Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 48 - REMINDER


“Do you think this news is big enough?” Seeing Lin Rui sitting back on the next sofa, Tony asked intentionally.

If Lin Rui and Tony hadn’t talked about the Miniature Arc Reactor before, Tony wouldn’t show Lin Rui such an important thing. But the Guardian charm given to him by Lin Rui helped him many times, although Lin Rui did not admit it.

“It’s really big, but it’s not in Mr. Tony’s interest to let this out now?” Seeing Tony’s triumphant look, Lin Rui nodded and then asked.

Although the miniature Arc Reactor has been narrowed down on the basis of the Arc Reactor, there are more than a few improvements implied in this further progress. Large Arc Reactor provides a lot of energy, but it has a lot of limitations. The advantages of a miniature Arc Reactor are not only body shape, but also business value. Moreover, once the success of the miniature Arc Reactor research is released, it will have a huge impact on the energy market. Tony also needs to grasp this opportunity.

“Jackson, I really think it’s a waste of your talent to be a journalist. Why don’t you come to Stark Industries and be Pepper’s assistant and I will give you half a million dollars a year? Although Lin Rui didn’t say anything, Tony also knew that Lin Rui must have understood the value of miniature Arc Reactor in his mind and once again asked him to come to Stark Industries to work.

“Oh, Miss Pepper’s assistant, that’s really the Secretary of the secretary. However, Mr. Stark, my answer still the same as the previous one. I will not consider this aspect for the time being. I am too young. With two light laughs, Lin Rui still said he didn’t want to be here and again rejected Tony’s offer.

“I know you will refuse, I really don’t understand what you are thinking about in that mind of yours!” Shaking his head, Tony said helplessly. He really felt that Lin Rui was a great young man and would have made a difference if he had come to Stark Industries.

“So, is Mr. Tony’s miniature Arc Reactor just for display?” Instead of talking more about his ambitions, Lin Rui asked Tony looking at his chest with a strange look in his eyes, although he knew it was because of the several shrapnel in Tony’s chest that kept moving toward his heart.

“It’s a rough version to keep me alive. You know, there’s always bullets flying around on the battlefield that don’t have eyes.” Although he hasn’t explained much to Lin Rui, Tony talked to Lin Rui about it.

“I see, then I think Mr. Stark should make a few more. After all, your life is still very valuable.” With a nod, Lin Rui silently reminded him.

With Lin Rui’s current relationship with Tony, it’s hard for him to not tell Tony many things that are secrets. If Lin Rui tells Tony to not to trust his uncle Obadiah, it’s him who sent you to terrorists. And he’ll build a larger version of Iron Man Armor himself, robbing your tiny Arc Reactor to be a big villain. Then he’ll be driven out by Tony on the spot, so Lin Rui can only do some other reminders.

If Tony had made a few more miniature Arc Reactors, He would not have had to crawl into the basement to find his old chest piece when he was robbed and there would not be a serious shortage of energy in the coming subsequent battles. Tony would have been in danger if Pepper had not finally ventured to blow up Obadiah with a large Arc Reactor.

“Or, I have been running here over the past few days? Maybe I can prevent Obadiah from snatching Tony’s Arc Reactor.” While recalling the follow-up developments in the original story, Lin Rui was thinking about some countermeasures. If he could stop Obadiah from doing so, he would never have a chance to start that large Iron Man Armor.

“Well, I don’t have enough energy in my chest piece. I’ll make a new miniature Arc Reactor soon.” With a nod, Tony felt that Lin Rui was right.

Although the energy of an Arc Reactor is already sufficient, it is obviously more insurance to do more. As Lin Rui said, his life is very valuable.

“So, you escaped with the help of this miniature Arc Reactor?” Nodding, Lin Rui asked voluntarily.

“Well, you can think that.” He gave some vague answers to Lin Rui as the Arc Reactor was the limit Tony could reveal. He couldn’t tell Lin Rui about his Iron Man Armor and his future plans for the time being.

“Ok, this is already enough. I think I should be the first person to know the news. I feel very honored! Lin Rui didn’t push the matter and said to Tony in a flattering tone.

“You deserved to know. After all, you reminded me to speed up the design of the miniature Arc Reactor. There’s also a contribution from you.” Leaning on the sofa, Tony said casually.

“I think I am the first person you said these words to.”

Then Lin Rui talked to Tony about something that didn’t matter. In the meantime, he also gave Tony a subtle reminder about the weapons he was attacked by his company in the Middle East. If Tony is alert enough, he should be able to imagine that there are some two-sided businessman in Stark Industries, He just doesn’t know if Tony can find out that it’s Obadiah.

