budge. Instead, she lost her balance and misstepped. She was pregnant, so I wanted to reach out and lend her a hand, but instead, she pulled me down with her.

“After that, my grandmother and the others all met us at the hospital… And Ruan Jiaojiao said that she saw me stretching out my hand…”

“What about your dad? Isn’t he quite fond of you? Did he really believe that?”

Ruan Mengmeng’s breath caught… and she said quietly, “Yeah.”

She had left the hospital with blood flowing from her head, and even after so much time had passed, her father had yet to give her a single call.

Mu Jingxing seemed very angry, cursing on the other end. “I was wondering how he still had the time to post on Moments. I thought that meant you were fine, but it turns out he really stopped caring about you? Well, f*ck! My mom was right, once you get a stepmother, you practically get a stepdad too. Uncle Ruan went too far this time, he wasn’t so stupid before!”

“Moments? What did he post on Moments?”

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