Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 151

Heroes of Marvel 151 Looking For

After initial surprise and confusion, Harry left the matter to Oscorp’s public relations department. Oscorp spends so much money to feed them every year, it is not for nothing. When it is time to do something, they should show their real ability and not embarrass Oscorp.

Harry, on the other hand, went back to his room to rest with the company of Lin Rui. While Harry still can’t believe that the devil mask attacker is his father, he has to worry about his father’s condition. Judging from the extent of the damage to the house, there must have been a fierce fight, but he doesn’t know how it turned out and where his father is now.

“Harry! Are you okay!? I just heard that there was an attack!” Just as Harry sat on the couch and thought about his heart, Peter rushed over. Peter, who had no press card, was stopped outside the house. Fortunately, the house security guard knew him and finally brought him in.

“I’m all right, Peter. I was at work when the attack happened, but my father is missing now. The police now suspect that my father is the green-faced devil who attacked the Greenwich hotel the other day and killed all those people. I don’t Know what to do. ‘ In front of his two best friends, Harry doesn’t have to wear a mask anymore.

“Harry, maybe the police have good reason to be suspicious. But I’m sure uncle Norman did it for a reason too. We must find him and help him!” Seeing Harry looking worried, Peter went over him and comforted him.

“Peter is right. The most important thing now is to find uncle Norman. We now have to prepare for the worst if uncle Norman is that Green Goblin. Harry, do you know where your father is likely to go?” Now is not the time to comfort Harry with deceptive words, Lin Rui knows that they need to find Norman as soon as possible.

Originally, with Lin Rui’s current strength, Norman’s high-tech armor is nothing to him. However, the dark shadow that emerged from Norman at the last minute completely exceeded Lin Rui’s expectations and he was caught off-guard. That is not a technological product at all, it is more like an evil magic. So Lin Rui is going to find Norman earlier because things have gone beyond his expectations.

“My family has properties all over New York, but there are probably only a few places where my father can hide. We can go there to find my father.” Harry knows that his two friends mean well, but he doesn’t want the police to find his father first. Therefore, he decided to look for him himself. If he finds him, he will ask his father what is going on, whether he is Green Goblin and why is he doing this.

“Well, that’s what we thought.” If Harry can help them find Norman, Lin Rui clearly doesn’t want the police involved. The ghostly shadow made Lin Rui very uncomfortable, and he feared that there would be huge casualties if the police found Norman first.

“We will leave after the investigation is over. The police are not supposed to check those places for the time being. Peter, Jackson, I’m sorry to involve you in this.” In the end, Harry made a decision, and he also feels sorry for Peter and Lin Rui.

“No, Harry, that’s what friends are supposed to do.”

“Yeah, I wanted to help uncle Norman, too. Whatever he becomes, we can help him.”


“Harry! I just heard what happened here! Are you all right?” As Harry and others discussed their next move, there was a sudden rush of footsteps outside, and Gwen ran in with a worried look on her face.

“I’m fine, Gwen.”

“Don’t worry, my father will catch that Goblin guy and get uncle Norman back!” Rushing towards him, Gwen said earnestly. It seems that Gwen got the news that Norman had been kidnapped.

“Thank you, Gwen.”

Then Lin Rui and Peter left. Harry should feel better with his girlfriend.


It was not until 8 PM that the police on-site investigation was completed. But the police had left a small unit at the house to guard against Norman’s sudden return as they were treating him as the main suspect.

Moreover, ‘several’ monitors outside the house have also reported what they had seen. The battle that took place here in the afternoon was attended by Spiderman and Mirage Knight, and Green Goblin finally seemed to be running away undefeated. But no one saw him holding Norman Osborn, so the most likely scenario is that Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin. Spiderman and Mirage Knight somehow found out his identity and went to confront him. Finally, the two sides fought and ran away before the police could arrive.

So the police want to ask Spiderman or Mirage Knight for help, but they don’t know how to contact these two Vigilante in New York, they are always elusive, and very strong, ordinary people can not find and deal with them. And the People who are able to reach out to these vigilantes are not the kind of people that the ordinary police officers could reach out, like SHIELD or Tony.

Gwen stayed with Harry until after 9 pm and If Police Captain George hadn’t called Gwen home to avoid suspicion, she might have spent the night at Harry’s. Lin Rui and Peter never left. They had other plans.

“There’s a team of police officers downstairs on guard, and it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to sneak out.” Lin Rui speaks to Harry and Peter behind him as he stands by the window watching the scene downstairs.

Then we will go out from the front door. My father is the suspect, but I’m not. They have no reason to lock me up at home.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Harry said faintly.

“That’s true, but they’ll send someone after us after we leave, we can’t go to uncle Norman like that.” Peter was also analyzing how they could find a good way to get rid of the police.

“Harry is right, we will go out from the front. If the cops want to follow us then let them, we’re going clubbing with Harry anyway. Whether they can keep up with us or not is up to them.” Just when Harry and Peter were worried about how to get out, Lin Rui suddenly said.

“Jackson, you mean…”

“We will ditch them at the bar!”

“That’s right, Harry. Do you know the nearest pub that’s the busiest at this time of year and has a back door?” Lin Rui then asks, when both Harry and Peter understand what he is saying.

“Of course, but don’t tell Gwen. I didn’t want to take Gwen there.” With a nod, Harry clearly knows the place, and he also reminded Lin Rui and Peter.

“Ok, so what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Next, the three of them walked out the door of the house in an open manner. The police officers below made a routine inquiry, and then left them alone. However, Lin Rui and Peter could sense that someone is following them all the way after they leave, but they don’t mind and headed for the bar.

Soon, the three of them were drinking in a nearby bar. It was like a son worried about his father who came to the bar to relax and drink, and his two good friends accompanied him, at least to the police officers who came to the bar like that.

However, it wasn’t until Harry and others went to the bathroom in turn that the officers who followed them noticed something was wrong. When they broke through the crowded bar to go to the toilet, Lin Rui and others had disappeared. The officers who followed them felt helpless, but there was nothing else they could do. Harry, Lin Rui, and Peter are not criminals. They can only follow behind them secretly without giving notice.

Ditching the following officers, Harry leads Lin Rui and Peter toward the spot where he thinks his father might be. Along the way, the three try to avoid busy areas to reduce the chance of being recognized. After all, Harry is relatively famous. Maybe the police are looking for him now.

“Harry, I want to talk to you. If we find uncle Norman tonight and something happens, I want you to be calm, because if something happened than it may not be his intention.” As he walked, Peter gave Harry some advice. In addition to trying to convince Harry that his father is a criminal, Peter is trying to prepare him for it. Because he could expose his Spiderman identity to Harry.

“I know. I just want to find my father. If he indeed did those things, I would advise him to turn himself in.” He nodded, but Harry still knew what to do. Of course, he obviously did not catch the other meaning of Peter’s words.

Lin Rui looked at Harry and Peter and silently shook his head. The two best friends in the movie may have become estranged because of Norman’s death. Lin Rui wanted to prevent this from happening as much as possible.


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