Heroes of Marvel



New York, Empire State High School, Lin Rui’s class, is nearing the end of the term. At the end of the term, everyone has to take it seriously.

Of course, it won’t include Lin Rui, who cheats by taking memory capsules. He won’t worry about the end of the term. As for Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, they don’t have to worry about their grades at all. The only one he had to worry about is Tom, but Lin Rui hasn’t had a good chat with Tom for a long time. He seems to have a new circle and friends of his own.

“Hey! Peter, how is your internship at Oscorp going?” Lin Rui, who had not been concerned about Peter for some time, suddenly asked him, not wanting to miss the time when Peter became Spiderman.

“It’s all right. I just turned to Dr. Curt Connors as an assistant. He’s my father’s former friend and he is also a geneticist. Peter smiled at Lin Rui and answered.

By this time Peter had found the briefcase left by his father at home, so he had found Dr. Curt Connors. Because of Peter’s father’s relationship with Dr. Connor and his internship in Oscorp, Peter went smoothly into Dr. Connors’s biological laboratory as his assistant. Now Peter feels he has found a way forward and he is devoting himself to the development of biotechnology and continues to follow his father’s previous path.

At Peter’s words, Lin Rui’s eyebrows rose slightly. “Doctor Curt Connors?” Isn’t that Dr. Lizard?

“Jackson, do you know Dr. Connors?” Hearing Lin Rui’s murmur, Peter asked curiously.

“Well, I heard about him, a little-known biologist. However, his project seems to have not broken through for a long time and Oscorp seems to be withdrawing his financial support.” Lin Rui said faintly.

“There has been a breakthrough! Dr. Connors has studied the biological genetic improvement for so many years and has broken through. As long as there is a little more time, I believe he will succeed!” At the words of Lin Rui, Peter suddenly got a little excited.

Peter’s father had worked hard on this project, and of course, he wanted to succeed. And, thanks to Peter’s help, the project has really made some progress recently. Nevertheless, if Oscorp didn’t get big results before he withdrew the funds, the project would really be stopped, which Peter didn’t want to see.

“Really? Maybe you can go to Harry to see if he can help you and let Oscorp give you some more time.” Seeing Peter’s excitement, Lin Rui suddenly suggested.

Perhaps if Dr. Connors has more time to study, He would carefully understand it and not rush to experiment with himself with immature genetically modified potions, it may avoid the emergence of Dr. Lizard. This is what Lin Rui suddenly thought of. Some things he might change can make the story develop in a good direction.

However, after listening to Lin Rui’s words, Peter shook his head. “There seems to be something going on at Oscorp’s top management recently. Harry is already a bit tied up. I can’t bother him anymore.”

“Ohh, no wonder I haven’t seen Harry for many days.  I don’t know how he is now. I wish we could help him. Hearing that, Lin Rui remembered that Harry’s troubles seemed not small. However, Lin Rui still doesn’t know much about the struggle in such a big company.

During this period, Peter and Harry, the future Spiderman and Little Green Goblin were all in trouble. As for Lin Rui, there is not much time for him to help them because of the mainline quest. However, Lin Rui will not just watch things happen and do nothing about it. At the very least, he wanted to stop Harry from becoming Green Goblin because of his father’s death and the family’s inherited diseases.

“Well, I believe Harry will be fine.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Peter nodded and said.

“By the way, what about Tom? Did he play with those big tall boys again?

“I don’t know”


In the suburbs of New York, Harry’s house has a manor-style building. At this time, Harry, who did not go to school, was in the manor.

“Father, I won’t let the company be ruined by those guys. You can rest assured!” Sitting beside the bed, Harry looked at his father lying in bed and said earnestly.

Norman Osborn, Harry’s father, has been in bed for two weeks because of the family’s incurable disease. In the meantime, Oscorp’s shareholders began to move around. Although Harry is still young, he has already entered the shareholders’ meeting, but he does not have many supporters. His current situation in the company is not good. However, in order to be the son to his father who was lying in bed at this time, Harry would definitely hold the company firmly in his hand.


Instead of showing his weakness in front of his father, Harry quickly left the room as he had a lot of things to do. Harry has been growing very fast these days, constantly working with major shareholders, interacting with companies that are on the sidelines and have close cooperation with Oscorp and guarding against Oscorp’s competitors. Hard as it was, Harry kept on. He knew that his friends would always support him and that beautiful girl was always there. After the company’s businesses had been handled, Harry planned to formalize the relationship.


There was a soft noise and the heavy wooden door closed behind Harry.

