Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 145

Heroes of Marvel 145 Goal That Is Hard To Start

Booming ~ call ~

In Queens, New York, Lin Rui rushed home in a luxury sports car and stopped in front of his house. Lin Rui, who was in a hurry, drove a car directly from Tony’s garage. Tony now flies almost everywhere. So many luxury cars in the garage are furnished, so him being driving them out is routine maintenance.

“Hey! Jackson! I heard that you went to New Mexico. How was the scenery there?” Lin Rui just got out of the car and was seen by his neighbor. He greeted Lin Rui warmly.

Neither did Lin Rui’s parents inadvertently disclose it, nor did they discover it by themselves. The Neighbours near Lin Rui’s house seem to know that Lin Rui has something to do with the famous Tony Stark. They heard that Mr. Stark appreciated the Lin family very much. Last time he came to look for him, he bought the garage two blocks away directly. Lin Rui returned from his trip to New Mexico and drove back in a fantastic limited-range sports car, which enabled his neighbors to believe that Lin Rui has somewhat of a strong relationship with Tony Stark.

“Hello, Mr. McKay. The scenery of New Mexico was very good. I suggest that your family choose to travel there as well.” As he politely greeted the neighbor, Lin Rui walked quickly towards his home.

“Haha, I will!” Laughing as Lin Rui walked into his yard, the neighbor answered back.

Call ~

Quickly rushing into his room and throwing his luggage in the corner of the room. Lin Rui took out the mobile phone that belongs to Mirage Knight from the drawer under the table. Because his trip to New Mexico was also considered a regular trip, and he would not be in New York. Even if something happened here, he couldn’t get involved, so he didn’t take the cell phone with him when he left.

“Hey! Spiderman, how have you been? I’m back.” He dialed Peter directly as he wanted to talk to him about Green Goblin.

“… I also heard about the guy wearing the green devil mask. I called because of him… Okay, let’s meet at the base at night. After a brief chat with Peter, Lin Rui made an appointment with him to go to the Guardian Base for a detailed discussion at night.

After contacting Peter, Lin Rui took out his own cell phone and dialed a number again, this time for Harry. Since Green Goblin was Harry’s father this time, Lin Rui thought it might be better to prepare Harry first. Perhaps if Harry knew that Green Goblin was his father, maybe he could help Norman Osborn to recover to a normal person.

Lin Rui remembers that in the original plot, Norman Osborn seemed to be transformed into Green Goblin because of a violent demonic personality created by schizophrenia. If Harry had known what his father had done early and stopped it, Norman Osborn might have suppressed the brutal personality in his body because of his son. Sometimes the power of family will prevail over everything.

“Hey! Jackson, I haven’t heard your voice in a long time. How was your life in New Mexico? Is the study of astronomy very boring?” The phone just turned on and Harry’s voice came over.

Listening to Harry’s tone, he seemed to be in a good mood, the company’s business has basically stabilized, and Harry is now working to adjust Oscorp’s future direction. Once Tony’s micro Arc Reactor is fully integrated into the energy market, Oscorp will also need to respond.

“Well, actually I’ve come back, and I’m at home now. Something happened to the research team in New Mexico, and the research ended ahead of time.” Simply answering Harry’s words, Lin Rui continued, “Harry, how have you been lately? How is your father?”

“Haha, thank you for your concern. I am very good, my father is also very good. He has already got out of bed two days ago, and now he can work normally. My father returned to the company and my life got a lot easier.” Harry’s laughter came from the other end of the phone, apparently happy with Norman Osborn’s improvement.

Harry feels that he must have had a lot of good luck recently. The company’s internal problems have been solved and now the company is gradually on the right track. His relationship with Gwen was also stable. He also went to Gwen’s house to meet h parents. Police Captain George was quite satisfied with Harry. Although Harry feels that after being recovered his father’s personality seems to have changed, such as irritability and anger, Harry feels that this is normal and that anyone who lies in bed in pain for several months will be mentally disturbed. Harry felt that as long as he waits patiently, his father would return to what he used to be.

“Is that right? I’m glad to hear that. By the way, I haven’t visited Mr. Norman yet. Since your father is recovered now, I think Peter and I should come and visit him.” Lin Rui’s tone remained unchanged as he suggested this. Lin Rui has never seen Norman Osborn. If Norman can be solved under normal circumstances, Lin Rui will certainly not choose to fight him.

“That’s good! I’ll tell my father that you’ll come with Peter. I think my father will like it.” Harry responded happily to Lin Rui’s words.

In fact, Harry wanted to introduce Lin Rui to his father for a long time, but Norman had been ill in bed before. Now that he has recovered, Harry must introduce his new good friend to his father. Peter had known Norman before, but he had only met a few times and was not familiar with him.

“Well, that’s settled. I’ll be looking forward to meeting Mr. Norman.” Say this to Harry, Lin Rui is a little relieved. At least from Harry’s words, Lin Rui knows that Norman Osborn is not completely mad, otherwise, Harry would not be so happy.

“I’ll see you at my house next time.”

After making an appointment with Harry, Lin Rui hung up. Lin Rui had to find a good solution to deal with Green Goblin. Like the last time with Dr. Connors and how he was dealt with, Lin Rui wanted to nip the threat behind him in the cradle. But now Lin Rui has a big problem, that is, his Reward Points. Hundreds of Reward points can’t do anything for today’s Lin Rui, he can now only count on Tony’s mainline quest to be completed as soon as possible.


Soon, as night fell, Lin Rui arrived at the Guardian Base early. Lin Rui did not intend to involve Daredevil and Jack in the fight against Green Goblin because, after all, it was the father of their good friend Harry. If the two sides fight, all kinds of attacks will be used and a fired bullet has no sight, no matter which side is injured Lin Rui will not be better. So he decided to solve the problem with Spiderman. Of course, Lin Rui wants Peter to know that green goblin is Harry’s father.

“Hey! Mirage Knight, last time I heard you want to retreat, I thought it would be a long time before I saw you. Unexpectedly, only a week has passed and you came back.” Lin Rui did not wait long in the base, and Peter came in from outside. Obviously, Peter had also read some cultivation Chinese novels where the protagonist will go in closed-door cultivation and will come out years later and kill all of his enemies.

“There was an accident, the retreat ended early. Not to mention me, how much do you know about the new York New bad Guy with a green demon mask?” Giving a simple explained, Lin Rui began to ask about Green Goblin.

“Well, I don’t really know much about him. I was late when he attacked the party and couldn’t meet him head-on. However, from the scene and the description of those survivors, he should be using a brutal element armed machine with many high-tech pieces of equipment.” Sitting down on his sofa, Peter said slowly, “I tried to track him, but I didn’t get much. This fellow’s flying gear is fast, at least faster than I’m swinging around the building with spider silk.”

“Peter, in fact, I came early this time because of this fellow.” Looking at Peter, Lin Rui suddenly called his name. Although Peter has exposed himself to Lin Rui for a long time, Lin Rui usually does not call him by his name and has always been calling him Spiderman.

“Eh? What’s up? Did you find anything?” Sharply aware of Lin Rui’s strange tone, Peter asked curiously.

“I already know who the man wearing the green devil mask is.” Nodded, Lin Rui answered earnestly.


“Norman, Norman Osborn.”

Peter: “What?!”

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