Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 143

Heroes of Marvel 143 Green Goblin

“Mom, I know. I’m very good here with Mr. Stark. Dr. Erik’s research is temporarily over, and Mr. Stark has just had an experiment here, so I came directly to help. I’ll be home in a few days when I’m not busy. Don’t worry about it.” Lying in bed, Lin Rui, who is awake, is talking to his mother on the phone.

Lin Rui’s parents are still confused about Lin Rui’s sudden return from New Mexico, but instead of returning home, Tony notifies them about him. But that’s Tony Stark. There’s no reason why they don’t believe what he says. Moreover, Lin Rui woke up after a whole day’s sleep, which put a big relief to his parent’s worries.

“Well, then you have to study hard with Mr. Stark. This is a good opportunity. If you are busy with the experiment, you don’t have to hurry to come back home, finish the experiment first. Anyway, It doesn’t make any difference whether you are at home or not.” On the other end of the phone came Lin Rui’s father Lin Hai’s voice. Compared with his mother’s worries about his son, his father clearly felt that this was a good opportunity to learn.

“I see! I’m going to hang up.” With a grin, Lin Rui knew that his Dad would say that.

“Well, what do you need to call home again?” He sighed and hangs up.

Call ~

“Sure enough, they are my parents all right!” Lin Rui threw the phone to the bedside and snorted.

After a whole day of resting, Lin Rui finally woke up from a deep sleep. The unstable consciousness is almost recovered, and Lin Rui has an unexpected discovery. That is, there are still many remnants of the effect of Advanced Spirit Fruit. Obviously, Lin Rui did not completely explode with the effect of Spirit Fruit at that time. Fortunately, there were still some residues, otherwise Lin Rui could not have easily recovered.

As his conscious body slowly recovers, the remanent power of the Spirit Fruit also helps Lin Rui, so he was able to repair his damaged conscious body in one day and even have some growth, it’s a blessing in disguise. As his consciousness increased, Lin Rui felt more sensitive to the world.

Although it’s impossible for the conscious body to break away from the sea of consciousness and control the whole body like when Spirit Fruit was used out two days ago, Lin Rui’s perception did increase a lot. He believed that sooner or later, his consciousness could reach the strength to drive away the thunderstorm.

Because of the high nutrient content that Dr. Weiss gave to Lin Rui, Lin Rui’s injuries after he woke up were almost gone and he was as good as new, and there was no physical weakness because his brain consumed too much energy. However, in order to recover to his peak state, Lin Rui will slowly refine the consumed internal energy. Now he is just a slightly better person with better physical quality than ordinary people.

“Huu~J.A.R.V.I.S, is Mr. Stark not here?” Pulling the needle from his hand, Lin Rui climbed down from the bed. After lying for so long, he needs some exercise.

“Mr. Stark went out earlier today. If you need anything, you can tell me directly.” J.A.R.V.I.S quickly answered Lin Rui’s question.

“Well, nothing, but I’m hungry now. Is there anything to eat in the kitchen?” Since Tony is not here, Lin Rui has nothing to say to J.A.R.V.I.S., but he is really hungry.

“There are some ingredients in the kitchen. Do you need a chef? I can call Mr. Stark’s private chef.” J.A.R.V.I.S. gave a very thoughtful suggestion.

“Uh ~No, I’ll make it myself if I have any ingredients.” Shifting his hand, Lin Rui refused J.A.R.V.I.S. Lin Rui doesn’t want to be so troublesome to others, and he doesn’t want other people to know about his relationship with Tony.

Then, Lin Rui took a clean set of clothes from his suitcase and walked into the washroom. In order to ensure that Lin Rui had a good rest here, Tony didn’t even have Pepper over, and it was even more impossible for someone to change clothes for Lin Rui.

An hour later, using ingredients from Tony’s kitchen, Lin Rui sat in a chair in the lobby and began to eat.

