Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 144

Heroes of Marvel 144 90 Year Old Veteran

Just when Lin Rui woke up from Tony’s luxury villa and saw the news about Green Goblin on TV, Tony was at the headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D., he was invited by Nick Fury. Nick’s reason for inviting Tony was to thank Tony for his action in New Mexico yesterday, not only to protect civilians, but also to keep S.H.I.E.L.D. from making a fool of themselves. Of course, the real reason did not come out until Tony arrived at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and Nick personally received him in his office.

“Director Nick, I don’t know where you got this guy, but I really quite like him.” Looking at the soldier in front of him, who had a good face and a strong figure, Tony said to Nick Fury, who was beside him. If Nick finds him just to let him meet a Captain America possie, he really feels that Nick’s brain must have been damaged.

Yes, the soldier standing in front of Tony looks exactly what every American is familiar with: Captain America. But he has to say that this Cos-player should be at the top level. The soldier’s appearance, temperament, eyes, and stature are no different from that of Captain America in history.

Captain America is so famous and has a high reputation in the United States, in addition to his heroic behavior during the war, many of the precious video files he left behind are also one of the reasons. A hero wants to be remembered by the world. What is indispensable is propaganda and what he has left for future generations and Captain America had done these things. Therefore, among the heroes of wartime, only Captain America has achieved the achievement of becoming a national idol.

“He’s not a cos-player, He is Captain Rogers.” Guessing Tony’s performance, Nick said with a smile, and the latter remark was obviously addressed to the soldier.

“Tony Stark, son of Howard Stark. I didn’t expect Howard, who was so romantic at the beginning, to find his true love. He must be very happy when he was old.” Just after Nick called Rogers, the soldier looked at Tony and suddenly said, “And I’m sorry that Howard died. He was a great scientist.”

As Nick has just said, this soldier is not Captain America’s cos-player, but the real Captain America Steve Rogers. In fact, Nick Fury had already found the frozen Steve a few months ago, but in order to make Steve slowly adapt to modern life, Nick has been arranging some tactics for him fighting against terrorists these days, using Steve’s most familiar way to make him better accept to the modern life. After all, he was an old man who had been under the ice for seventy years.

The most important part of Nick’s Avengers plan is Captain Rogers. The soldier with the most perfect character, the most Just belief, and the idol role of other Avengers members, who made him an indispensable leader in Nick’s formation of the Avengers. And after Nick repeatedly failer to recruit Tony, he had to take out Rogers.

“How much do you know about my father? And who asked you to speak to me in that tone?” Tony, who had a relaxed face, heard Steve Rogers’ words and like a cat whose tail has been stepped on suddenly got angry and shouted at Captain Rogers.

Tony, who has always enjoyed his life, has always had a sadness that cannot be filled. That is the tragic death of his parents. As Captain Rogers said, Howard Stark’s original disposition was no worse than Tony’s. In his forties, he found true love, the mother of Tony. Then in the fifties, he and his wife had Tony, so Howard was very fond of Tony. This also led to Tony’s being still small when Tony’s parents died unexpectedly. This forever left a pain in his heart. So, when Steve Rogers mentioned his father, Tony blew directly.

“My name is Steve Rogers. As for how I know your father, I worked with him for a while, and he helped me a lot during the war. It can be said that without Howard Stark, there would have been no wartime victory for me.” In the face of Tony’s question, Rogers did not care, but seriously introduced himself, “So, I should still be a person who knows your father better, we were friends at the time.”

“Steve Rogers? Ha-ha, it’s really very similar. Nick, you want me to believe that a man who has been dead for seventy years is standing in front of me right now. Even if Captain America was not dead, he should be ninety by now. If you want someone to play Captain America, you should find an old man.” In front of Steve’s calm reply, Tony slowly regained his mood, and then said to Nick, who was watching the play.

Steve’s eyebrows jumped when he heard Tony say he was a 90-year-old man. Although his body remained in his early twenties during the ice-bound days, Steve still had to accept the fact that he was almost ninety. A man who is old enough be someone’s grandfather wakes up one day at a young age, of course, no one is going to be happy about it.

