Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 150

Heroes of Marvel 150 Stronge Harry

Wū wū ~ wū wū ~

The sound of sirens was already audible in the streets nearby as the missiles that had exploded from the house would be enough to prompt a massive police presence in New York City. At this time, Lin Rui is still being enveloped by the dark shadow in the house.


In the darkness, Lin Rui’s eyes suddenly flickered with a purple light, then the blade light around his body explodes, and a large purple electric light instantly clears the dark shadow surrounding him. After a scratching sound, the shadows scattered by Lin Rui quickly Disappeared into the ground.


“Mirage Knight! Are you all right? ! What was that!?” Only after the shadows had disappeared did Peter rush from behind, startled by the sudden rush of something dark at them from Norman.

“I don’t know! But it certainly isn’t a good thing. The police are here. Let’s get out of here first.” As the siren outside drew nearer, Lin Rui did not give Peter much explanation.

“Well, let’s go. Just, this can’t be hidden from Harry.” With a sigh of relief, Peter looked at the room that was destroyed in the fight and he looked at the secret room in front of him.

“There is no other way, he will know about this sooner or later. At least, now his father has been exposed in advance, maybe it would be better for him.” Lin Rui also knows that Harry may not accept such a thing, but he would have to know sooner or later.


Then, before the police arrived, Peter and Lin Rui jumped out of the window and disappeared into the forest of buildings outside.

Wū wū ~


Just as Lin Rui and Peter were fighting Norman Osborn in the house, Harry, who had already handled the matter at the company, quickly received news of an attack on his house. Harry was in a hurry when he called his father, but he couldn’t get through. So, when Harry rushed back to the house, he could only see his father’s room which is now classified as the scene of the accident by the police. Soon, Harry knew what was going on here, and he was left stunned by the hidden room full of High-tech weapons in his father’s room.

“Mr. Osborn? Mr. Osborn? Do you have any idea that your father was making these weapons illegally?” A fat police officer asked Harry as his head continued to go down.

Harry: “…”

Harry couldn’t think normally at the moment. He couldn’t understand what was going on. He didn’t know why there was such a secret room filled with weapons in his father’s room. He didn’t know what the flying hoverboard and demon mask represented. Maybe Harry knew it inside, but he would rather not believe it now.

“Mr. Osborn? Mr. Osborn?” Seeing Harry didn’t respond, the police officer shouted twice with impatience.

According to the scene, the missing Osborn’s largest shareholder, Norman Osborn is likely to be the attacker who caused heavy casualties in the Greenwich hotel in the past few days. Harry is Norman Osborn’s son, and the officer has little patience for the son of a criminal.

“Hey! Harry… “Just as the officer was about to reach out to pat a stunned Harry, his outstretched hand was suddenly caught.

“Hello, Officer will.” The man who grabbed the officer’s hand was Lin Rui, who had been waiting for Harry to learn that his father was the Green Goblin. When the police arrived, Lin Rui used his press card to enter the house but he was blocked from the scene of the accident, but he couldn’t resist sneaking in when he saw Harry’s appearance.

“You are? The captured officer Will looked curiously at the young man holding his hand.

“I’m a friend of, uh, Mr. Osborn, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for Mr. Osborn to be questioned right now.” Lin Rui wanted to say that he was a journalist, but if he said so, He would probably be thrown out.

While Lin Rui was talking to Officer Will, he quietly clapped Harry behind his back twice with his other hand. Warm internal energy quickly rushed into Harry’s body to calm his speechless and chaotic mood.

“I understand that this is not a good time, Mr. Osborn, but… ”

“Thank you, Jackson. I’m fine now.” Just as Officer Will was about to say something more, Harry recovered and smiled at Lin Rui.

“Officer will, we have a detailed record of these high-tech weapons in our Oscorp’s weapons development department, and I’ll have them brought back if you need to check them. My father, you said, had these weapons in his possession. It was Oscorp’s property. There is no such thing as an illegal weapon.” After a few words with Lin Rui, Harry reemerges as the powerful Oscorp’s heir, answering Officer Will’s question in a few words.

Oscorp is indeed developing new weapons for the army, but these are apparently unreported developments that Norman stored in his secret room. But these things are nothing for such a big company, don’t you allow yourself to speed up with the development?

“Mr. Osborn, are you saying that these weapons in the secret room are all legal?” Officer will asked him, frowning at Harry’s reply.

“Of course it is. Officer Will should know that the military has been working with companies that have the ability to develop and manufacture new weapons, and we at Oscorp are one of those companies. And I want to correct a mistake in your words. This is not a secret room, but a safe room.” Harry, who has come to his senses, is worthy of being the head of Oscorp Industries. In a few words, he had brought the situation under control and also pushed back the crimes connected to Norman Osborn.

“Oh, a safe room. Indeed, if you have so many high-tech weapons in your home, you really need a safe room.” Annoyed by Harry’s response, Officer Will lowered the notepad in his hand and said softly.

“What about the flying device and the devil mask? How would you explain that?  I think you should know that these two things are the equipment of the murderer who caused heavy casualties at Greenwich Hotel a few days ago.” Although Harry’s answer was sharp, there is more deadly evidence here. The flying hoverboard and the devil mask in the secret room are the same as those of the Greenwich hotel attacker who caused mayhem in the past few days. This is the most direct evidence.

“About this, I suspect that my father was threatened and kidnapped. These things were provided by my father to the attacker under duress. So I hope the police will find something and get my father back as soon as possible.” Harry knew this was inevitable, So he had prepared an excuse from the start.

“Threat? Kidnapping? It’s possible.” When he heard Harry’s words, Officer Will seems to think that there was a small chance that what Harry said might be true. Norman Osborn, after all, was rich and powerful and had no reason to do something like that. “Okay, Mr. Osborn, we are done here, I will inform you of the progress.”

“Thank you. By the way, if you want to take these weapons away as evidence, you’d better make a special case. I don’t want Oscorp’s latest product to get leaked by this, you know what this would mean for all the parties involved.” Officer Will was about to turn away when Harry reminds him.

“Oh~ I know, Mr. Osborn. We don’t have to take these weapons, as long as you give us a detailed list.” Will is just a small police officer, he is not too stupid enough to find trouble with the US military.

“Well, I’ll have it given to you as soon as possible.” With a sigh of relief, Harry calmly watched as Officer Will slowly left.


As Officer Will walked away, Harry, who had been standing steadily, suddenly shook, but Lin Rui caught him just in time.

“Are you alright, Harry?” Holding Harry, Lin Rui asks anxiously.

“Thank you, Jackson. I’m fine, just need to take a break.” With a forced smile to Lin Rui, Harry whispers.

The impact on Harry was too strong, He had just been forced to look at his father’s room and a secret weapon room he didn’t even know about, and the flying hoverboard and the glaring green devil mask. Combining his father’s recent improvement in health and changing personality, Harry has come to the conclusion that his father, Norman Osborn, was the man who attacked the Greenwich hotel.

Although he knew that the man was the father, Harry could not really tell the truth in front of the police. He was the son of Norman Osborn after all, and he preferred if his father was kidnapped.

“Well, I’ll help you out.” Knowing that Harry was not in good condition, Lin Rui helped him slowly away from the scene.

“Jackson, didn’t you go home with Peter? Why are you still here?”

“Well, Peter said he was busy, and I was just hanging around, and when I heard there had been an accident, I came to see.”



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