Heroes of Marvel



At the door of the house, Lin Rui, who greeted his parents, went out again with his small backpack. Today, he and Matt will set up the secret base together.

“Honey, do you think that our son is in love?” Looking at Lin Rui’s fading away, Mary turned back to the husband who was washing the dishes.

At the door of the house, Luin Rui, who greeted his parents, went out again with his small backpack. Today, he and Matt will set up the secret base together.

“It’s all right.”


After several rounds of the subway, Lin Rui came out of the nearest subway entrance to the former secret base. Then, like most people, Lin Rui walked slowly towards the river. After walking so slowly for more than half an hour, after confirming that no one was around, Lin Rui’s right wrist glowed. The next moment, he was covered by Phantom Suit.

Lin Rui, who has changed his identity, burst out in an instant and disappeared on the remote Bank of the river. Even if someone actually accidentally saw him, it would probably be regarded as a psychic event.

Within a minute of disappearing from the riverbank, Lin Rui appeared at the entrance to the secret base a kilometer away. Looking at the weeds that had been slightly cleared in front of him, Lin Rui knew Matt should have arrived. The next second, Lin Rui has walked in.

Huh ~

A few days ago, a messy abandoned underground bunker was not so ugly at this time, some broken stones were moved to one side and the spider web in the corner was also cleaned up a lot. The key is that there is light at this time.

“Hey! Daredevil! Did you do all these?” Looking up and down at the illuminated underground base, Lin Rui shouted to Matt, who was playing with some electronic components inside.

“You came, Mirage Knight. Oh? You seem to be a little different.”  Hearing Lin Rui’s voice, Matt put down what he had in his hand and turned back to greet him. However, Matt felt that Lin Rui seemed to have changed, but he could not tell what exactly.

“Heh heh! Last night I had a breakthrough in cultivation technique that I had been practicing. Lin Rui gave a simple explanation with a chuckle.


“Well, it looks like you’ve been here for a while. Actually, you could’ve waited for me to do these things. After all, uh, you know. Seeing what the base looked like at this time, Lin Rui knew that Matt must have come early to clean up. So somewhat embarrassed to say, he’s referring to the situation Matt can’t see.

“Although I can’t see it, it doesn’t affect my actions at all. I think you already know that. And since you know I can’t see, there’s something I’d like to tell you. Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Matt said indifferently as he was not an ordinary blind man.

“Well? What?” Lin Rui asked curiously.

“That, When you’re with me, you don’t have to wear your heroic suit all the time. After all, you know, I can’t see. So it doesn’t make any difference to me whether you wear it or not, “Matt said with a smile. Like Matt now, although he was wearing his Daredevil tights, he was not wearing a mask.

“Er! What? I’m used to it!” Lin Rui responded to Matt’s words. Because Phantom Suit is so convenient, Lin Rui wears it every time he becomes Mirage Knight.


However, in order not to make Matt feel too out of sight, Lin Rui took off the hood and the mask on his face disappeared automatically. So his face was completely exposed, and I believe Matt could also sense his movements. As for the Phantom Suit, there’s no need to put it away, lest Matt thinks it’s too sci-fi.

“Is that much better? In fact, I think it’s better not to wear a mask when we are alone. I can wear a mask when I act in the future. Lin Rui answered himself.

“Well, that’s much better.” Although he still can’t see what Lin Rui looks like, Matt feels it’s an improvement in their relationship.

“Well, let me do it! We can arrange it well. Maybe we can get someone to help us design it. As he put down his backpack, Lin Rui had rolled up his sleeves and was ready to start working.

“Well, I brought two generators. But I think we need a complete power supply unit if we want to arrange it as a more advanced equipment base in the future. Matt made his own suggestions while doing what he was doing.

“Eh! I’ll do something about it. Now, I need to lay out my territory in this place.” Remembering the space warship design in the last quest Reward, Lin Rui felt that there should be something in the System Shop that he needed.

“Your territory?” Matt asked Lin Rui with some doubts.

“Yes! My territory! I’m planning to turn this site into a secret base for our joint Vigilante and I’m sure that other Vigilantes will join us in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to make a good plan ahead of time. In serious reply to Matt, Lin Rui does think so. At least, after Peter became Spiderman, Lin Rui would surely pull him in. At that time, he might be able to tell Peter who he was and hopefully not scare him.

“Well, I at least agree with your thoughts.  It seems that I also need to map out my territory ahead of time.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Matt could not help thinking it was a big plan, but he agreed. So he’s also going to draw his own territory in the base, in case some other Vigilante takes his place in the future.


“OK! Now it’s time to think about what we need!” It took an hour to clean up the underground base, Lin Rui said excitedly.