“Tony, there is no evidence in history that Captain Rogers is dead, but he was missing. And I found Captain Rogers some time ago frozen in Ice, so he had remained at the age where he went missing.” Facing Tony’s disdainful tone, Nick had to explain.

“Oh, so it’s that simple to stay young, I think all the richest people in the world are going to go crazy over this.” Tony obviously didn’t believe Nick’s explanation. Being frozen for seventy years, and finally waking up like a normal person, this kind of thing seems impossible to Tony.

“That’s because Captain Roger had the super-soldier serum in his body. This serum makes Captain Roger far better than any ordinary person, so he was able to live under the ice.” To convince Tony that Roger was the real Captain America, Nick had to patiently continue explaining.

“Super Soldier Serum? That is the only thing that was perfect in Captain America?” Tony took it seriously when he heard Director Nick’s words. If Captain America had not died under the ice, he might have been alive because of the super soldier’s serum.

“Yes, Captain Roger is the perfect super-soldier. It can be said that the super-soldier serum was tailor-made for Roger.” Nick added. “Now do you believe that he is Captain America?”

“Even if he’s Captain America, he’s just a ninety-year-old soldier out of touch with the times. Nick, what on earth did I come here for?” Now that Nick’s talking about it, Tony’s questioning is not interesting. Anyway, if he wants to really test it, he can take Steve’s blood sample and do a test, Nick won’t fool himself about it.

“Mr. Stark, I am only twenty-seven. And, I was a friend with your father. Shouldn’t you respect me a little?” Steve, standing beside him, finally couldn’t stand Tony’s 90-year-old comment. Even if he had been frozen for seventy years, he was only eighty-seven now.

“Oh, is it necessary to take the age of the people?” Faced with Steve’s discomfort, Tony made no progress to correct himself.

Hey! You two, I didn’t let you meet to see you bickering!” Just as the gunpowder odor between Tony and Captain gradually escalated, Director Nick stepped in in in time.

“Tony, I asked you to come over mainly to let you know about Captain Roger. You know that I have been forming the Avengers, and Captain Roger will be a very important member of this team. If you are willing to join, I hope that you can cooperate with each other.” Turning around, Nick still wants to bring Tony in.

“I’ve been thinking about this, but I don’t think we’ll be able to cooperate further for the time being until you have completely solved the problem I mentioned last time.” Taking two steps back and sitting on the chair. Tony responds faintly.

In fact, after Nick’s long talk, Tony is almost ready to agree. After all, although Nick was planning to use his father’s legacy as leverage but Nick’s original intention of forming the Avengers was in line with Tony’s ideas. But Tony has always remembered what Mirage Knight said to himself before. S.H.I.E.L.D. has a lot of hidden trouble in it. Tony does not want to join the Avengers only to get stabbed in the back.

“Well, I have been secretly investigating the incident. There are already some clues.” Somewhat helpless, Nick had to accept Tony’s excuse. Moreover, he did notice the discord within S.H.I.E.L.D., and he was digging out the rats bit by bit.

“That’s all right. I’ll go back first. There’s something else I need to do at home.” J.A.R.V.I.S. has just notified Tony that Lin Rui is awake, and he has something to say to Lin Rui.

“Well, Tony, there’s one more thing you can do for me.” Just as Tony turned to leave, Nick stopped him.

“What’s up?”

“I want you to help Captain Roger adapt to modern life a bit faster. You know, even the top soldiers need to relax and rest.”

“Me? You’re asking me to take Captain America to relax? Adapt to modern life?” It seems that he heard something funny and Tony asked in a strange tone.

“It’s also to let you two get to know each other better.” Nick knows that Tony will have this reaction, but he continues to insist. As for Steve, he promised before, but he didn’t know that Tony would be such a person.

“Well, I’d be happy to bring this 90-year-old soldier back to modern times. But I’m leaving now and I’ll contact you again.” Tony, who wanted to refuse, seemed to think of something and suddenly agreed.

Then Tony turned and waved and strode out of the room, leaving behind Steve and Nick with a helpless face.

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