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Chapter 606 Brotherhood

Chapter 606 Brotherhood

After JARVIS broke through the inexplicable signal blockade below to send the information to Tony, Tony’s frown tightened. Listening to the sentence that JARVIS scanned just now, the following battle should have nothing to do with Extremis. At least, Tony didn’t know any Stryker involved with Extremis.

However, Tony, who has always been nosy, is still ready to continue to see what is happening down there. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what’s going on. The battle that could cause energy fluctuations of the Third Level or Higher is enough to threaten Washington’s safety.

“Shock Girl!” After that loud bellow, JARVIS scanned for another name.

“Eh? What kind of name is that? Is that a Code name or a nickname?” Hearing the name, Tony seemed to have to think of something in his mind.


Just as Tony was thinking in mid-air about what the battle below was all about, JARVIS had detected a burst of ever-increasing energy fluctuations coming from below.

“Sir, the Energy Level has once again exceeded Level Three!”

Buzzing! Boom!

When JARVIS had just finished alerting, an invisible shock wave suddenly burst out violently from a building below. This invisible shock wave swept out quickly in a fan shape centered on the starting point.

Although the main target of this shock wave was the building in front of it, but the mid-air was also included in it. Therefore, Tony and dozens of Iron Man, who were not too far from the ground, were also in the attack range of this shockwave.

Brush! Kakaka!

Before JARVIS had time to analyze the lethality of this shock wave, it quickly swept through dozens of Iron Man including Tony. Then, Tony heard a crisp sound on the Iron Man he was wearing, the sound of shattering superalloy!

“…JARVIS, what’s going on?!” Just being swept by a single shock wave, Tony’s latest Iron Man Armor made out of Superalloy had fragmented, how could it not shock him.

“Sir, this shock wave has a powerful shock and shattering force. However, the new battle armor has been made out of memory alloy, so you do not have to worry about this shock wave causing any damage to the Armor.” Hearing Tony’s words, JARVIS lightly replied.

“Of course I know that the Armor has memory alloy in it, but I want to know what happened with that shock wave just now? It was able to shatter a superalloy Armor, the power of this shock wave can already threaten us.” Hearing JARVIS’s answer, Tony continued to ask with his head full of black lines.

Originally, Tony was only going to come down and see what was going on. If it was an Extremis Fighter then he would have taken care of it easily. If it’s any other things then Tony would still take care of it, anyway, he is nosy. However, Tony hadn’t intervened yet, and he was already attacked just after he got down.

“Scanning and analyzing the audio in the area below.” Faced with Tony’s inquiry, JARVIS could only search for available clues as quickly as possible.

Under the powerful scanning of JARVIS, more and more sounds were received by JARVIS and it began to analyze the sounds in its huge database. And at this time, JARVIS can finally scan the building terrain below. So, Tony can finally see those moving figures below through the translucent light screen in front of him.

Dī Dī Drops!

“Found it, some of the people below are members of the Mutants Brotherhood. “As Tony looked at the shadows of people moving in front of him, JARVIS’s voice came out again.

This time, JARVIS gave Tony a very important piece of information, that is, the identity of a part of the people below. Because Tony had already joined forces with the X-Men represented by Professor Charles, this information was shared between them.

That’s why JARVIS was able to find the information relative to the part of the personnel below in such a short time.

“Brotherhood of Mutants? Aren’t they X-Men’s enemies? Moreover, the head of this Mutants group seems to have dismantled the White House once before, right?” Hearing JARVIS’s report, Tony raised his eyebrows in surprise and said.

“That’s right, I have detected five members of the Mutants Brotherhood, all of them are in the information provided by Professor Charles. Among them, Magneto also knows as Erik, whose strength has reached past the Fourth Level Mutant is also down there.

The remaining few are also core members of the Mutants Brotherhood, the lowest of which are level Four Mutants,” Upon hearing Tony’s words, JARVIS directly introduced the people who were detected below.

“Magneto is also down there!?” Hearing JARVIS says that Magneto was also down there, the expression on Tony’s face suddenly became a little ugly.

One of the reasons why Iron Man had made Tony so famous was that up until today, Iron Man had not met a person or technology that could defeat it. After all, the Iron Man suit with ultra-clean energy as its core not only has super mobility, it is also very strong in combat.

And, after all, the Iron Man Armor is an artificial product, anyone can use it with assistance and it can also be used to pile up on enemies to defeat them.

However, even if the latest Iron Man Armor has used a lot of composite materials and some high-tech ceramic materials, most of them are still made out of superalloys. Therefore, if Iron Man meets Magneto then with Magneto’s abilities, Tony feels that his Iron Man Army might not even be able to display 10% of their strength.

“What about their enemies? Which power is it again? The power that can make Magneto bring the powerful members of Mutants Brotherhood against, how can it be worse than them.” Suppressing the fear for Magneto in his heart, Tony then asked.

“For the time being, there is no information on the other side in the database, but what can be determined is that the other side also has strong Mutants with them,” Hearing Tony’s words, JARVIS then replied.

“In that case, why don’t we just hide for a while and wait until they are done fighting. Besides, this kind of thing seems to be out of my hands in the first place, right? I should have informed Professor Charles.” Hearing that Magneto’s enemy also had strong Mutants with them, Tony was a little reluctant to intervene.

The point is, he feels that he would not end up very well if he interferes.

“I have reported the situation here to Professor Charles, and now we are leaving the battlefield.” Hearing Tony’s words, JARVIS directly controlled Iron Man and continued to fly high.

Hum! Boom!

Just when Tony was not going to intervene in the battle below, a piercing red light suddenly penetrated a building below and shot up diagonally towards mid-air.

“Ohh, you have got to be kidding me?!” Tony thought helplessly as he saw the red laser-like light shooting straight in the direction of his retreat.

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