“Mr. Stark, I’ll go first. You just came back. You need to rest. I won’t disturb you anymore.” After a long chat, Lin Rui had already cut off many of his father’s phone calls, so he got up and said goodbye.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to talk to you. I’ll be looking forward to the next interview. If you go out directly, Happy will take you back.” Tony waved his hand and said with a smile.

“Happy? Who?” Lin Rui asked curiously when he heard Tony say a name. Happy, that’s a lovely name.

“That is the bodyguard who has been picking me up. Didn’t you see him today?” Seeing the confusion on Lin Rui’s face, Tony explained helplessly.

“So his name is Happy! It fits perfectly!” Lin Rui smiled silently when comparing the figure to his name.

“Enough, go away, smart boy.” Waving at Lin Rui, Tony Stark had already started to rush.

“Good-bye, then, Mr. Stark.” Finally, after greeting, Lin Rui turned and left.

“What did you know about this kid? What are you hiding?” Tony looked at Lin Rui’s back and secretly muttered to himself.

Then, standing up from the sofa, Tony went straight down to the basement. He had to make some new Arc Reactors first.



“Thank you, Happy!” Getting out of the car and closing the door, Lin Rui stooped and shouted to the bodyguard sitting in the driver’s seat. Of course, Lin Rui now knows what his name is.


Without replying to Lin Rui, Happy stepped on the gas pedal and in the next moment, the car had rushed out. Watching Happy flee, Lin Rui smiled and turned back home. He didn’t know why his Dad had to make so many calls to him, but it had to do with Tony.

“Jackson! You are back. Who sent you back just now? Not Harry’s car. Also, I just watched the TV. Do you and Tony know each other? Lin Rui was pulled aside by his father as soon as he entered the door and then several questions were fired at him.

Lin Rui’s father, Lin Hai, has really felt the ups and downs of life these days. Originally, because of Tony Stark’s return, the stock of Stark Industries fell to a low level and rose again. But before Lin Hai could become happy, Tony announced the closure of Stark’s Weapons Department and shares shrank rapidly again. That’s not the point. The point is that at Tony’s press conference, Lin Hai caught a glimpse of his son talking with Tony Stark. Although there was only a blurred shot, Lin Hai was sure that it was Lin Rui.

Remembering his son’s relationship with Harry Osborn and h also invited the daughter of Police Captain of New York City on his last birthday (as Lin Hai later learned), Lin Hai now seems to have something to do with Tony of Stark Industries. Lin Hai really feels that life is not real.

“Dad! Don’t get too excited. I do know Mr. Stark and the one on TV is really me. However, I met Mr. Stark only because I interviewed him on behalf of the newspaper. As for the bodyguard who sent me back just now, it’s Mr. Stark’s. I just talked to Mr. Stark for a while. Putting his hands on his dad’s shoulder and injecting him with internal energy to soothe his excitement, Lin Rui explains quickly.

“Interview? Will Mr. Stark be interviewed by you? The mood slowed down quickly under the comfort of Lin Rui internal energy, but Lin Hai still thought it was weird.

“Well, Mr. Stark is really good, especially for young people like me. He has a good attitude. Lin Rui talked nonsense so that his dad would not confront Tony Stark.

“That’s a good thing. You should be very proud to be appreciated by Mr. Stark.” No longer doubted what his son said, Lin Hai was relieved at last.

“Well, I am very proud!” Lin Rui said again with a conscience.


At night, Tony left his luxury villa after a busy afternoon in the basement and came to the big Arc Reactor, Stark Industries Building, where he planned to talk to Uncle Obadiah about his plans. Because Tony has announced the closure of Stark’s Weapons Department, it is only by speeding up the production of micro Arc Reactor that he can keep Stark Industries moving forward. Of course, Stark Industries needs to seek partners in this matter. Stark Industries can’t absorb such a large piece of cake in the energy market alone.

“… Tony, as long as we work together, we can do anything. Nevertheless, let me deal with this matter. We should act cautiously this time. You promised me to keep a low profile. After seeing the miniature Arc Reactor on Tony’s chest, Obadiah spoke quickly with his hand on Tony’s shoulder.

Tony can only say no to Obadiah’s attitude. He knows that not everyone can quickly accept his decision. So he stopped insisting, believing that Obadiah would see his results sooner or later.


“Pepper, how big are your hands?”


“I have a little problem that required your help.

A few minutes later, Pepper nervously put the new Arc Reactor into Tony’s chest! She vowed never to do this again in her life.

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