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According to Today’s News, Tony Stark will be invited to take part in a secret military operation next week. As America’s largest manufacturer of military weapons, does the invitation of Stark Industries represent another military upgrade? Let’s wait and see!…”

Lin Rui, dressed in casual clothes, lay on a sofa in the secret base and watched the TV report in front of him. Unconsciously, the corner of his mouth pulled up. “What’s the secret? The journey was exposed so quickly. If you’re a smart man, you can guess what going on this time, Tony!

It’s been more than a week since the last time Lin Rui and Tony had talked and Tony was finally leaving New York to go to the Middle East, the place that will changed his life.

In the past week, Lin Rui and Matt’s secret base are also changing rapidly. The soft sofa and big screen TV that Lin Rui is now sitting on are the result of this period. In addition to some commonly used daily necessities, Matt also got some heat weapons through his own channels. Although he seldom uses them himself, he is always ready for danger.


Just as Lin Rui watched the news on TV on Tony, there was a noise from the entrance to the base. Then Matt slowly walked in.

“Mirage Knight, what are you looking at?” Walking all the way down to the sofa opposite to Lin Rui, Matt asked casually. Matt, who can’t see the eyes, really has no need for TV. This big-screen TV is completely for Lin Rui.

“Nothing, just watching a friend on TV.” Throwing Matt a bag of potato chips, Lin Rui answered faintly.


“Tony Stark is your friend? Why am I not surprised?”  As a result, Matt casually answered, but in a tone of disbelief. A Vigilante and a super-rich man, it seems hard to connect these two together.

Picking up a piece of potato chips and biting it down, Matt’s brow wrinkled together in the next moment. “Cucumber flavor? Your taste is really special!” Some people in the world would like this flavor of potato chips and Matt couldn’t really understand them.

“Aha! It’s a new taste. Don’t you think it’s unique? It seems to be a joke of Lin Rui. Seeing Matt’s frown, Lin Rui asked with a smile.

“Well, our goal tonight is to be one of Wilson’s best men. Are you ready?” Putting the cucumber-flavored potato chips aside, Matt asked Lin Rui in a serious tone.

Suddenly jumping up from the sofa, Lin Rui stretched out and said, “I am ready!”

“Well, get your equipment and we’re going to start.”


Puff Puff!

In an abandoned underground parking lot on the outskirts of New York Manhattan, a flexible figure moves quickly between the parking lot pillars, avoiding bullets from the front.

In the direction of these bullets, where several black cars were parked in a row in front, pistols and various weapons came out of the doors and windows, spewing powerful hail of bullets on the running figure.

Bang bang bang!

“Looks like these people have been on guard for a long time. They didn’t even give us any chance to attack in the first place!” Once again they were pushed back behind the pillar by countless bullets and Lin Rui’s face was constantly changing under the mask.

The underground parking lot was relatively empty and the gangsters who occupied the defensive position did not leave the back of the car. They only used the power net to suppress Lin Rui.

“Matt, it’s up to you next!” Even today’s Lin Rui can’t withstand such fierce firepower without shelter. He has to wait for Matt to make a breakthrough.


Relying on the back of the pillar to adjust his breathing, Lin Rui fully mobilized his ability of the Beginner Insight Technique, judging the various positions of the fire points opposite to him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Be careful! There!”

“Someone rushed over!”

Da da da!

“There is more than one person!”

“This side!”


Just as Lin Rui waited silence, the gunshots on the opposite side suddenly became messy. Later, Lin Rui heard a burst of exclamation and the firepower directed at Lin Rui was significantly weaker.

“It’s time!” With a low cry, Lin Rui rushed out the next moment.

Puff puff

The instantaneous burst almost exceeds the limit of human eye observation, which is what Lin Rui can achieve after upgrading his cultivation technique. As he rushed forward, Lin Rui did not forget to throw out several smoke bombs to cover up his figure. Soon, Lin Rui rushed through the weakened fire network and came to the nearest car.


There seemed to be a red flash in the dark underground parking lot. The next moment, the specially modified bullet-proof door had been split in two and fell to the ground with a click. The man with the powerful submachine gun in the back was expressionless and his eyes were fading rapidly. It seemed that he had not avoided Lin Rui’s sharp blade.


