Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 45 - FINALLY




The explosion in front of the crowd frightened the already quiet people once again and they ran away in alarm.

The power of the explosion gradually weakened and finally ended, but the fire in the center of the explosion was still burning, and Lin Rui’s figure still did not appear.

“Mirage Knight!” Matt pushed aside the chaotic crowd around him and rushed to the fire, shouting loudly at the fire in front of him.


Without a response, Matt became more nervous and rushed to find Lin Rui with his special sensation, but it was masked by the blazing fire.

Just now, when Lin Rui suddenly rushed over, Matt also noticed the movement on this side. In his induction, Lin Rui should have been hit by a single-arm missile launched by an RPG rocket launcher. Such a violent explosion, so close, even Lin Rui with that magical protection cannot withstand.

Just as Matt was about to rush into the fire to find Lin Rui, there was a sudden movement behind him. Then, from the cars behind Matt, a slightly shaking hand suddenly came out.

“Matt ~ I’m in… This… ” It’s Lin Rui’s voice, though it sounds very weak.

“Mirage Knight! Are you okay?!” Matt, who heard the sound behind him, came to Lin Rui’s side and looked at him nervously.

“Cough! Fortunately, I can’t die~ Matt, be careful, that guy may not have left yet!” While holding Matt’s outstretched hand, Lin Rui answered him, and finally gave a serious reminder.

“I have already checked it. There is no one in the direction of the missile attack. They should have already left.” The hand pulled Li Rui from the ground and Matt said seriously.

It was Matt’s carelessness just now. He only sensed that Lin Rui was suddenly concealed by the power of the explosion, but could not see that he flew out by the shock wave of the explosion. Lin Rui, though seemingly confused at the moment, was not seriously injured.

Recalling the scene just now, it is very thrilling for Lin Rui. The target of the missile was the innocent civilians. Lin Rui certainly could not make it successful, so he rushed to it without thinking.

Lin Rui had planned to split the missile before it exploded. His blade-pulling speed was very fast, but he did not split it before the missile exploded. So at the last minute, Lin Rui mobilized all the internal energy in the body to form a layer of defense on the body surface and instantly exchanged three protective charms on himself in System Shop. Only in this way could he barely block the power of the explosion. It wasn’t harmful to his health, but he got dizzy by the shock wave and couldn’t tell where the enemy was.

“We should go, the police should arrive soon.” Lin Rui, who is standing still, is reminded by Matt. They don’t have time to look for the man who attacked them.

“Well, let’s go. The attacker who attacked us today is certainly not the only one. Next time, we will pull him out again.” Nodded to Matt, Lin Rui said viciously.  Lin Rui won’t swallow a single-armed missile like that.


Then Lin Rui quickly left the abandoned underground parking lot with Matt’s help. As for the frightened stowaways, Lin Rui can’t take their feelings into account at this time, so he left them for the police.

Toot toot


A few minutes after Lin Rui and Matt left, there was a sharp siren outside the abandoned underground parking lot, and the police finally arrived.



“Matt put me down. I’m fine.” After returning to the secret base, Lin Rui, who was taken care of by Matt, was somewhat embarrassed to say that he has almost recovered on the way here.

“Well, Ok.” With a sigh of relief, Matt put Lin Rui on his sofa and let him down.

“Wow, oh!~” Although Lin Rui did recover a lot, he still felt sore all over his body on the sofa.

“How is it?” Are you all right? Before you were hit by an explosion, I was really worried about you. Faced with Lin Rui, Matt asked in a low voice. For Lin Rui’s strength, Matt needs to make further judgment that even individual missiles can be defended by him.

“I am good, the explosion didn’t hit me directly. I just got hit with some vibration. I should be okay after a two-day break.” Turning down on the sofa to make himself more comfortable, Lin Rui told Matt not to worry.

“Well, that’s good. But who do you think was the man who attacked you this time? Is it for us? Or Wilson’s men? We haven’t seen his helpful assistant before tonight.” Now that Lin Rui is okay, they should think about a few attackers.

The attacker did not choose to fight Lin Rui when they were fighting with the gangsters, but borrowed innocent people to attract Lin Rui himself to the missile after the incident, which made it difficult to determine the specific force. But Matt was more inclined to be brand them as Kingpin’s men.

Having dealt with Kingpin for so long, Matt knows that Kingpin’s ability is not only reflected in his own strength, but also in the degree of cruelty and criminal intelligence.

“Hum! Whoever it is! I don’t think they’ll do it again, especially since they haven’t killed me yet. Next time they do it again, I won’t let them slip away so easily!” Silently practicing Advanced cultivation technique and allowing the internal energy to wander around his body to slow down the injury, Lin Rui said sinisterly.

“Actually, they should not know that you are not dead. The attacker should have seen you hit and left immediately. Maybe they didn’t know you were alive. Maybe you can take a break and stay in the dark during this time. If they shoot me again, we can surprise them. Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Matt suddenly thought of something, and then carefully analyzed it.

“Well, that’s good. I hope they don’t know I’m alive. But are you sure they’ll bomb you with rockets? With a nod to confirm Matt’s suggestion, Lin Rui ended up with a slight joke.

“I’ll wait. You’d better rest first. You’re not looking very well.”

“Yeah.” With a sigh of relief, Lin Rui went straight to the sofa and went deep into the cultivation.

Matt saw Lin Rui close his eyes and rest and then he sat down and practiced. Since Lin Rui gave him the key to Soaring Dragon Art last time, Matt has made some modifications according to his original internal practice methods. Now his physical potential has been stimulated again, and his strength has improved a lot.


