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This was the second time the entire office was quiet after Lin Rui came in. Tony looked at the young man in front of him and blinked rapidly. He did not expect that this smart young man will be able to always bring some surprises to him.

“Jackson, you can really surprise me! Maybe you shouldn’t be an ordinary journalist. I have the idea of you coming to work for Stark Industries. Slowly leaning on the chair, Tony looked across at Lin Rui and said slowly.

The question Lin Rui just raised is indeed the two biggest drawbacks of Arc Reactor, and the cost is good to say that there are more wealthy people in the world than Lin Rui thought. The key is that the full Arc Reactor device is really too big and time-consuming to maintain.

As a perfectionist, Tony is certainly reluctant to admit that his invention is so flawed. But he had to admit that Lin Rui was right, and that was Tony’s distress. Thirty years have passed since Arc Reactor was created, and Tony has almost abandoned some of its plans.

“Mr. Stark is overestimating me, I just said things from my point of view. And I think Mr. Stark must also be actively looking for ways to reduce the volume of Arc Reactor. The world’s first computer was created in 1946 and it took decades to shrink its size. As the top genius of this century, Mr. Tony Stark, I think it shouldn’t take so long if you really put your heart into it. Looking at Tony, Lin Rui kindled him a little. Although I don’t know how Tony suddenly found a way to shrink the Arc Reactor in the original movie, Lin Rui thought that giving Tony an incentive in advance should make Tony find a way earlier.

“Hum! Decades, you really underestimate me.” Tony certainly doesn’t think it’s going to take him decades to find a design that will shrink Arc Reactor.

“Then I’m looking forward to Mr. Stark’s latest design, but I’ll have the first news then.” At that point, Lin Rui just wanted Tony to take this issue seriously earlier. Although he knew Tony would design a small Arc Reactor when he was kidnapped by terrorists, it would be better if the design was completed earlier.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll wait too long.” With a promise, Tony felt that he needed to hurry up and not allow the young man in front of him to see him as a joke.

“Of course I believe Mr. Stark.” Lin Rui responded with a smile.

“All right, Jackson. Even if you want to be a qualified journalist, it’s still too serious for your age. Would you like a glass? Watching Tony and Jackson actually talk about Arc Reactor, Pepper shook the wine in his hand and asked Lin Rui.

“Although I haven’t reached the legal drinking age yet, I think it’s okay to drink something. And, there should be very few people who have the opportunity to drink the wine that Miss Pepper served.” Smiling and nodding, Lin Rui would not really care about the legal age limit for drinking at the age of twenty-one. His mental age was already over twenty-one!

“Oh, Do young people talk like you now?” It was boasted by Lin Rui without leaving any traces. Pepper smiled and poured a little red wine for Lin Rui. There is only one point. She doesn’t want this 16-year-old young man to get drunk in Tony’s office.

“Thank you.” Lifting his glass, Lin Rui greeted Tony slightly in front of him and drank it off.

“Ah! I don’t know how to describe the taste, but I think I should say it’s good now! ” Feeling the indescribable odor in his mouth, Lin Rui said with a slight frown.

“Ha ha! Pepper, it seems that our little boy is a good drinker. Pour him another drink, and I’ll have a good drink with Jackson this time! ” Looking at Lin Rui’s frown, Tony seems to have found something that can hit him. Smiling, he says to the nearby Pepper that he is not bullying others.

“Tony, that’s not good. Jackson is still young. Do you really want him drunk?” Pepper certainly won’t listen to Tony like that. She just wanted Lin Rui to have a drink to ease the atmosphere.

But as Pepper finished, Lin Rui, sitting opposite, had put the glass on the table again and pushed it forward a little, and the meaning of his gesture was clear.

Ha-ha, it seems that our Jackson wants to drink a few more glasses too! Pepper, what are you waiting for? The guest has pushed the glass over. Seeing Lin Rui push the glass over, Tony’s eyes lit up and he said happily to Pepper.

“Jackson, are you sure?” Without listening to Tony, Pepper asked Lin Rui again.

“That’s all right, Miss Pepper. I can still drink this wine, as long as I don’t let my parents know.” Shaking his hands, Lin Rui said earnestly.

Lin Rui also wants to have more drinks with Tony. It’s better to get Tony drunk and talk a little bit more then. Another thing is that Lin Rui has not drunk wine for a long time. This time, he can get the best red wine. Although he doesn’t know what it tastes like, he won’t miss the chance.

“Then you have to pay attention to yourself, don’t get drunk. You can’t talk to your parents then.” Pepper finally gave another command, and then poured some wine into Lin Rui’s glass.

“Ha ha! Come on, have a drink with our Jackson! ” Tony laughed and touched Lin Rui’s glass with his glass.


With a soft click, Tony glanced at Lin Rui and drank his wine. Then, of course, the opposite Lin Rui finished his drink, showing a young man’s character.

