Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 146

Heroes of Marvel 146 Osborns Guest

After hearing Lin Rui’s words, Peter was silent for a long time. He was shocked by the news. Peter didn’t question the authenticity of Lin Rui’s news much. He believed Mirage Knight would not joke about it. Moreover, Peter didn’t know that Mirage Knight was Lin Rui, so he certainly thought that Lin Rui standing in front of him as Mirage Knight only regarded Norman Osborn as a target to be solved.

“Really?” Although he believed in Lin Rui, Peter still couldn’t help but ask more.

“The source of the information is very reliable. Of course, we can also verify it in person.” Nodding, Lin Rui replied. Lin Rui also hopes that Green Goblin is not Norman Osborn, so he has little scruples. But such an idea should be naive.

“Mirage Knight, do you know about my friendship with Harry Osborn?” Getting a positive answer, Peter suddenly asked Lin Rui. Peter just found out that Mirage Knight’s tone is a bit odd. He seems to be hesitating and not sure of himself and not as determined as he used to be when dealing with the New York underground underworld or the Vampire problem.

“Yes, I know that you and Harry Osborn are good friends. So, we can try to solve the problem named Norman Osborn in a way that does not hurt your friend or your friendship.” Since Peter already guessed it, Lin Rui did not hide it.

“That’s it! Like the last time we dealt with Dr. Connors, we could solve this problem before Norman did more harm! ” Peter squeezed his fist hard and said earnestly.

“Well, this is why I didn’t inform Daredevil and Jack.” Nodding, Lin Rui was originally prepared for this.

“However, why did Norman attacked those people? Also, where did his equipment come from? Oscorp doesn’t seem to have such advanced equipment.” Knowing that Mirage Knight had the same thoughts as himself, Peter was relieved. Then he raised another question that is bugging him.

“Norman Osborn seems to be in a very unstable situation because of his previous illness. And he has injected himself with a gene serum that has not been researched successfully to cure his illness, so it has become like this. As for his high Technology equipment, they should be the test products that Oscorp Industries has never published. After all, Oscorp is also a super large group.” Lin Rui gave a reasonable answer to Peter’s question.

“Gene serum? Was it the one that Dr. Connors had researched before?!” Hearing Lin Rui’s answer, Peter asked in surprise.

“Yes, it’s that gene serum. Although we know that Dr. Connors has destroyed all the remaining serum and its formula, Norman Osborn apparently got a sample and the required formula to make the gene serum before.

Damn it! Dr. Connors and I are on the verge of success. Now clinical trials have been carried out in medium-sized mammals, and human trials will soon be carried out! Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Peter said helplessly.

“Well, we can’t change how he turned out to be like this. The key now is to stop the attacks that he may continue to launch next.” Moving the computer on the desk to Peter’s face, Lin Rui went on to say, “From the crowd that Norman Osborn attacked last time, it seems that he was targeting some upper-class people in New York City. I think they should belong to Oscorp’s rival companies.

“You’re right. The banquet was hosted by the director of Weiss Group, one of Oscorp’s biggest rival. Although I don’t know why Norman is behaving like this, he seems to be venting his anger on these rival companies.” Just after Lin Rui said that, Peter had found some information about the attacker on the Internet, which just confirmed Lin Rui’s analysis.

“It seems that if we don’t solve Norman Osborn before he starts his madness again, then we can only pay attention to the competitors of Oscorp Industries.” After rubbing his eyebrows, Lin Rui has only such a plan for the time being.

Faced with such a villain, Lin Rui did not know how to solve the problem. According to Norman’s mentality, it seems that death would be the only way to safely do this, but he is Harry’s father! Even though Harry would never know that his father had died because of his two good friends, Lin Rui might never be able to face Harry and get along with him as well as he is now.

“I’ll pay attention to Norman when I go to Harry’s house and see if I can confirm Norman’s situation. Maybe we would be able to solve the problem easily.” While searching for relevant information on the computer, Peter said quickly.

