Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife!

Chapter 21

A Gift From Li Junyu

“Mengmeng, go online now and let’s play together. You haven’t played for some time, so you must be getting a little rusty. I’m the perfect partner to practice with.”

Ruan Mengmeng took her phone away from her ear, looked at the cracked screen, put it back and said, “I can’t. I broke my phone. Wait until I buy a new one first.”

“It’s fine if we don’t play Honor of Kings. Let’s play LOL if that’s the case. Go and get a computer.”

Ruan Mengmeng knew clearly that nobody was as enthusiastic as Mu Jingxing when it came to games.

She let out a sigh and said, “I can’t play that either. I’m at my friend’s house, remember? I shouldn’t be using their computer.”

Mu Jingxing thought about it for a while and agreed with what she said.

After letting out a helpless sigh, Mu Jingxing a thought suddenly struck just when he was about to hang up.

“Oh, by the way, Mengmeng, there’s something that I almost forgot to tell you… Um, it’s about Gu Xuan. He… He seems to be dating Ruan Jiaojiao.”

Actually, Mu Jingxing already knew about it a few days ago.

However, he hesitated and was unsure whether he should tell Ruan Mengmeng about it.

However, almost everybody in their group knew about it now, so it was just a matter of time until Ruan Mengmeng heard about it.

He thought that it was better to tell her directly, as others might exaggerate and distort the story.

“Brother Gu Xuan…. and Ruan Jiaojiao?” Ruan Mengmeng said with a slightly dry voice. She had been so used to calling him that, so she was not able to change her way of addressing him at the moment.

“Yeah. I heard that they’ve been dating for a while now.” Mu Jingxing was confused, as all their friends knew that Ruan Mengmeng likes Gu Xuan and that they were engaged.

However, now, Gu Xuan not only called off the engagement, he even started dating Ruan Jiaojiao.

Gu’s family knew about the relationship between Ruan Mengmeng and Ruan Jiaojiao. It was obvious that they did not care about their previous mutual relationship.

From Mu Jingxing’s perspective, besides being slightly more handsome and having a little bit more money, Gu Xuan was just an ordinary guy in his circle of nouveau riche friends.

However, as a person who was easily attracted to looks, Ruan Mengmeng had always liked Gu Xuan since young.

She always liked to chase after him and call him ‘Brother Gu Xuan’ sweetly.

If it was other people, Ruan Mengmeng could beat them up without hesitation. However, she had always been like a little wife in front of Gu Xuan. She did not even dare to speak too loudly.

Gu’s family ran an entertainment company whereas the Ruan family ran an Internet company. Since the relationship between the two families was quite good, they agreed to get them engaged.

However, nobody expected the Gu family to call off the engagement just after the unexpected death of Ruan Mengmeng’s sister.

“I see… You don’t need to tell me anything about Gu Xuan from now on… I don’t want to know…”

With that being said, she hung up the phone.

“Who’s Gu Xuan?”

Suddenly, a deep and icy voice rang out behind her.

Ruan Mengmeng was shocked. She turned around unconsciously and bumped into a cold and hard embrace.


She nearly cried out.

It was always her who made people cry out loud, not the other way round.

Ruan Mengmeng covered her nose and took a few steps back.

‘Just exactly what are Li Junyu’s chest muscles made up of? How could it be so hard and stiff?’

“Why did you come in without knocking again?! What’s the purpose of having a door in the Li family if that’s the case?!”

She said aggrievedly and glared at him with watery eyes.

However, Li Junyu remained indifferent. His thin lips moved slightly and asked again, “Who is Gu Xuan? Is he the one who left those marks on your body?”

His expression was as cold as ice. His deep black eyes were emitting traces of coldness that he probably did not even notice.

“I don’t know what you are talking about…” Ruan Mengmeng looked down and averted her gaze.

‘Of course it’s not Gu Xuan! How could it be Gu Xuan?!’

However, she could not say that out loud as she was indeed feeling guilty. She was afraid that Li Junyu would find out about her secret if she said so.

Li Junyu’s icy cold gaze was still fixed on Ruan Mengmeng.

It was only when he took a step forward that Ruan Mengmeng felt a cold chill ran down her spine.


He then placed something that was about the size of a palm on the table.

Ruan Mengmeng turned her head slightly, and her eyes were soon shining in surprise.

It was a top-notch smartphone that has not even been released!

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