“First of all, some necessary furniture is required. We can’t just sit on the floor every time we come. I think it would be nice to have a sofa here. Before Matt could speak, Lin Rui had already spoken to himself.

“And! There should be two tables here and here, preferably a solid wooden one that can hold our daily things.”

“Well, if you’re here… Well, here we need some big cabinets for our equipment and weapons. Of course, we don’t have much equipment to put in at present, but I believe there will be one in the future.

“Well, here’s this, here’s that, uh… And here -“

“Aha! This is the best place to put a big screen TV. If we have nothing to do, we can play games on it. I don’t know if you can receive the TV signal below. I think if Peter is here, it should help.”

Matt: “…”

“Well, that’s all I can think of. Matt, do you have anything else to say? After all, there are only two of us in this base for the time being. At last, Lin Rui turned to Matt and asked him what he could think of.

“Er… No more. I don’t have anything to add. You’ve got everything covered. Matt, who had been silent for a long time, shook his head and answered as he really had nothing to add.

“Eh! That’s good! I’ll think slowly about the power unit, and I’ve brought something with me today. With that, Lin Rui opened the big backpack that had been in the corner before.


Opening the zipper, Lin Rui poured out the contents of his backpack directly. Various odds and ends pieces were scattered on the ground, and some of them rolled to Matt’s feet.

“Eh? Is this a smoke bomb? Bending down and picking up a small cylinder that rolled to his feet, Matt soon found out what it was.

“Well, they are some of my gadgets.” Looking down at the things that fell out of the backpack, Lin Rui replied faintly.

“There are three pistols, five smoke bombs, and $80,000.” Putting the contents of the backpack aside, Lin Rui introduced Matt to the things so that he didn’t have to touch them one by one.

“Eighty thousand dollars?! Where did you get so much money? Matt was surprised when Lin Rui finally said there was $80,000. Vigilante is not a wage-earning profession. Normally rich people do not become Vigilante.

“Hey ~ this is my spoils from a drug trade. In fact, there are drugs with the same value of 80,000 dollars, but I have burned them.” Lin Rui replied truthfully.

These dollars were the spoils Lin Rui got when he first got into trouble with Jeston Gang, he was supposed to donate this money anonymously to the welfare home. But until today, since his secret base needs rapid development, the $80,000 may help.

“I think we can use this money to make some arrangements for our new base, but you need to use them.” Lin Rui said and put the $80,000 aside.

“Well, I think this money will be very helpful.” Matt is certainly not a person who doesn’t need the money and he is willing to agree.

“OK, these things will remain here for the time being. Hoo! It seems that all we can do today is done!” The initial prototype of the secret base has come out, and Lin Rui is relieved at last.

“Well, you did a great job,” Matt praised in a timely manner.

“This will be even better in the future!”

“Right, Matt, I have something to ask you.” The base event ended temporarily and Lin Rui remembered one thing he had thought of before.

“Eh? What’s the matter?” Hearing Lin Rui’s serious tone, Matt asked doubtfully.

“Do you have any cultivation techniques? Is it similar to using special methods to enhance the potential and strength of the body? After thinking about it, Lin Rui asked the question. In Lin Rui’s memory, Daredevil seems to have his own system of practice, and he doesn’t know whether it is a cultivation technique or not.

“Do you mean internal strength? I do have a practice method, which was taught to me by my master.” When he heard Lin Rui’s question, Matt answered seriously.

“Oh, then it should be simpler.” Hearing Matt’s answer, Lin Rui felt that his approach should be possible.

“What is simpler?”

“I have a cultivation technique that I practiced before. I think it should be a little better than what your teacher gave you. I think you can take it for reference.” Instead of asking Matt to practice with the cultivation technique he gave him, Lin Rui just asked him to refer to it. Maybe it’s not suitable for him.

“Do you have an internal energy practice method? Are you sure that you want to give it to me?” Matt seemed surprised to hear Lin Rui. In his opinion, the mysterious cultivation technique that can help the human body break through the physical limitations should be kept secret.

“Well, you can practice this if you think it’s right for you. The enemy we will face in the future may be even stronger. I think our strength should be constantly strengthened. Taking a small book out of the Phantom Suit’s pocket, he handed it to Matt and said seriously. This book is the key to Soaring Dragon Art and Lin Rui wrote it in Braille language.

“You’re right. I’ll have a good look!” Reaching for the book Lin Rui handed him, Matt assured him.

“Ha ha! That’s all for today. I still have a job to do. I’ll go first!” Lin Rui’s quest at the secret base was completed. He smiled and said bye to Matt and went outside.

“Well, goodbye.”

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