Heroes of Marvel




Tony, who rushed out of the ravine, didn’t fly far and the Iron Man Armor made with simple tools and limited materials, fell into the desert and crumbled into pieces.

Tony struggled to climb out of the hole he made as he pushed aside his torn armor.

“Cough! It’s not bad!” Successfully escaping from the terrorist base, Tony looked up and squeezed a smile in front of him and said to himself.

However, Tony, who had escaped from his life, could not hide his grief over Yinsen’s death, the good man who saved his life and helped him in escaping. Then Tony left with a hard step by step in the bitter sun in the desert overhead. He had to survive as to not waste Yinsen’s sacrifice.


A little black dot is moving forward in the barren desert beyond sight. But it’s getting slower and slower. Tony’s strength should have been exhausted long ago, in the desert sun and the yellow wind with fine gravel. At this time, in addition to the strong desire to survive in his heart, the cool sensation that has been coming from his chest has also played a lot of roles.


Tony slowly sat down on the ground after stopping again to rest against the strong wind in the desert. Tony, exhausted, stretched out his hand to his chest, where besides the small Arc Reactor that kept him alive, there was a simple pendant tied to a string.

“A guardian charm? Jackson, you really surprise me again and again!” Carefully feeling the cool sensation from that little pendant, Tony thought silently in his heart.

That’s right. Tony left New York and finally brought Lin Rui’s Freya guardian Charm with him. After being kidnapped, the insignificant guardian charm was lucky not to be taken away but stayed with Tony. When Tony was hit by shrapnel and Dr. Yinsen rescued him, the Freya Charm had been silently guarding him.

Now, when he has finally fled in the endless desert, Tony finally feels that there really seems to be a special force in this little thing. Whenever he feels he can’t keep going, there will always be a cool sensation in his chest and some of his lost strength will be recovered, which will support him to go on.

“All right! Time to go on!” With the help of the little thing on his chest, Tony recovered a little and stood up again and headed ahead. He didn’t know if he would be saved by going on like this, but he would not give up.



Just about half an hour after Tony continued walking forward, there was a sudden roar over his head, the sound of a helicopter!

The next moment, several armed helicopters belonging to the United States had rushed out from behind Tony.


“Hey!! I’m here! Here!! Hey! ” Tony shouted excitedly as he waved his ragged clothes high.



The rescue helicopter, which had been searching for a long time in the desert, finally slowly landed in front of Tony. Colonel Rhodey, Tony’s friend, rushed in with a group of rescuers.


Seeing Rhodey appear, Tony, who has persisted until now, finally falls on his knees feebly.

“Hey! How was the fun Jeep?” Rushing towards Tony, Rhodey asked with a smile.

Sitting in the desert, Tony pulled a smile and didn’t answer. He really didn’t have the strength.


Looking at Tony’s miserable look, Rhodey held him in his arms. “Next time, You ride with me, okay?”


New York, Queens, Lin Rui’s bedroom.

Lin Rui, lying in bed, was idly switching the station, since the last news broke that Tony had been kidnapped by terrorists, there has been no news of him for more than a month now.

But Lin Rui had a hunch that Tony was coming back. Because, just yesterday, Lin Rui suddenly found that the completion of Tony’s mainline quest, which had not been moving for a long time, had suddenly increased. Tony seems to have brought his own Freya Guardian with him, and it’s already working.

“An Important announcement: Tony Stark, the owner of Stark Industries who has been missing in the Middle East for more than a month, the great genius of this century, is back today! He will hold a press conference in an hour. Let’s wait and see!” Finally, after Lin Rui changed the station again, there was a piece of surprising news on TV.

Imagine how much the return of Tony Stark would shake New York and the United States as a whole. And Tony, who has just escaped from the battlefield, is going to hold a press conference. What will he say? Everyone was curious.

“He’s finally back! But I don’t know if the doctor who saved Tony survived. Watching the continuing TV coverage of Tony’s return, Lin Rui’s mouth warped slightly as he muttered to himself.

The next moment, Lin Rui jumped out of bed. Tony is about to hold a press conference. How can he be absent as Tony Stark’s interviewer?


Picking up the camera on the table, Lin Rui rushed downstairs.

“Mom! I’m going out on business!”



“Mr. Stark!”


When Lin Rui came to the place where Tony is going to hold the press conference as quickly as possible, he could only see a group of people who were cheering. In addition to journalists, there are many Stark fans and more are investors who are staring at Stark Industries stock.

