Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 149

Heroes of Marvel 149 Strange Change


“I really don’t want to fight with you! Norman Osborn!” Turning around and avoiding several darts from Norman’s hoverboard, Peter shouted as he fired spider silk to block Norman’s flight route.

“Ha-ha-ha, you can’t help it! Little spider!” Norman, wearing a devil mask, completely unleashed his evil personality and controlled the skateboard to chase Peter in a spacious space.

Da da da ~

Suddenly, under the hoverboard, a black hole muzzle emerged, and then a tongue of fire sprayed out quickly. Peter, who was unable to exert his advantage under the influence of the environment, could only run with his head in his arms.

“Spiderman, you shouldn’t have come to my door!” With an alloy knife poking out of the arm of the semi-covered armor, Norman rushed at Peter, who had been pushed into the corner.


A powerful spider silk blocked the muzzle under the flying hoverboard, and Peter jumped directly onto the flying hoverboard in the next moment.

“Mr. Osborn! This is what you forced me!” That’s what you forced me to do!” Faced with Norman’s madness, Peter had no intention of persuading him anymore.


Standing firm on the hoverboard, Peter punched Norman in front of him. Norman’s robotic arm, however, has blocked his punch. Moreover, the blade on the mechanical arm is facing Peter’s fist.


Just when Norman thought he could cut Spiderman’s right hand with his knife, a spider thread suddenly spewed out of Peter’s wrist and directly tied Norman’s robotic arm.

Peter pulled hard aside, and Norman was almost pulled down from the hoverboard by Peter. Fortunately, his foot machinery was connected to the hoverboard.


However, to Norman’s surprise, he could not escape Peter’s next punch. A Powerful fist hit Norman’s mask directly, and the eerie green devil’s mask was directly blown apart by Peter.

“Ah! Die you insect!” Although Peter had a good punch, Norman Osborn, whose body was strengthened, was clearly able to withstand it. After roaring in madness, his chest armor suddenly opened and two micro missiles were launched.

“Oh, come on!” Peter’s spider sensation began to crazily remind him of coming danger when Norman’s armor was still moving, but Peter was shocked to see two missiles coming in close range. Even if he was hit by the coming missile, Norman would still be at the center of the explosion at such a close distance. Was he so confident in the defense of his armor?

But whether Norman thought he was in danger or not, Peter didn’t want to take it on his behalf. So, his right hand loosened the grip on one of Norman’s robotic arms, Peter jumped off the hoverboard the next moment. He quickly fired spider threads and connected them to the huge landing window. Peter flew out of the window when the two missiles came after him.

Boom ~ bang~

Two missiles that did not catch up with Spiderman exploded shortly after they burst out of the window, shattering the huge floor glass directly and drawing attention from people on the road outside. But now Peter doesn’t care about the people outside. Peter, who dodged the missile, rushed into the room again, he didn’t believe he could not deal with a man who armed himself with high technology.

Puff! Boom!

In the already dilapidated room, Spiderman and Green Goblin are coming to fight. Spiderman has his own flexibility and strength, while Green Goblin has high tech weapons and armor with his powerful strength. The fight was brief, but there were already a number of wounds on Peter’s body, either from a close encounter with the flying hoverboard or from an alloy knife on Norman’s robotic arm. Norman was not intact either and Peter had given him several blows. If not for the protection of the armor, Norman would have already fallen to the ground.

After fighting around for more than a minute, Norman couldn’t beat Spiderman and he had already exhausted most of his weapons, he fired a piece of shrapnel to drive Peter back, then he flew his hoverboard back into the secret room.


And just as Peter dodged the incoming projectile and was about to chase him in, Norman flew out in the next moment. But this time he didn’t have a flying hoverboard under his feet, and his posture of flying out was not right. The whole person flew upside down and it looked as if he was thrown out by something or someone.

Boom boom!

Knocking over the sofa and the table, Norman tumbled to the ground. Then, in front of Peter’s astonished eyes, a figure emerged from the secret room.

“Mirage Knight!” Peter shouted in surprise as he saw the man coming out of the secret room.

The person who kicked Norman out of the secret room was Lin Rui. He had sneaked into the house as soon as Peter and Norman had just started fighting. When Norman and Peter were fighting, Lin Rui sneaked through the walls of the secret room and sneaked in from the other side. He just wanted to prevent Norman from continuing to replenish his weapons or use the secret room to escape. This secret room has more than one exist that can be used to go out. However, his preparation was just right. Norman did not expect that there was someone waiting for him in the secret room. When he rushed in, he was directly kicked by Lin Rui from the flying hoverboard.

