Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 42 - MEETING AGAIN


New York landmark building, Stark Industries building, Tony Stark’s office.

“Tony, this military order is very important to us. The military has already called for you to personally demonstrate this. Do you want to say no at this juncture?” Obadiah Stane, Tony’s partner and uncle was sitting opposite his desk, earnestly persuading him.

Because Pepper had an accident not long ago, Tony finally knew that he could not lose the beautiful woman who really knew how to love. So now he wants to put off the trip to the Middle East and stay with Pepper in New York. But Tony’s trip to the Middle East is an important part of Obadiah’s plan. He can’t let this happen, so after knowing Tony’s plan, he came to persuade him.

“Obi, it’s just a military arms purchase. If they need a man of weight, I think you are very good. The CEO of Stark Industries, that name should be enough. With a glass of red wine in his hand, Tony said indifferently.

“But it’s not a simple weapon purchase. They’re going to buy our latest missile strike system. Moreover, my position is no higher than the name of Tony Stark. It’s up to you to take this big military order. At Tony’s words, Obadiah shook his head and said.

“But Pepper…”

“The attack on Miss Pepper was really surprising, but the police are already investigating it with all their might. And you’ve arranged for Miss Pepper to have the tightest security personnel. I believe her safety is guaranteed, and I will pay more attention to it when you go to the Middle East. Before Tony finished, Obadiah interrupted him, clapping his chest to ensure Miss Pepper’s safety.

“That said, there are always accidents.”  Tony has apparently been talked about, but the point is that he does have a tight security arrangement for Pepper and it’s impossible that the last thing will happen again. But there was still a worry about Pepper in his mind, which was what had changed in Tony after he recognized his inner feelings.

“Tony, you gave me a month’s vacation. Every day I’m not allowed to go anywhere except for the company and my home. If I do have another accident with all this security than I don’t think the president of the country will be any safer! ” As Tony struggled, Pepper came by and said.

Pepper really feels Tony’s concern for her these days, which can be seen from the layers of protection he put around her. But as a powerful woman in the new century, Pepper did not feel that she really needed Tony’s close protection.

“Pepper, what if those attackers reappear? I’m worried about… Tony was worried when he reached for Pepper’s hand.

“It’s all right. Don’t you have any confidence in the security you’ve arranged? Or do you think you can keep me safe by staying? You have to be present for this military order. I can’t let the company lose it because of me. Pinching Tony’s hand, Pepper said lightly.


“Tony, Miss Pepper is right. You’ve promised the army that you’ll be there. If you don’t go now, the army might not take the order. You know, we are not the only family doing military business. After Pepper’s persuasion, Obadiah went on to make a point.

“Now that you’ve all said that, if I insist on staying, it wouldn’t be good. Okay, I agree with the original trip to the Middle East next month.” Finally, with the persuasion of Obadiah and Pepper, Tony agreed to go to the Middle East to demonstrate the new missile system produced by Stark Industries to the military.

“Well, I believe you made the right decision.” Obadiah was relieved to hear that Tony finally gave up on staying in New York.

“Do you need another drink?” Taking the empty glass from Tony’s hand, Pepper smiles and asks.

“That’s exactly what I want.”

“Then you guys talk, I have something to do.” And instead of staying here as a third wheel, Obadiah got up and said goodbye.

“Bye.” Tony waved his hand indifferently.

“Mr. Jackson is here, sir.” Just as Obadiah got up and took two steps outside, the slightly mechanical sound of J.A.R.V.I.S. came out of the room, prompting Tony that he has a visitor.

“Jackson? Oh, that little guy, bring him up.” Hearing the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony was stunned at first, then remembered who Jackson was and then told him to bring Jackson in.

“Jackson? Tony, who is this?” Obadiah, who was about to leave, heard the strange name and stopped.

Obadiah, of course, already knows who Jackson is. After all, Tony didn’t hide anyone when he asked Lin Rui to come over last time. Now he’s just pretending not to know, trying to figure out what Tony has to do with this seemingly ordinary little fellow. Connecting Lin Rui’s current age with Tony’s history of romance, Obadiah is easily skewed.

“Oh, just a smart kid. Obi, weren’t you about to go and do something? In a simple explanation, Tony reached out to see him off.

“Well, I’ll go first.” With an awkward face, Obadiah turned silently and left.

However, the more Tony does not explain clearly, the more Obadiah feels that something is there. Maybe he should do some more careful investigation. Obadiah, turning away and thought in silence.

