Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 608 Send Ou


“They really don’t let people take a good rest!” After seeing that message, Lin Rui muttered helplessly.

Then, Lin Rui glanced at the unmoving Mandarin on the ground in front of him, then he lifted the Beheading Spirit Sword in his hand again. In the next moment, three Azura Sword Energy rushed into Mandarin’s body.

“Uh!...” After the three Sword Energy rushed into Mandarin, the originally dead dog-like him muffled out a painful grunt and then didn’t move again.

“Hawkeye, there is an emergency so I need to leave first. I’ve caught Mandarin alive, so come and take over.” After completely controlling Mandarin, Lin Rui directly contacted Hawkeye who was still fighting against the other Extremis Fighters.

“Well, that’s right. Also, I need your Quinjet to go back to Washington.” After saying this, Lin Rui had already left Mandarin on the ground and turned away.


In the next second, Lin Rui’s figure was already soaring into the sky. While in the air, Lin Rui had already taken out the Hoverboard and stepped on it. And in the ruins of the ground, only the immobile Mandarin was left struggling helplessly.

Just as Lin Rui rushed into the sky, a figure quickly rushed over from the manor. It was Hawkeye who had just received news from Lin Rui. Upon seeing the familiar figure on the ground, Hawkeye looked up again with a weird look on his face. There, Lin Rui has rushed into the Quinjet standing by at high altitude.


The next moment, the Quinjet engine made a violent roar and quickly rushed in the direction of Washington.

“I don’t know what happened in Washington. However, I’ll take care of things here first. After catching Mandarin alive, Captain Rogers should be all right now.” Seeing the Quinjet carrying Mirage Knight leave, Hawkeye landed next to Mandarin and muttered softly.


While Lin Rui received the news to quickly rush back to Washington from Mexico, the rest of the League of Defender received the news as well. Although it was a battle between Mutants this time but because the strength of both sides of the battle was very abnormal, Magneto alone could cause chaos on the entire earth.

Therefore, Lin Rui felt that they still need to go all out. Even Deadpool, who had just returned home not long ago, was called out.

Dī Dī~

When all the League of Defender members were dispatched, Jack, who had not shown up for a long time, also received the news. Jack, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, slowly opened his eyes after hearing the message beep, and the moment he opened his eyes, a golden light flashed from his eyes.

“Jack, since you decided to join us, there are some things that you have to give up.” Seeing Jack wake up from his meditation, the one sitting opposite him reminded him in a faint voice.

If Lin Rui were here, he would be very surprised to find that Jack was actually in the New York Sanctum, and Rick sat opposite him. Before the League of Defender teamed up with SHIELD to deal with Hydra, Jack clearly realized that his strength was seriously insufficient compared to other members of the League of Defender.

So after seeing the magic and power of the Earth’s Sorcerer, he decided to come here and learn magic. Under Jack’s constant insistence, Rick and the others finally accepted Jack and let him learn magic with them in New York Sanctum.

Jack didn’t know if he really has some talent in magic but he has reached the level of a Beginner Sorceror in just one month. In order to achieve this level, Jack gave up a lot of things this month, and he did not participate in some events in the League of Defender.

But now, the communicator that was supposed to be blocked rang no one knew if Jack has forgotten to turn it off.

Hearing what Rick said, Jack hesitated, but he took out the communicator and took a look. After seeing the message on the communicator, the expression on Jack’s face changed completely.

If this was the same action that they used to deal with like terrorists or some bad person, then Jack would still not go out. After all, this kind of thing can be done without him. However, this time, it was about Mutants.

As a Mutant, Jack is very clear about the treatment that Mutants receive in this world, so he can’t just stand here and watch a war getting triggered by the Mutants Brotherhood that would affect this world.

Even after so many years of development, Mutant Kind has not been fully accepted by ordinary people in the world. If something like this happens again this time then it will be difficult for Mutants to appear on the streets in the future.

“Rick, I’m sorry, this time I’m going to leave once. Although I know that the Sorcerers have their own rules, but I am a Mutant first and foremost, I have my own insistence. Thank you for your teachings during this time, and I promise I will return after this event is over. If, of course, I make it back alive.” After reading this message, Jack raised his head to look at Rick and said seriously.

“Jack, you... forget it, just go.” Hearing Jack’s words, Rick waved his hand, feeling helpless, and said.

In fact, how could Rick not know what Jack’s purpose is in learning magic? He is just hoping that the Sorcerers would no longer be limited to a secret corner in the World. This time, he was willing to teach Jack magic as a trial run, and the Ancient One did not disagree after learning about it.

So Rick knew that the Ancient One probably thought the same. Moreover, they have helped Mirage Knight more than once. Instead of them making a move every time, it’s better to teach a student, so they won’t have to trouble themselves anymore.

“Thank you! Rick!” Jack said thankfully when he heard Rick’s words. Then he stood up from the ground.


Then, Jack stretched out his left hand to form a seal, wearing a ring on the right hand quickly drawing circles. Soon, a golden circle of light appeared in front of Jack. This is a Magic Space Portal, a Magic Space Portal done by Jack independently.


After the Magic Space Portal appeared, Jack looked at Rick next to him. Seeing that Rick wasn’t looking at him, Jack finally raised his foot and walked into the Magic Space Portal.

“Jack, I hope you can still come back in one piece.” After Jack’s figure disappeared from the hall of New York Sanctum, Rickwhispered a sentence.

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