“I know you want to minimize the threat as soon as possible, but can you let me know in advance?” Coming out of the secret room, Lin Rui looks at Peter whose Spiderman suit has been shredded a lot and said helplessly.

“Oh, It’s because I knew you will come.” Peter smiled and said easily. With the help of Mirage Knight, Norman without his flying hoverboards and only in his armors cannot take on both of them. So now Norman seems to only have one choice which is to surrender himself.

However, Norman seems to have no intention of surrendering. With his head down, Norman’s chest was heaving violently and his heavy gasps were exceptionally clear in the room.

“Mr. Osborn, you’ve lost. Turn yourself in. It will do us all good.” Staring down at Norman Osborn, Peter persuades again. Meanwhile, Peter took the antidote he had prepared in his hand.


But Norman, with his head down, did not respond. Then, all of a sudden, there was a scary scratching sound in the quiet room, like someone scratching the floor with their fingernails.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ~ surrender? That’s not my choice!”


A strange laugh came from Norman who was on the ground, and then he shot up from the ground with great speed and rushed towards Peter and arrived right in front of him. His hand swung out, and the hard nails that had come out at some time Or other went toward Peter’s neck, and there was a faint green light above them.

Tittered ~

Norman’s surprise attack cost Peter something as he was injured. Although he tried to retreat, he still got a gash in his neck. It wasn’t deep, but it was bleeding.

“Hahahahahaha! Let’s die! Die!” Norman’s body seems to have undergone a special variation. His spirit and body seem to be completely unhuman. Waving the mutated arm, Norman stepped forward and chased Peter.

And when Peter was in danger, Lin Rui did not come forward to help him at first, instead he seemed lost. It turned out that when Norman suddenly broke out, Lin Rui felt a strange fluctuation from him that he had never encountered before. This is not a power generated by genetic variation, it is an evil force, a force that may not belong to this world.

To describe that power, the volatility of some of the magic items that Lin Rui used before is very similar to Norman’s power. However, the magic items used by Lin Rui are very normal magic, similar to amulets and spring water or others like that. But the fluctuations in Norman gave Lin Rui a very uncomfortable, very strange feeling. So he was stunned when Norman suddenly broke out with this power, but he quickly recovered. Regardless of why Norman has this power, Lin Rui is here to solve the problem.

Lin Rui’s shot out a blade light, and the Thunder’s power stored in the Thunder blade has increased Lin Rui’s attack power by at least double. Regardless of Norman’s power-up, Lin Rui has the confidence to make it disappears.


Sensing an attack from behind, the crazy Norman abandons Spiderman and quickly turns around. It was too late to hide, so Norman had to cross his robotic arm across his chest. At the same time, a strange black fog poured out of his body and shrouded his entire body.


The powerful blade light directly Sliced through the black mist that seemingly enveloped Norman and then it struck his crossed robotic arms. Kakaka – The Seemingly defensible Robotic arms broke in a fraction of a second, and Norman was blown away by the force of the impact.  If he wasn’t blown back by the shockwaves that the blade light would’ve cut his arms apart. It wasn’t that Lin Rui didn’t want to restrain his powers, but Norman’s power was making him feel very uncomfortable. He was worried that if he held back now, something unexpected would happen.


After getting hit again, Norman seems to have lost his ability to fight. Lin Rui could no longer sense the strange and evil power, it seems that the power has been purified by the power of thunder.


Slowly approaching Norman, Lin Rui wants to confirm that the danger is over. However, just at the moment when Lin Rui walked in front of Norman, a dark shadow rushed out of Norman and rushed directly at Lin Rui!


Lin Rui brandished his thunder blade in an instant and the purple thunder’s power was wrapped around him, blocking the black shadow from the outside. The Thunder power and black shadow intertwined and Lin Rui can hear the squeaking sound similar to that of a red hot iron piece being thrown into the water.

Just when Lin Rui was trapped by the dark shadow, Norman on the ground suddenly got up with black and cold eyes. Before Peter could stop him, he rushed to the window and jumped out. And behind him, the flying hoverboard raced out and caught Norman outside. Then, without waiting for anything, Norman sped off on the flying hoverboard.


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