Tony sitting in the chair didn’t know what Obadiah was thinking. If he knew, he might burst his belly with laughter. His partner’s brain hole was too big. Lin Rui, who was on the way, certainly did not know what he was thought of by others. This time he came here, he had something important to do.

Shortly after Obadiah left, the elevator leading to Tony’s office rose and slowly opened. Jackson, also known as Lin Rui, entered Tony’s office with the official journalist sign that Jameson’s had especially changed for him.

“Hey! Jackson, I thought it would take a long time to see you again!” Pepper, who came out from behind with red wine, looked at Lin Rui and said hello.

“Miss Pepper, It’s only been a few days and you look even more beautiful!” With a very sunny smile, Lin Rui praised Pepper without hesitation. Women, especially those like Pepper, praising them is always the right choice.

“Thank you!” Hearing Lin Rui’s praise, Pepper smiled and walked to Tony.

“Cough! Jackson, did you become an official journalist in just a few days? Does your boss know that you are an interviewer for Tony Stark? Although Lin Rui is a young man of sixteen or seven, Tony doesn’t like him saying Pepper is beautiful in front of him. Lin Rui, in particular, is quite handsome and women nowadays like young, sunny little shits.

“Mr. Stark, although I really want everyone to know about this but I think it will be good to keep it a secret for a while. After all, I haven’t done what interviewers should do yet. Coming to Tony with a smile, Lin Rui said lightly.

“Eh? Why?” Tony asked curiously. He also thought that Lin Rui would tell everyone that he would become an personal interview reporter for Tony Stark as soon as he left that day.

“Because I haven’t formally interviewed you yet. Besides, I wanted to dig some stuff up. Lin Rui answered seriously.

“Oh, what kind of stuff do you want to dig out of me? There’s a big push outside about my latest news for you to write. I can tell you what’s real and what’s false. Tony shook the red wine Pepper had just poured into his glass with a chuckle.

“Mr. Stark, You haven’t even asked me to sit down yet? This is not the treatment of an exclusive interviewer.” Without answering Tony, Lin Rui stood in front of him and asked.

“Well, please sit down. I thought you would welcome yourself.” The proud Tony then asked Lin Rui to sit down.

“As I said last time, I’m not interested in Mr. Stark’s latest news. Moreover, I don’t think any news of that kind will appear in the future. Glancing at Pepper standing next to Tony, Lin Rui said with a smile.

“That’s true. But besides that, what else do you want to dig? Tony, who was noticed by Lin Rui that his relationship with Pepper was progressing, did not explain, and then asked.

“Now that those types of news are gone, of course, I’m going to focus on Stark Industries itself. In fact, I am very interested in the new energy sources that you have been studying. I don’t know what Mr. Tony can say in this respect. What’s more, I heard that the military will purchase a large number of new weapons again recently. I wonder how much Stark Industries has been allocated to it? With a straight face, Lin Rui posed for a formal interview and asked Tony across from him.


After Lin Rui asked those two questions, the big office suddenly quieted down, as if the air had solidified.

“It seems that you are really are a competent journalist. But are you sure the two questions you asked are right for The Daily Bugle? After a little silence, Tony looked at Lin Rui and asked faintly.

“Anyway, they don’t know I can interview Mr. Stark. Just think these questions are what I want to know myself. Maybe, when the time is right, I’ll let them out as a rush. Lin Rui took out a small book and a pen from his arms and answered indifferently.

In fact, Lin Rui came here today not just as a reporter to interview Tony. Because of his long memory, Lin Rui can’t remember when Tony went to the Middle East and when his miniature Arc Reactor was built. Only by understanding these situations can he make some responses later. After all, these are related to the birth of Iron Man, which is why Lin Rui asked these two questions.

“Then you have a good eye. As far as the development of new energy is concerned, as I said at the previous New York Science and Technology Conference, Arc Reactor, as a new type of controllable energy, will gradually eliminate the mainstream energy.

“As far as you say that the military is sourcing new weapons, it involves confidentiality. I think your level should not be enough.” Tony replied Lin Rui’s words in two simple sentences, but he didn’t say anything.

“Well, I see. I also believe that the Arc Reactor is the best new energy source nowadays, but the large enterprises with the same space and financial resources cannot afford to install it. I wonder if Mr. Stark has made any progress recently. In addition, I also learned that Oscorp’s bioenergy seems to have made some breakthroughs recently and maybe we will see a more optimized new type of bioenergy in the near future. Writing a few words on the book, Lin Rui looked up and said softly to Tony.

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