Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 607 Changes

Chapter 607 Changes

Dī Dī!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The red beam was so fast that JARVIS only had time to mobilize a few Iron Mans in front of him. Then, the red beam had already blasted up. After penetrating three Iron Man, the beam, which was much less powerful, still blasted towards Tony.


However, the three destroyed Iron Man suits just now also gave JARVIS time to react. When the red beam was about to hit Tony, the thrusters of the Iron Man suit Tony was wearing instantly increased in their power, pushing Tony out of the orbit of the red beam attack.


Boom Boom Boom!

“An attack of this power has almost reached the fourth energy level!” Feeling the power of the red beam that rushed past his body, Tony lamented with a palpitating heart.

After Tony dodged the red beam, it still destroyed several Iron Man Armors behind Tony before finally consuming its own energy and disappearing high in the air.

In the strange shock wave just now, Tony’s Iron Man Armors have suffered some damage, although there is the existence of memory alloy, but it is not possible for the entire Iron Man Armor to be made of memory alloy. Therefore, in the face of this powerful red beam, Tony’s Iron Man Armors seems a bit vulnerable.

“Is this the rhythm of people coming after me even if I don’t go after them? JARVIS, bring down the Iron Man army for me. Since that Mutants Brotherhood down there is the enemy of X-Men, this time, I will help Professor Charles!” Inexplicably, he was attacked twice in a row, even if Tony didn’t want to interfere, he was now agitated.

“Sir, this is very unwise, I do not recommend you to do so.” Hearing Tony’s words, JARVIS did not execute first but calmly said.

According to JARVIS’s analysis, the number of Mutants existing below was quite a lot, and they were all of very high ranks. Judging by the strength of the Mutants in his database, even if all the Iron Man in the sky came down, Tony might not be able to deal with them.

Moreover, there is a Magneto down there, which can be said to be specifically restrained towards Tony’s Iron Man Armor. Tony needs to be careful about that guy unless he can create a kind of Armor that will not receive the influence of magnetic force, then he would have nothing to fear.

“So what if it’s not wise? Do you want me to run away from here?” Hearing JARVIS’s words, Tony asked in a dissatisfied tone.

“Of course not, but we can wait for Professor Charles.” Under Tony’s questioning, JARVIS gave his own advice.

“You want me to hide behind others?” Hearing JARVIS’s advice, a strange color flashed in his eye.

“I must say, JARVIS you are becoming more and more humane. Well, let’s wait for Professor Charles and the others to reply to the message. For now, let’s just watch the show.” In the end, Tony still didn’t go down immediately to get back to the scene.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

In this way, Tony, who was inexplicably attacked twice, flew high into the air again. After changing to a brand new Iron Man Armor, Tony was monitoring the battlefield below while waiting for Professor Charles’ response.

When Tony was watching the battle, there was a violent explosion in the area below, and some energy waves that were different from ordinary explosions rushed out. Under JARVIS’s detection, there is almost no energy output lower than Level 3, which shows the strength of Mutants below.

While Tony was floating in the sky watching the battle, Iceman and Blink were drinking coffee and chatting at a cafe in downtown Washington. Mirage Knight, who had disappeared before, suddenly came back. Iceman and Blink, who were worried about Mirage Knight’s situation, came to Washington to see him.

And now Mirage Knight has gone to defeat Mandarin and that does not need Iceman and the others’ help, so they are also temporarily relaxing in Washington.

“Mirage Knight is really amazing, it seems like there is nothing he can’t do. And, I think that he isn’t that old, I hope to see his face under the mask one day.” After taking a sip of strong coffee, Iceman looked out at the pedestrians who were all looking a bit excited, and spoke to Blink across the room.

They have also seen Iron Man’s live broadcast. Now the pedestrians outside know that Iron Man is still alive and that he has defeated the terrorists with absolute power in the White House. Therefore, the people in Washington are very excited now.

Well, he’s really something, a friend worth having.” Faced with Iceman’s words, Blink faintly replied.

“That’s right, I thought he was a great guy from the first time I met him! Otherwise ……” Hearing that Blink also agreed with his opinion, Iceman seemed very happy.

Dī Dī Drops!

However, just as Iceman was about to say something, there was a rush of prompt sound from him and Blink. Hearing this voice, the expressions of Iceman and Blink changed instantly. The next moment, they had raised their right arm, and a message was being refreshed on an electronic screen on their wrist.

“Tony Stark has discovered that a fight has broken out between the Mutants Brotherhood and the secret division where Stryker is located, this is their location, all X-Men on standby head to this location immediately, we need to stabilize the situation before it gets out of control!” This is the message Iceman and Blink received at this moment at the same time, it seems that Professor Charles has made the first arrangements after getting the news from JARVIS.

“I can’t believe they’re fighting at this time! What a coincidence! Blink, you send me there first!” Looking clearly at the received message, Iceman quickly spoke towards Blink across the room.


Whew! Whew!!

Then, Iceman and Blink quickly got up and left the roadside cafe. After walking to a deserted alley, Iceman and Blink’s figure disappeared after a burst of purple light. After Iceman and Blink left, there was a sudden movement from the corner of this alley, and then a homeless guy came out with a shocked expression on his face.

When Iceman and Blink, who were originally in Washington, rushed to their destination, the other X-Men in the base camp also moved quickly. This time, the Mutants Brotherhood dispatched five Mutants above Level 4 and Magneto was also there.

Professor Charles had to pay attention to this situation. The last time Magneto went crazy, he almost destroyed the entire planet.

Dī Dī Drops!

When THE X-Men started to take action, Lin Rui, who was dealing with Mandarin in Mexico, also received a new message. Glancing at Mandarin, who was lying in front of him like a dead dog, Lin Rui glanced at the new message. However, in the next second, Lin Rui’s eyes became serious.

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