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Buzzz! ~

With this sudden announcement of Tony Stark, the whole conference went crazy in an instant. Every reporter wanted to rush towards Tony Stark and ask him why he was closing Stark Industries’most important weapons department, but they were blocked by several bodyguards.

Pepper, standing behind, was shocked and covered her mouth. She could not believe that Tony would make such a decision. But Lin Rui, who stood beside her, was much calmer.

“Mr. Stark!”

“Mr. Stark!” The reporters on the scene were in a state of confusion.

“Er!” What we should be concerned about now is that Tony is back safely and healthier than ever! Now you have news to report… Tony stepped out of the press circle under the protection of his bodyguards and Obadiah hurried to the stage to speak to get the situation under control, but no journalist cared more about what he said.

“Hey! Jackson, I didn’t expect you to come too! Today I gave you a big story! ” Tony, walking quickly behind the venue, saw Lin Rui standing next to Pepper and said hello with a smile.

“It’s a bombshell of news, but you didn’t give it to me alone.” Lin Rui said lightly.

“You have a lot of requirements for a kid. You couldn’t even enter the venue with your “The Daily Bugle” batch. Now you and these big New York media know the news at the same time, isn’t it explosive? Tony was very upset to hear Lin Rui’s indifferent words.

“Well, that’s also true. It seems that I would have to get the news back soon.” With a nod, Lin Rui looked like he just remembered something.


“Mr. Stark!”

“Why are you suddenly making this decision?!”

“What did you experience while being kidnapped?!”

“Mr. Stark!”

Just as Tony and Lin Rui chatted briefly, the journalists behind them were about to break through the bodyguard’s defense line. Sometimes, crazy journalists are more ferocious than beasts.

“Come on, this is not a place to talk.” Glancing at the increasingly exciting crowd outside, Pepper urged Tony to go.

“Well, let’s go. Jackson, come with us, I have something to say to you.” Holding Pepper’s hand, Tony, under the protection of bodyguards, quickly walked out of the meeting hall and took Lin Rui with him.

“Okay.” With a sigh of relief, Lin Rui also walked away from the venue behind Tony Stark. As for what Tony said at the press conference just now, Lin Rui has also sent it to his editor-in-chief. Jameson gives Lin Rui better treatment, and of course, he could get some bonus as a reward.


“Tony Stark, the successor to Stark Industries, the smartest genius of the century, announced at the just-concluded conference that the Stark Industries Weapons Department would be closed…”

“The nation’s largest weapon manufacturer: Stark Industries suddenly announced the closure of the weapons department today…”

“… Weapon dealers claim to no longer manufacture weapons, Tony Stark, what have you been through?

Just after the conference ended, the media all over the United States exploded. Tony’s announcement at the conference was really amazing. At Lin Rui’s house, Lin Rui’s dad was surprised when he saw the news. It’s not just because Tony Stark announced it, it’s because he saw his son on TV! He was standing with Tony Stark so he was captured in the photos and videos, though it’s only a quick glance. Moreover, it seems that his son and Tony have a good relationship!

“Is that why Jackson knew Stark would be okay?!” Lin Hai muttered to himself as he watched the instant picture of his son on TV.


Half an hour later, Lin Rui arrived at the luxury villa by sea in Tony’s car.  He has only seen the villa on TV and he was shocked seeing it in person.

“This is the life of the rich!” Looking at the luxury sports cars parked outside, Lin Rui thought to himself.

Without giving Lin Rui much time to think, Tony has led Lin Rui into the villa. He does have something to talk with Lin Rui and he doesn’t want it to be known by others. Of course, Pepper is not someone else.

“Let’s sit down.” Sitting down on the couch, Tony said to Lin Rui, who was still looking around.

“Well, thank you.” Nodded, Lin Rui sat down on the sofa next to Tony.

Pepper poured Tony and Lin Rui a cup of coffee and green tea and then left. Tony’s speech at the press conference would not end so simply. She had to deal with the next urgent PR issues.

“I haven’t congratulated Mr. Stark for coming back safely, I a really happy that you are safe!” After taking a sip of Pepper’s green tea, Lin Rui said to Tony with a smile.

“Of course you are happy, You finally became my personal interview reporter.  If I die in the hands of terrorists like this, you’ll have nothing to do with me.” Looking at Lin Rui, Tony said lightly.

“Ha-ha, that is also true.”