“There are so many people!” With a sigh, Lin Rui hung his journalist’s card on his chest and headed for the venue.


“Mr. Stark!”

“Excuse me! Thank you! Please let me go!” Creating a road In the crazy crowd, Lin Rui came to the entrance of the venue. However, he was stopped when he was ready to go in.

“Sorry, only a few invited media can enter today’s conference.” The security guard who stopped Lin Rui glanced at the press card on his chest and said faintly that “The Daily Bugle” was obviously not included in the invitation.

“Er… Wait. ” Unexpected to be stopped at the door, Lin Rui was stunned and took out his cell phone.

“Hello, Miss Pepper, this is Jackson. Well, I’m glad Mr. Stark is back. I’m at the door of the conference right now, but I’m stopped by the security guard. Can you help me in? He called Pepper on her private phone and spoke a little.

“Well, all right, thank you!” No one knows what Pepper said. Lin Rui thanked her and hung up the phone and waited.

The security guard who stopped Lin Rui before also returned to his position again. He would not care if Lin Rui had anything to do with Tony Stark’s private secretary. He would do his job well.

Lin Rui didn’t wait for long as a man he knew appeared from the venue. He was Tony’s bodyguard and the fellow who took Lin Rui to see Tony before. So far, however, Lin Rui has no idea what his name is.

“Mr. Jackson, please come in with me.” The bodyguard came up to Lin Rui and said directly, then turned around and left.

“Yes.” With a sigh of relief, Lin Rui walked behind him at the venue.

This time, of course, the security guard won’t stop him. Tony Stark’s bodyguards are still acquainted with each other, and it’s obvious that they don’t have to worry about the number of places they’re invited to.


“Miss Pepper is over there.” Leading Lin Rui into the venue, Tony’s bodyguard pointed in one direction.

“Well, I see her.” With a nod, Lin Rui has seen Pepper’s location.

Then, the bodyguard left Lin Rui and walked to the front stage of the conference. Tony was sitting on the floor under the podium to rest.

“He still do whatever he likes!” Seeing Tony sitting on the floor with a wound, Lin Rui shook his head and muttered, then headed towards Pepper.

“Hello, Miss Pepper.” As Lin Rui approached Pepper, an older guy had come in early to talk to her.

“Hello, what’s up?” Paper responded politely, paying attention to Tony ahead.

“Can I have a word with you?”

“I can’t, the press conference is about to start.” Pepper answered slightly skewed, already politely refusing.

“I am not a reporter. I am Agent Coulson, acting on behalf of the US Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate.” The older guy, who called himself Agent Coulson, handed Pepper a business card as he spoke the name of his organization.

“That’s a mouthful.” Pepper, though impatient, politely accepted Coulson’s business card.

“Yes, we’re also working on this small problem,” Coulson said lightly.

“So you are very helpless about the name yourself!” Just as Pepper was about to ask what they were doing in a department with such a twisted name, a familiar voice came up.

“Hello, Miss Pepper, long time no see! I’m glad Mr. Stark is back safely, er, maybe not so safe. Just as Pepper turned around, Lin Rui had come over and expressed his joy at Tony’s return.

“Hey! Jackson, thank you for your concern for Tony.” When she saw Lin Rui coming, Pepper hung Agent Coulson aside and greeted Lin Rui.

“I knew Mr. Stark would be okay, and I’ve always believed that, and I’m sure Miss Pepper thinks the same thing.” Walking up to Pepper, Lin Rui said earnestly.

“Well, I’m glad Tony’s back, too.”

“Miss Pepper, we’d like to hear some details about Mr. Stark’s escape.” While Pepper was talking to Lin Rui, Agent Coulson, who had been hung aside, finally spoke again.

“I will arrange it, ok?” Pepper was really annoyed and promised.

“Thank you.” With thanks, Agent Coulson left in recognition. Before leaving, however, his eyes stayed on Lin Rui for a little longer.

“Jackson, I think Tony will be happy to talk to you after the conference.” Sending off the annoying agent, Pepper smiled at Lin Rui and said.

“Well, that’s what I was hoping.” Lin Rui smiled and agreed.

Subsequently, their eyes turned to the front, and the conference officially began. However, because of Tony’s request, everyone was sitting on the floor at this time, making the conference look a little bit different.

“… I couldn’t catch up with my father for the last time… So I decided to close the Stark Industries Weapons Department…


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