“J.A.R.V.I.S., turn on the TV and see if something big has happened to New York recently.” While eating his own meal, Lin Rui said to J.A.R.V.I.S. He really doesn’t think of himself as an outsider now. Lin Rui also guessed that Tony might have found something extraordinary in him. Now that Tony acquiesced, Lin Rui has nothing to hide.

“Yes, sir.”


With a promise, the huge screen TV in the lobby has been turned on by J.A.R.V.I.S. and automatically tuned to the real-time news channel. J.A.R.V.I.S. heard Lin Rui’s words, he wanted to see what had happened to New York recently.

“Senator Kelly reiterated the importance of Mutant Registration Bill, urging all Mutants in the United States to register…” The first news is about Mutants. A member of Parliament on TV is still talking about Mutants Registration.

“Mutant Registration Bill” has been in existence for several years, but it has not achieved the effect of wanting to control all Mutants, but it has also aroused some of the dissatisfaction of Mutants. There are Mutants who are willing to go to Registration, but they are not many. And those Mutants went to register themselves because their mutation is not suitable for their life or the lives of people around them. After the Registration, they can get gene Suppresser serum for free of charge, so that they can live a life like a normal person.

But even those Mutants who have injected the variant gene Gene Suppresser serum will not really be able to live the same life as ordinary people, because they are all Registered with the government, and others will always have opinions on them. This situation has also led to fewer and less Mutants willing to go to the Registration, and the support of this Bill can only be called over and over again, but the effect is minimal.

“Boring…” Looking at the speech of the member of the parliament on the TV, Lin Rui rolled his eyes and said.

“Mutants Registration Bill” sounds good to help all Mutants, but it’s just a kind of rigid control for those who can’t be controlled by the upper class. Once the Registration is completed, Mutants’information is under the control of the government, and they have numerous ways to deal with people they already know.

So even the superheroes type mutants represented by Professor Charles are not so supportive of the Mutants Registration Bill, let alone other Mutants forces that hate the government to their bones. Among them, Magneto’s Mutants Brotherhood is the most resistant to this act and they have acted more than once to put a stop to this Mutant Registration Bill. Now, although most of them were blocked by the police, they always succeeded, so Mutants had been a thorn in the eyes of high-level people. This also prevented Professor Charles and Magneto from sitting down and talking. After all, they had different ideas and pursuits.

“Breaking News: Just half an hour ago, there was a malicious attack in a hotel in New York Manhattan. According to those who attended the banquet, the attacker was a man wearing a green mask and driving special flying props. Here, we hope that the general audience will pay attention to safety, once found… ” Just as Senator Kelly was talking nonsense on TV, the picture suddenly changed and an instant news broadcast began.

“Malicious attacks? Wearing green masks and flying props?! Green Goblin!” Seeing the live footage on TV shows the damage caused by the attack, as well as reports from reporters in front of the scene, Lin Rui’s eyes suddenly widened.

The emergence of Green Goblin was unexpected by Lin Rui. Dr. Connors clearly no longer studied the mutated gene serum. The experimental data were destroyed. Lin Rui thought Green Goblin would not appear. After all, Lin Rui doesn’t know how the world’s Spiderman plot will evolve. He can only hope that everything will be okay. But the reality is obviously not what Lin Rui thought, Green Goblin still appeared.

“This is awful, I hope I can find a way to solve this problem in a peaceful way.” Looking at the bombed hotel on TV, Lin Rui frowned and said to himself.

Green Goblin is more than just a super-criminal, he is also Harry’s father. If Lin Rui kills Norman, then Harry will not feel good after he knows himself or Spiderman’s identity. Lin Rui doesn’t want this to happen.

“J.A.R.V.I.S! You can tell Mr. Stark that I left early.” Quickly packing up the tableware, Lin Rui had already run outside. He has to contact Spiderman quickly and the Green Goblin must be handled with care.

“Understood, Mr. Jackson.”


Chapter 143 Green Goblin

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