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“The quest completion rate is 2/100.  Today I had a good chat with Tony. How can this be done?!” Lin Rui, who was sent home by Tony, lay in bed and looked at the mainline quest about Tony in his mind, muttering to himself. It seemed that he was very unhappy with the progress.

“I’ve already finished 15 percent of the main quest against New York’s underground dark forces. It seems Tony is really a tough nut to crack down on!” It’s clear that Tony has been suspicious of him, but Lin Rui just thinks that the hearts and minds of people are the most difficult to understand.

“Forget it, Tony has promised me to be his private interviewer anyway. There will be many opportunities to get close to him in the future. Sooner or later, this quest will be completed by me!” Lin Rui was quietly angry with himself.

Tony’s business was put aside for a while. Lin Rui sat in bed and silently practiced the Soaring Dragon Art, this cultivation technique was the reward he received after he completed his novice quest, which is now Lin Rui’s main means of improving his strength. Half an hour later, Lin Rui, seemingly asleep, opened his eyes again.

“It seems that Soaring Dragon Art has reached its limit in tapping my physical potential and the amount of internal energy accumulated in my body has not increased for a long time. It’s time to change to an advanced cultivation technique.” Feeling again the limitations of Soaring Dragon Art on his own strength at that time, Lin Rui muttered and drowned in his mind.

“System, you here?” Instead of going to System Shop first, Lin Rui shouted in his empty mind.

“In…” As usual, the system appeared in front of Lin Rui in an instant.

“Well, Soaring Dragon Art can no longer enhance my strength. Do you have any better cultivation technique recommendations? It’s better to practice another.” Seeing the emergence of the system, Lin Rui raised his own problems.

“Of course, there are many cultivation techniques in System Shop, good and countless, and your requirements can be fully met.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, the system responded at will.

“Then you recommend some!” Otherwise, I don’t know what suits me, even if I know it, I still have to look for half a day! Lin Rui said with a smile.

“Well, these should all suit you better.” With a promise, the system has already called several items from the System Shop.

Three items flew out of the System Shop in succession and slowly falls into Lin Rui’s eyes with their own brilliant light.

“Dragon Form Method, Intermediate cultivation technique, worth 600 reward points. Main results: Further tapping human potential, greatly enhancing physical fitness and upper limit of strength. Want to feel the pleasure of flying the enemy with a punch in the battle? Dragon Form Method is your best choice!

“Spirit Roaming Art”, Intermediate cultivation technique, worth 800 reward points. Main effects: enhance the resilience of internal energy, strengthen the control of the body, enhance flexibility. In the multitude of flowers, the effect of “Spirit Roaming Art” is what the leaf does not touch. Are you yearning for it?

“Heaven’s Origin Heart Law, 1st part of the Advanced cultivation technique, worth 1000 reward points. The main effect: All rivers run into the sea, Just these four words(“海纳百川” these are four words that are translated as ‘all rivers run into the sea’), Are you good enough to practice it?!”

The three cultivation techniques that were silently read out in the system were extremely introduced and Lin Rui’s eyes grew bigger and bigger.

“Now the cultivation technique in the System Shop has its own sales pitch? Also, the first two Intermediate cultivation techniques are all right. What does this last Advanced cultivation technique mean, It only has one part and it’s more expensive than the other two. The most important thing is that its introduction is only four words!!”

“Well, after all, System Shop has fewer customers and it also has to do some self-promotion.” The system said faintly.

When he heard the system, Lin Rui’s mouth twitched twice. “So, what is the effect of this Advanced cultivation technique?”

“Well, the summary of System Shop is in place. I’ll explain to you which of the four words “All rivers runs into the sea” you don’t know. The system is also very sarcastic.

“Well, you can’t explain it to me. Then you can say which one I should exchange directly. Is that all right? Instead of trying to figure out what those words meant, Lin Rui asked directly. He worries that once he asks, the system will laugh at him.

“That is, of course, the Advanced cultivation technique is the best. Do you want to think about it?” Although the system did not hallucinate the human form, Lin Rui felt that he had been attacked with white eyes.

“Then exchange the Advanced technique for me, I am rich now anyway!” The system said that the Advanced technique is good and Lin Rui is no longer considering others.

“Are you sure you want to redeem the first part of the Advanced cultivation technique “Heaven’s Origin Heart Law?” Just after Lin Rui shouted the words, the unique mechanical sound in the System Shop appeared in his mind.


Ding Ding

The next moment, two cultivation technique s next to Heaven’s Origin Heart Law disappeared, leaving it in the middle of Lin Rui’s mind. Lin Rui’s heart was shaking as he listened to the sound of Reward points clicking and disappearing in his ear. However, in order to better enhance his own strength, these efforts are necessary.

“Well, let’s see what is the advantage of this Advanced cultivation technique worth a thousand Reward points!” Depressed, Lin Rui reached out to Heaven’s Origin Heart Law in front of him.