“However, why do I feel that you are not surprised at all? Don’t you think I’ll never come back? Looking at Lin Rui, Tony’s words flickered.

Tony has increasingly found that Lin Rui does not seem to be such a simple high school student since he first came into contact with the young man in front of him. But Tony’s investigation has not progressed and the most doubtful one is the relationship between Lin Rui and Harry Osborn of Oscorp. But it’s also easy to figure out who they are. They go to the same school and are in the same class.

“Actually, I was surprised when I got the news that Mr. Stark was rescued, but I always believed you would be okay.” Lin Rui looked straight at Tony and answered earnestly.

“Why? Is that why you gave me that thing? Finally, Tony asked him what he wanted to talk to Lin Rui. The thing Lin Rui gave him was definitely not an ordinary handicraft item, Of that Tony was quite sure.

“Ehh? Do you mean the guardian charm? Lin Rui asked foolishly when he heard Tony’s words.

“Yes, that guardian charm! Is that what you call it? What on earth is it? Is it a new medical product? Can it stimulate the potential of the injured? Or can it provide some energy? Is it Oscorp’s new biotechnology? Seeing Lin Rui pretending to be silly, Tony kept asking himself about the possibilities he had thought about in the past two days, but none of them was certain.

“Mr. Stark, that’s just an ordinary guardian charm. I sent you and Miss Pepper just because I want to wish you good health. That thing is just spiritual sustenance. But if that thing really helps you, I’ll be happy.” Hearing Tony guessing a lot over there, Lin Rui laughed and said.

Magic may actually be explained scientifically, but Tony’s attempt to figure out what happened to Freya’s Guardian charm is less realistic. Tony couldn’t be sure that something was really weird as long as he didn’t admit it.

“Ordinary guardian charm? Spiritual sustenance? If you think I’m going to believe you Than you’re taking me for a fool!” Glancing at Lin Rui, Tony’s tone was full of disbelief.

“I can’t help it if you don’t believe me. It’s really is just a small gift and it has nothing to do with Oscorp.” Opening his hand, Lin Rui shook his head helplessly.

“Forget it, if you don’t want to say it, I will figure it out by myself.” Tony doesn’t know if Lin Rui is speaking the truth or not and he doesn’t expect to get conclusions from him.

“Good luck.” Lin Rui remained smiling.

“But shouldn’t you give me some exclusive news this time?” Instead of continuing to struggle with the issue of the guardian charm, Lin Rui went on to ask.

“Exclusive report? What do you mean? His eyes flashed and Tony asked softly.

“When I was at the press conference, I saw a special agent who claimed to be from Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate and he was talking to Miss Pepper about your escape from the Middle East. I think maybe you can talk to me about this.” Lin Rui was panting a little when he finished the name of S.H.I.E.L.D.in one breath.

“Well? Are they? They even looked for me before. Tony seemed to remember something when he heard the name of the organization from Lin Rui’s mouth.

“So, would Mr. Stark like to talk to me about the details of your escape?” Lin Rui asked with a smile.

S.H.I.E.L.D. or something, Lin Rui doesn’t want to get too involved with them yet. In fact, if possible, Lin Rui would try to persuade Tony not to join S.H.I.E.L.D. to form any Avengers alliance. S.H.I.E.L.D., that’s a big pit that has been penetrated by Hydra so far, and Lin Rui doesn’t want to get involved in their mess.

“Do you really want to know?” Instead of answering Lin Rui immediately, Tony asked him seriously.

Lin Rui, who didn’t have much hope, heard Tony and he sat up straight on the sofa after hearing his question. “Of course I want to know!”

“Then I will let you see it! Come here!” Looking at Lin Rui’s serious look, Tony suddenly waved at him to come closer.

Seeing Tony’s action, Lin Rui had guessed what he was going to do, so he stood up and went to Tony. Then Tony untied several buttons on his shirt in front of Lin Rui, revealing what he had been hiding underneath.


A tiny Arc Reactor with a blue glow appeared in front of Lin Rui and on Tony’s chest. With such a close-up observation of the miniature Arc Reactor, Lin Rui can almost feel the enormous energy contained in that small device.


Without giving Lin Rui any more glances, Tony has once again covered his chest, hiding the miniature Arc Reactor.

“Miniature Arc Reactor! It’s so wonderful! I knew you could do it!” Retracting his line of sight, Lin Rui sincerely praised him.

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