Over the next week, Lin Rui and Matt continued to work together, targeting Kingpin’s men, Jeston Gang, and Frankenstein Family’s other industries. Matt is in the bright and Lin Rui is in the dark.

However, They don’t know whether the attack was accidental or what but more than a week later, they still did not encounter that situation. Perhaps they already know that Lin Rui is alive, Matt and Lin Rui can only come to this conclusion in the end.


Just as Lin Rui and Matt silently fought against New York’s underground gangsters, Tony Stark, the biggest shareholder of Stark Industries, had quietly left New York for the Middle East. Lin Rui almost forgot about Tony because he was worried about the attacker, but he remembered it on the last day.

“I wish Mr. Stark a pleasant journey, and remember to bring my amulet, which will protect you. From your interviewer: Jackson Lin, “This is a text message from Lin Rui on the day of Tony’s departure, reminding him once again to take the amulet with him.

Lin Rui doesn’t know if Tony had seen the message or nor or he was too lazy to reply. Anyway, Lin Rui didn’t know if he had brought the two Freya amulets with him. However, Lin Rui has done his part by reminding him and he wouldn’t care about him if he had suffered without a talisman.

After Tony left, Lin Rui waited for his news. Tony Stark’s message of demonstrating new weapons to the military can be masked, but if he’s taken by terrorists, the Americans can’t hide such a big incident.

As soon as news comes out on TV and on the Internet, Lin Rui knows about Tony’s situation, and Iron Man is about to appear. At the same time, while waiting for Tony news, Lin Rui is urging his parents to quickly sell the stock of Stark Industries. Once the news of Tony’s abduction by terrorists comes back to New York, the stock of Stark Industries will quickly fall to the bottom.

Although they don’t understand when their son became interested in stocks, Lin Rui’s parents still listened to him and sold a part of Stark’s stock. If Stark Industries stocks go up, it’s a memory for Lin Rui. Stocks are not for a kid like him to play with.

However, on the third day after Lin Rui’s father sold his stock away, the news that Tony Stark had been kidnapped and killed by terrorists in the Middle East came out online. With the news, the stock of Stark Industries fell sharply.

The shocked father of Lin Rui almost thought his son was connected to the terrorists who kidnapped Tony Stark in the Middle East, or how could he have predicted a sharp fall in Stark Industries stock? However, before he recovered from his previous shock, Lin Rui told him to buy some more when the stock of Stark Industries fell to the bottom.

“What on earth are you thinking?” Tony Stark was kidnapped by terrorists. In the hands of the terrorist, he should have died long ago. Stark Industries without Tony Stark is no longer the former famous Stark Industries. Why buy Stark shares again? Lin Hai, who can’t understand Lin Rui’s brain circuit, finally asked his own questions. Does his son really have any ability to predict the future?

“Dad, listen to me. Mr. Stark won’t die so easily. His life is tough!” Without explaining anything to his Dad, Lin Rui just expressed his trust in Tony.

“Is this a mindless worship of idols!” Looking at Lin Rui’s earnest eyes, His Dad was a little speechless. Finally, Lin Hai bought back a lot of stocks at the lowest point of Stark Industries stock, even as a venture capital. Maybe Tony Stark is still alive!


Not to mention the turbulent US government because of the news of Tony Stark being kidnapped. At this time in the desert of the Middle East, it was the hiding place of Tony’s terrorists. The terrorists who had kidnapped Tony really should have killed him. After all, they had a deal with Obadiah. However, after they found out that they had kidnapped Tony Stark, they wanted Tony to make more powerful weapons for them, which gave Tony hope to escape.


It’s been more than a month since Tony was kidnapped.

Boom! Boom! Boom

That day, there seemed to be explosions in Tony’s shabby cave, with rubble rolling down from above. In this case, the cave will collapse soon.



Before the cave collapsed, a steel robot rushed out with some shaky steps, followed by an old man with grey hair.

“Yinsin! Hurry! The hole is going to collapse! Run!” As he rushed out, Tony’s anxious voice came from the Iron Man Armor.

Bang Bang Bang!

“Ah!” At that moment, a few rounds of bullets were fired from the cave-in, just in time to reach Dr. Yinsen’s thigh. With a scream, Dr. Yinsen fell flat on the ground.


Tony, who was rushing forward, saw Yinsen fall and he quickly stopped to save him. However, there are already other people around the terrorist base and Tony’s broken armor will not last long.

“Tony! Leave me alone! Go away! Go!” Yinsen, who knew Tony’s situation, yelled at Tony from the floor. He can’t let Tony take any more risks. He’s still earning a living anyway.

“Ah! ~~~” To prevent Tony from coming back to save himself, Yinsen resisted the sharp pain in his leg and stood up and shot around.

Da da da!

Puff Puff!

At the next moment, Dr. Yinsen had several bullet wounds in his body and he fell powerlessly to the ground and could not get up again. But his sacrifice also bought Tony some time.

“Yinsen!!” Watching Yinsen fall in a pool of his own blood to save him. Tony’s eyes were red behind the steel mask. However, he knows that now he can only choose to leave and only if he successfully escape can he take revenge for Yinsen.




The broken Iron Man Armor, ignoring the bullets coming from around him, strode out a few steps. The next moment, behind the armor, a fire burst out and pushed it into the sky. Tony controlled Iron Man Armor to launch missiles at the base’s Arsenal while flying out.

Da da da!

Bang bang bang!

On the ground, the rushing terrorists fired machine guns into the sky, but could not hit the magical steel armor that flew away.



The next moment, the entire base suddenly exploded in succession, and the terrorist Arsenal finally exploded. The high-tech weapons belonging to Stark Industries in Tony’s hands turned into flames and engulfed the people around them.


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