After Harry left, Norman Osborn, who seemed to be seriously ill in bed, suddenly opened his eyes. At this time, his eyes emitted a faint yellow light that does not belong to a sick man.

Norman was in a really bad state because of a family genetic disorder. That’s why he forced Dr. Connors to quickly develop the gene potion, which he could hardly wait for.


“…Gulmira is now a hell on earth, where refugees have nowhere to go to escape from their homes. Terrorists claiming to be freedom fighters supported by a new force are fully armed… There is no police, no government… The refugees can only hope hopelessly that someone will come and save them…


“It seems that Iron Man is coming!” Looking at the TV coverage of the war and refugees in the Gulmira area, Lin Rui, sitting at home, muttered.

Tony, who has been traumatized by war, will not watch these innocent civilians lose their homes or even their lives because of the weapons provided by his company. What will he do to help them? Maybe he’s the one who can save them.

Two days later, a military news conference about the crash of an F-22 plane the day before was being reported on television. The conference was presided over by Colonel Rhodey of the Army Weapons Development Department, and of course, he was the only one who could do it.

“Yesterday, there was an F-22 raptor plane crashing. There were no casualties. For Gulmira’s accident…” Watching Colonel Rhodey talk nonsense on TV, Lin Rui was too lazy to continue watching.

Lin Rui decided that he would go and talk to Tony these days. Obadiah should have gotten Tony’s prototype from the terrorists by this time, but because of the lack of a miniature Arc Reactor, steel armor with a shell alone is just a valuable piece of scrap iron. Maybe he’s going to grab Tony’s Arc Reactor in the next two days.

If Obadiah succeeds, then a war is inevitable. Although Stark Industries is far from Lin Rui’s home, Lin Rui is reluctant to see other civilian casualties. If Obadiah can be stopped, if not, then Lin Rui has to become Mirage Knight to stop him.

Lin Rui also wanted to test whether his Flowing Flame Blade combined with internal energy could break the defense of Iron Man Armor, which will be a test of his current strength.

Just when Lin Rui saw the news and thought about what he should do in the future, Tony knew that Obadiah was doing business on both sides and that he was expelled from Stark Industries by the board of directors, led by Obadiah. So far, Tony really saw his good uncle’s true face, a bad wolf who was only interested in making money and wanted to grab Stark Industries.

Of course, Tony, who was expelled from Stark Industries, did not wait to die. In addition to secretly improving Iron Man Armor again, Tony also persuaded Pepper to go to his office to find Obadiah’s covert trading records and destroy weapons sold to terrorists by Obadiah himself.

However, when Pepper found out on his computer that Obadiah wanted to kill Tony and was calling to tell him, Tony on the other end of the phone suddenly lost his voice.

Buzz! ~ ~

“Tony! Tony! Are you there Hello!”

Tony’s seaside villa, in a luxurious lobby. Tony, sitting on the sofa, had the phone in his hand, but he could not move at all. He doesn’t know when Obadiah, who was hiding here, came out from behind him with a small instrument in his hand. In the end, Tony didn’t expect his uncle would do that.

Tony’s new miniature Arc Reactor was taken out by Obadiah and it was just like taking Tony’s heart.

“… Tony, you shouldn’t have involved Pepper. She didn’t have to die. After saying the last sentence to Tony, who could not move on the sofa, Obadiah turned and left. Without the magnetic force from the micro Arc Reactor to attract the shrapnel, Tony would soon die in a very painful way.




When Lin Rui came to Tony’s seaside villa for hundreds of dollars in taxi fares, Obadiah’s car just sped past him.

“Damn it! I am still too late!” Watching Obadiah leave quickly, Lin Rui scolded himself and rushed into the villa. Tony’s situation should not be optimistic.

Tony, who hasn’t recovered from the general paralysis, only feels a burst of familiar coolness in his pocket. It was the Freya Guardian that he has been studying with him.

“Er -~ah!” Tony’s faint roar came from the luxurious and empty hall.

Tony was able to move a little and make a little noise with the cool relief, but there was clearly a long way to go before Recovery. But, listening to Obadiah’s last words, Pepper is now facing danger, and Tony has no time to spend here.


Da Da!

Just then Tony, struggling on the sofa, suddenly heard a sound of footsteps. Was Obadiah feeling insecure and is coming back to kill him?

“Mr. Stark, it seems you need some help.” However, the nervous Tony then relaxed because he heard the voice of a young man.


The next moment, Lin Rui finally appeared in front of Tony and he came over to his position.

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