Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 142

Heroes of Marvel 142 The Hope Of System Resurrection

Just because Lin Rui touched Mjölnir, he spent all of his Reward points and lost the system, ate the Advanced Spirit Fruit, and finally got back his life and was lying in bed at the time of suffering from side effects. In New York City, In the Osborn family’s manor, Norman Osborn, who had been lying in bed for a few months, finally decided to inject himself with the incomplete Recovery serum.

Dr. Connors had two different voices in his brain after injecting the gene serum. Norman Osborn knew from the beginning that he had another personality in his mind, a cruel personality completely different from his main personality. Norman Osborn, however, did not suppress the brutal personality. Instead, he slowly grew stronger and finally almost assimilated Norman’s normal personality. And that brutal personality has been urging Norman to inject himself with the gene serum quickly so that he can be released.

“Ah!~~” As the green gene serum was injected into the body, Norman Osborn let out a comfortable growl.

As the gene serum came into play quickly, another personality in Norman’s mind completely overwhelmed his original personality, and his clear eyes were covered with a pale green color. Neither Norman nor his assistant who injected him with the gene serum found a strange dark shadow near Norman’s bed. The dark shadows grew more and more somber with Norman’s body’s recovery and the awakening of his brutal personality. Finally, the dark shadow slowly disappeared into Norman’s shadow, as if it had merged into it.

“Hahaha!…hahaha!” When Norman succeeded in recovering from the gene serum and from his illness, the brutal personality in his mind gave off a wild laugh. Gradually, laughter came out of Norman’s mouth that scared his assistant out.

Although the gene serum injected by Norman Osborn was not the kind of serum that Dr. Connors had originally developed that could be mutated into a large lizard, after some modifications to remove some of the side effects of the mutation, the gene serum is still very strong for the human body. Now Norman Osborn is not a person who is afflicted with genetic diseases, but a demon who has super strength and is mental.

“The world needs people like us. It’s time for a big cleansing! To lead all those lost souls to greatness!” The voice in Norman’s mind became clearer as he frightened his assistant away. He repeatedly confused Norman, who had lost himself, with words. As for what he is shouting, no one knows.


Finally, listening to the voice in his mind, Norman Osborn went to the corner of the room and quickly opened the door to the secret room. Then Norman slowly walked down.


“System! System! Are you still alive? Speak if you are here!” Lin Rui, lying on the bed in Tony’s deluxe room, was sleeping, but his sea of ​​consciousness was always active, and he was calling the system when he fell asleep.

At this time, only Lin Rui stood alone in the center of the empty sea of consciousness, his consciousness was still somewhat unstable, which was the consequences of the momentary force of Advanced Spirit Fruit. Lin Rui needs to slowly adjust his consciousness to allow it to recover to normal conditions so that he can wake up in good condition.

However, without the help of the system, Lin Rui can only endure the slow recovery speed of the conscious body, and he does not know what to do to speed up his recovery. But what the system seems to have done to save him before it was evaporated by the force of thunder has now completely disappeared. Lin Rui can feel that there is no existence of any system in his sea of consciousness.

“It seems that you really disappeared. I slowly realized your existence, but you have disappeared.” Looking at the empty sea of consciousness, Lin Rui was depressed.

From the three hidden quests that the system released instantly in order to save him, and the time that it delayed the release of hidden quests by the main system, Lin Rui finally knew what kind of system existed in his body. If the main system in Lin Rui’s mind is a super-intelligent system, then the system growing up with him is a bug product born out of the main system.

The system that grew up with Lin Rui could affect some of the main system’s operations, but certainly at a cost. At the same time, it can not interfere with the mainline quest issued by the main system, but it can give Lin Rui some obscure reminders. It can publish its own quests that are classified as hidden quests, thereby giving some reward points to Lin Rui. It can appear in Lin Rui’s mind at any time to talk to him and guide him to the next step. Most of the time, the system’s motive is to make Lin Rui change Marvel World’s plot dramatically, although Lin Rui doesn’t know why.

In fact, with the emergence of the main system and the mainline quest, Lin Rui has some guesses about the system that accompanied him, and its disappearance seems to confirm Lin Rui’s guess. It is a bug, a bug that is not recognized by the main system. When it wants a stronger line to work against the main system, it pays for it with his own existence.

The main system doesn’t care about the life or death of the host, just like when Lin Rui almost died by Mjolnir, the main system just triggered a hidden quest without any other help. Because it’s totally detached from the world, and it doesn’t need to care about a person who is still growing up.

But the system with its own consciousness is different. It can only exist in the sea of ​​Lin Rui’s consciousness. Once Lin Rui dies, it would cease to exist. Therefore, It would rather risk the danger that It will never be there. The system still decided to save Lin Rui. Of course, this is something that Lin Rui doesn’t know for sure. He just guessed the possible identity of the system.

“I really owe you, but how can I get you back? I don’t have a clue!” Lin Rui remembers the system yelling at himself before it disappeared, but he simply didn’t know how to revive it.

“Can you give me some hints?”  Calling out to the empty sea of consciousness, Lin Rui was not used to the absence of a system.

“Call out System Shop.” Without any response, Lin Rui finally had to find a way out of System Shop.


Soon, the System Shop appeared before Lin Rui without wasting any time. The disappearance of the system does not affect any function of the main system. The use of System Shop and Reward points is not a problem. But there is no quick query function. It seems that it is the system’s convenience to Lin Rui. However, Lin Rui found that there was an extra line of small words in the column of how to use his Reward point.

“Reward points sacrifice? When the goods in System Shop do not meet the requirements of the host, Reward Point Sacrifice can be performed. The host can make System Shop meet your requirements by sacrificing Reward Points.” Soon, Lin Rui could see what the extra line was.

“Sacrifice! This System Shop sure is powerful! There are ways to create something that doesn’t exist!” After understanding the meaning of the small line, Lin Rui was really shocked. The meaning of this sentence is actually telling Lin Rui that he can resurrect the system by offering reward points.

Lin Rui has already seen many times how powerful the System Shop is. As long as you have enough Reward points, everything can really be converted. But after all, the system is not a general item, it is born out of a bug in the main system, He did not expect System Shop to be able to revive it in this way. Isn’t this create bugs for themselves?!

In fact, Lin Rui does not know, in general, the main system does not allow System Shop to make bugs. But before the bug system got a lot of Reward points from Lin Rui, it wasn’t that It didn’t do anything with them. It had expected that It might disappear one day. The system had already left a backdoor in the System Shop. As long as it dies and Lin Rui is still alive, there will be an option in the System Shop to resurrect itself. In other words, the system has long left a bug in the System Shop, just under the eyes of the main system.

Now, as long as Lin Rui continues to sacrifice enough Reward points, the system will be revived one day sooner or later. However, the number of sacrifices will be an astronomical number. Lin Rui is now poor and only have a few hundred Reward points left, it is a drop in the bucket for what he needs. However, as long as there is hope, Lin Rui will not give up. At this point, Lin Rui stayed in Tony’s luxury villa to recover and waited for another main line quest to be completed.


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