‘I can only hope so’, Lin Rui thought in silence. In fact, Lin Rui knows what Peter meant. If Norman Osborn is determined to be aggressive because he got mutated by injecting the gene serum, they can give him an antidote just like they did with Dr. Connors before. However, Lin Rui knows that Green Goblin does not exist only because of the gene serum, but also because of the brutal personality in Norman’s body.

Then Lin Rui and Peter worked out more detailed plans for the next action at the base, trying to stop Norman before he hurt someone again.


It’s been three days since Norman in the avatar of Green Goblin had attacked a party, and for the next three days, Lin Rui and Peter have been following the itineraries of the executives of companies competing with Oscorp Industries in New York. All in all, these three days have been quiet. Today, it’s Harry’s day to invite Lin Rui and Peter to his home. Harry wants to officially introduce his two good friends to his father.

Getting dressed up early at home, Lin Rui needed to wear something a little more formal as he is going to meet with Harry’s father. Although Norman is their target, he is also Harry’s father. Lin Rui was ready by the time Harry sent the car to the door of his house.

“Jackson, be more respectful when you meet Mr. Norman. You’re an adult now.” Before Lin Rui went out, Lin Hai told him.

“I know, Dad. I am just going to see Harry’s father and not to apply for a job.” Nodding, Lin Rui answered somewhat helplessly.

“Oh, yes. After all, you’re so familiar with Mr. Stark that you won’t be able to speak without encountering an influential figure.” Lin Hai smiled at his son’s words. For his son, Lin Hai has slowly accepted all kinds of weird high-level communication networks. Perhaps this is the destiny of some people.

“Then I’m going. The car is waiting.” Finally, after straightening his clothes, Lin Rui has stepped out of the house.

“Well, don’t let me hold you back.” Lin Hai waved his hand and said with a smile.

Then Lin Rui strode out of the yard and went to Harry’s car that had come here to pick him up. On the other side, Peter was already there. Unlike Lin Rui’s light suit, Peter quietly wears his Spiderman suit inside his clothes.

Almost forty minutes later, Lin Rui and Peter finally reached Harry’s home and arrived in front of the gate of an luxury house in downtown New York. Led by a waiter at the door, Lin Rui and Peter entered the house unobstructed.

“Hey! Jackson! Peter!” Soon, Harry greeted them in the house.

Call ~

Laughing and embracing Lin Rui and Peter separately, Harry was very happy. Harry had no friends at all, mostly under Norman Osborn’s strict education. Lin Rui and Peter were the only two friends that he really knew. Today, Harry is very happy that he can introduce these two excellent friends to his father. Moreover, Harry has not yet told Norman about Gwen, and he intends to introduce Gwen to his father after this meeting so that Lin Rui and Peter can help to say something good about her.

“Haha, Harry, you look so happy!” Lin Rui said with a smile.

“Of course, I’m glad to introduce my two excellent friends to my father.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Harry smiled and answered, “Come on, my father can’t wait to see you, and he’s glad that I am bringing my friends to see him.”

“Well, we don’t want Mr. Norman to wait for us.” Peter laughed and said. However, compared with Lin Rui’s natural look, Peter’s body is a little tightened.

“Hey! Peter, relax! My father won’t eat you, and he won’t mind waiting for a while.” Noticing Peter’s nervousness, Harry said with a laugh.

“Ha-ha, you’re acting like a soon to be bride coming to meet her inlaws for the first time!” To alleviate Peter’s embarrassment, Lin Rui joked around.

“Speaking of my parents, Gwen and I need your help. I haven’t told my father about Gwen and me yet…”

Then, under the leadership of Harry, Lin Rui and Peter walked step by step into the room where Norman Osborn was.


“Father, Jackson and Peter are here.” Following Harry into a simply decorated hall, they saw Harry said to a middle-aged man sitting on the sofa in front of him.

Call ~

Under the gaze of Lin Rui and Peter, the middle-aged man slowly got up from the couch and turned to face them.

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