Without any stopover, Lin Rui’s blade in his hand has crossed the car and he jumped into the middle of the group of criminals. The hunting has officially begun!

Bang bang bang!

Da da da!


“Help me!”

“Be careful, he is here…

Bang bang bang!


A few minutes later, the abandoned underground parking lot finally quieted down, and the noise disappeared.

Working together to defeat the enemy, Lin Rui and Matt stood in front of the two containers, these two containers seem to be what Kingpin’s men want to trade this evening. Looking up and down the first two huge containers below, Lin Rui and Matt heard the slight noise from inside.

“There are people inside??” Carefully discerned the sound coming out of the container, Lin Rui suddenly shouted.

The next moment, Lin Rui has pulled out his blade, “Hey! Inside people, you stay away from this side! I’ll save you now! ” Lin Rui has raised his blade.


In the next moment, the red flame of the blade flashed and the lock that locked the container was broken and a commotion occured.



The lock was opened and Lin Rui and Matt opened the door of the container. Then they saw an unforgettable scene: at least forty people, mostly girls, were crowded into the narrow, dark container and from their skin color they should have been stolen from a small Asian country. Every face of these girls was filled with fear and emptiness. When they saw the container opened, their first reaction was not happiness, but to squeeze into it, as if Lin Rui and Matt were demons.

“They’re doing human trafficking?!” Seeing this scene, Lin Rui instantly knew what deal he had just busted with the group of people.

“This is why I have been fighting Wilson. He is the biggest cancer in our society!” Matt’s face is also very difficult to see. Although he can’t see it, his keen sense can feel the fear from this group.


“Hey! Do you understand English? Don’t be afraid, we are here to save you. Now you are safe, you are safe! ” Quickly putting away his blade, Lin Rui whispered to the frightened girls in front of him.


Without any response, they seemed to be unable to understand Lin Rui. Moreover, Lin Rui and Daredevil’s dress is not so trustworthy. A dark red tights, a windbreaker mask that covers the whole body is really not what a savior looks like to them.

“Matt, come and handle them, I’ll get the others out of the box.” Instead of wasting time and communicating with these frightened girls, Lin Rui patted Matt on the shoulder and said quickly.

“Well, leave it to me here.” Matt nodded and agreed.

After a few minutes, the people in the two containers seemed to have finally understood the current situation and slowly walked out from inside. Once again, Re-exposed to the fresh air outside, they do not know how long they have been locked up and their faces are showing a light look, They looked at Lin Rui and Matt and they are no longer afraid and vigilant.

“What are we going to do now?” Standing in the corner with Matt looking at the trapped teenagers scattered in front of him, Lin Rui asked with a headache.

“It’s up to the police. There’s no better way for us to do that. It’s better to be sent back than to be sold here.” Matt glanced at nearly a hundred unidentified innocent civilians here and could only come up with this solution.

“That’s the only way. Call them. I’ll look after them.” With a nod, Lin Rui agreed with Matt’s decision.


Leaving Matt to call the police, Lin Rui walked toward the group of girls who had regained their freedom.  However, just as Lin Rui was walking a few steps away, he suddenly sensed that a danger was approaching rapidly.

The next moment, Lin Rui saw a flash of fire rushing from a remote location in the underground parking lot towards the crowd ahead.

“Be careful!” After seeing what the fire was, Lin Rui rushed past with a shout.



At the foot of Lin Rui, Lin Rui has disappeared in place and rushed to the front of the crowd at the next moment. The long blade that has been tucked away at his waist appears in his hand instantly and the brilliant red lines quickly cover the whole body of the blade.

“No way!” With a low grunt, Lin Rui had already splintered the fast approaching fire ahead with his blade.

When! Puff!


A crisp crash was followed by a violent explosion, just in front of the crowd, which instantly drowned the image of Lin Rui in midair.


“Mirage Knight!” Seeing Lin Rui’s figure drowned by the explosion fire, Matt, who was still on the phone, dropped the phone directly to the ground and rushed out the next second.


“Hello? Are you still there, sir? What happened to you? Our police will be there in a minute!” On the other end of the phone that fell to the ground, there was still an inquiry from the police officer, but no one answered her.


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