The moment Lin Rui came into contact with Heaven’s Origin Heart Law, his whole mind shook and his consciousness was sucked in by the Heaven’s Origin Heart Law. Outside, Lin Rui, who was sitting in bed, fell back and fell asleep.


When Lin Rui woke up again, it was daybreak and he slept soundly.

“Ah ~ ~ so cool!” Slowly opening his eyes, Lin Rui cried out in comfort.

“Eh? It’s daybreak?! The Advanced cultivation technique is different. I feel as if my entire body is reborn!” Liu Rui squatting down from the bed and looked at the sun that had risen outside and sighed.

Standing on the ground and looking at himself, Lin Rui could not see it, but he could feel that he was different. Maybe it’s a change in temperament, maybe he is a little taller. Lin Rui now feels more energetic. It’s a change in appearance, but it’s a bigger change in nature. Lin Rui now has twice as much internal energy in his body as he did last night. This was the result of single night practice.

“Although I don’t know how the two Intermediate cultivation techniques work, this Advanced cultivation technique is really amazing. A thousand Reward points are worth it!” Holding his fists, Lin Rui said to himself, feeling the strength of the body grow again.

The next moment, Lin Rui has rushed into the bathroom. He Upgraded the cultivation technique, Made contact with Tony Stark and discussed with Matt about the location of the secret base. Lin Rui is completing the mainline quest step by step and is also slowly moving towards the path of a Superhero.


The Daily Bugle, in the office of editor-in-chief John Jameson is reading a newspaper that is the latest issue today. Then there was a knock at the door outside the office.

“Come in!” Glancing at the people outside, Mr. Jameson shouted quickly.

“Boss, this is Jackson, the new intern journalist from our newspaper, who last took the opportunity to interview Miss Pepper, Mr. Stark’s private secretary, in front of the Lisbon Hotel.” Editor Marrs, who had just opened the door, introduced the young man behind him to his immediate superior.

“Hello, Mr. Editor-in-Chief. My name is Jackson. I’m a new intern journalist. Following Marras, Lin Rui politely greeted the leader of The Daily Bugle in front of him.

However, to Lin Rui’s surprise, Mr. Jameson, who was standing behind the table, suddenly stepped out and came to Lin Rui in front of him in a few steps.

“Eh! Hello! Hello! We haven’t seen such a potential, energetic, conscientious journalist in our newspaper for a long time!  Jameson, who rushed to Lin Rui, took his hand and said earnestly.

“Well, that, Boss, I just did what I should have done.” The editor-in-chief made him feel a little overwhelmed and Lin Rui said embarrassingly.

“Eh! You’re right to think so! Take the enthusiasm for the newspaper as something you should do, so that you can finish your work better! ” The editor-in-chief Jameson seems to be overenthusiastic about Lin Rui, holding his hand all the time.

At last, Lin Rui took a little effort to pull his hand out of the editor-in-chief’s hand.

“Oh, that, Boss, what do you want with Jackson and me?” At this time, Marras, who was hanging by, finally interrupted and he could not understand the editor-in-chief’s attitude.

“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to see the best employees in our newspaper.  By the way, how can Jackson still wear the label of the internship? A week’s internship is enough for an excellent person like Jackson!” He waved to Marrs. Later, he saw the sign of the intern journalist hanging on Lin Rui’s chest and was unhappy with Marrs.

“Er! Yes! I’ll change Jackson’s brand for a full-time employee as soon as I go out!” Although he doesn’t know what madness his boss is having but Marrs is certainly following him.

“Well, okay. I have other people to see, you go out. Remember, Jackson’s salary will be paid according to the regular staff. If one of his interview or photos is in the newspaper, then extra money.” James seems to really just want to see Lin Rui and wave them out. At the end of the day, Lin Rui’s treatment was improved and he didn’t even know what the stingy editor was thinking.

“All right!” Marrs promised in a doubtful manner and then went out with the same doubtful Lin Rui.

“I didn’t expect that Harry Osborn’s good friend would come to my newspaper to work, this opportunity to built relationship cannot be missed.” And after Lin Rui and Marrs went out, James, who sat back in his chair, said to himself. It turned out that Jameson knew the relationship between Lin Rui and Harry and he was so enthusiastic because of it.

But if the editor-in-chief knew that Lin Rui has quietly become Tony Stark’s private interviewer, he doesn’t know what will happen. Lin Rui can only secretly congratulate himself that he didn’t say it out. He just wants to make friends with Tony quietly.


When Lin Rui came out of The Daily Bugle, he had upgraded from an intern reporter to an official reporter, although Lin Rui didn’t care about the name.

“Today’s appointment with Matt to set up our secret base, or go home first.” Mindful of the evening, Lin Rui hurried to the nearest subway entrance.

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