“Pepper, get us another bottle. It seems Jackson is very happy today!” It seems that Lin Rui is a man who won’t give in easily, Tony waved to Pepper.

“You… oh! Forget it. Don’t bother me if you’re drunk.” Pepper wanted to persuade two with more words, but at last, she thought it over and gave the two naive guys a drink.

“Come on, let’s go back and drink!” Holding a glass, Tony stood up behind his desk and said to Lin Rui.

Since they wanted to drink, of course, it’s best to lean on a comfortable sofa. Lin Rui also stood up and followed Tony to the back lounge. With the internal energy in his body, Lin Rui was not afraid of being drunk.



Call ~

The glass in his hand was weakly placed on the glass coffee table in front of him and Tony was lying on the sofa with a drunken look. Two people finished two bottles of red wine in less than an hour, even if the amount of alcohol is OK, Tony is now somewhat awake. But Lin Rui, who is sitting opposite him, looks completely okay. Although his face is also red, he seems to be completely conscious.

“Is this the natural amount a guy drinks for the first time?” Watching Lin Rui pick up his glass again, Tony on the sofa has some helpless thoughts. Tony never imagined that he would lose to a sixteen-year-old man in the fight.

Pepper, who was sitting on the side, had already seen Tony getting drunk, but she didn’t remind him since he deserves it but Tony couldn’t even outdrink a 16-year-old.

“Mr. Tony, I think I’ve had enough. If we go on, I will be in trouble when I go home.” Not intending to fight Tony anymore. Lin Rui gave him some face in time.

“Well, I think so. After all, you haven’t reached the legal drinking age yet. It’s not good to drink too much.”Drunk Tony knows he’s going down the steps, but he really couldn’t drink anymore.

“So, Tony, can you talk to me about the military buying new weapons now?” Lin Rui still wants to know when Tony is going to the Middle East and now even the name he addresses him as has changed.

“As I’ve said before, it’s classified. But I can tell you a little bit that I will leave New York on the sixth of next month for a trip. Although a little drunk, Tony knows that there are some things he can’t say, but he just mentions his trip a little.

“On the 6th of next month? Then, there are only half a month left.” Hearing Tony, Lin Rui has confirmed that he will leave for the Middle East in half a month.

It was at that time that Tony was kidnapped by terrorists to make a more powerful missile weapon and he finally escaped by using Iron Man Armor. It is because of the kidnapping that his usual ‘conceited and not even looking at other people’ personality has changed a lot. For the first time, He knew that the weapons he invented and manufactured have been hurting the world. Since then, Tony, who was committed to inventing high-tech weapons, disappeared and Iron Man came into being to protect everyone. This is the birth of Iron Man.

Tony didn’t know that although he didn’t disclose the military’s action to purchase new weapons, he only said his date of departure and Lin Rui was very satisfied with this. Because this is what Lin Rui cares about, how much weapons the military purchases is not something that Lin Rui needs to care about.

“Well, Mr. Tony, I wish you a pleasant journey. Besides, I hope you can take the gift I gave you with you. It can bring good luck to people. As he spoke, Lin Rui took out another Freya charm from his pocket and handed it to Tony.

“Eh? Didn’t you give me one before? Pepper already has it. Do you give it away every time you meet? Tony was curious to see that Lin Rui had given him another handicraft as common as last time.

“Mr. Stark, in a fairy tale, this vine knot has mysterious power to protect us from harm. Believe me, you’ll use it.” Without explaining anything, Lin Rui just said it carefully. Although Tony’s journey was a thrilling one, according to the normal story, Lin Rui felt it would be better to take some protective measures.

And Lin Rui certainly won’t give Tony a Freya guardian charm for nothing as it needs 100 Reward points to exchange. It just occurred to Lin Rui that when Tony was kidnapped by terrorists, he met a scientist who helped him. With the help of that scientist, Tony was able to successfully build Iron Man Armor and eventually escape. The scientist finally seemed to have died in the hands of terrorists in order to save Tony, for which Tony blamed himself for a long time.

Therefore, Lin Rui gave Tony a guardian. He hoped that when he can believe his own words, he will give this guardian to that scientist and maybe he can save his life.

“Yes? Why don’t I know that there is such a myth?” Tony, who had already checked with J.A.R.V.I.S for this handicraft, said that as he still accepted the gift of Lin Rui.

“Ha-ha, It’s a myth that nobody has ever heard of. Ok, Mr. Stark, I think I should leave, too. Looking at Tony’s drunken appearance, Lin Rui made a timely farewell.

“Well, it’s nice to have a drink with you, Jackson.” Tony raised his hand and smiled formally at Lin Rui for the first time.

“Nice to meet you, too, Mr. Stark. We will meet again when you come back from abroad next time. I’ll be looking forward to it. Standing up, Lin Rui finally said a word and slowly turned away.

“Goodbye, Jackson.” Pepper, who was sitting next to Tony and taking care of him, smiled and bid goodbye to Lin Rui.

“Well, goodbye, Miss Pepper.”


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