Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 141

Heroes of Marvel 141 Lethargic Sleep And Tony’s Thoughts

New York, In a private seaside villa, Tony has returned to New York with Lin Rui and is still awake. Tony also senses that Lin Rui does not seem to have fallen asleep as usual. So Tony asked Happy to take Lin Rui to the guest room and call Dr. Weiss over.

After careful examination by Dr. Weiss, he felt that Lin Rui seemed to be caught in a deep sense of self-protection. Because Dr. Weiss found that Lin Rui’s brain activity was very intense, but his body was very weak, and over time, Lin Rui’s body was becoming weaker and paler. Although he doesn’t know what this is, Dr. Weiss decided to add the necessary nutrients to Lin Rui, so that his condition can gradually be stabilized.

“Dr. Weiss, how is he? Was he injured? He was struck by lightning before, and then woke up by himself. The doctors who had treated him before thought it was a miracle. Now he is not going into that condition again, is he?” Seeing Doctor Weiss starting to pack up, Tony asked with some concern.

“Struck by lightning?! This is strange. I didn’t see the marks that are usually left on lightning struck bodies on him. But his body is really weak now, and he is constantly consuming his own energy to supply the brain. I have to give him constant energy doses to keep him in his current state, but I don’t know how long it will last. In a nutshell, this should be a self-recovery mechanism of the body. It may take him until his brain activity is no longer so intense to recover slowly.” After sorting out his own examination of Lin Rui, Dr. Weiss responded seriously.

“Does the body consume energy for the brain? Is there something wrong with his head?” Tony had some doubts when he heard Dr. Weiss’s answer. He had never heard of this before, but it seems that this explanation is also possible.

“I can’t do a deep analysis without any instrument, so I can’t tell you if there’s really something wrong with his head, but the subconscious activities of his brain is very intense, far more than the activity level of ordinary people. If I wasn’t sure that he is in a comatose state now, I might think that he is doing an intense mental exercise. But the human brain itself is a mysterious place, and there are many things that are still unclear about it.” Shaking his head, Dr. Weiss could not fully understand the situation of his patient.

“However, even though his body is very weak now. But for a developing teenager, his muscles and bones are very well developed. It is no exaggeration to say that his skeletal density and muscle toughness is at least five times higher than those of ordinary people. Of course, this is my own estimate and it may not be very accurate.” After talking about Lin Rui’s mind activities and its problems, Dr. Weiss told Tony about another discovery that he made during the examination of Lin Rui’s body. Because Dr. Weiss also knew that this young man was certainly not a normal person if he caused Tony Stark to be so worried for him, so he did not ask too much about his identity.

“More than five times the average person?” Tony’s eyes flashed when he heard Dr. Weiss’s words.

“Yes, but his genes are normal. He is not a Mutant and this is not an effect of any kind of biochemical process, so I think he may just be a well developing young man.” In response to Tony’s question, Dr. Weiss answered with one more sentence. Because Tony’s testing equipment here is very complete, Dr. Weiss made a test after discovering the condition of Lin Rui’s body. The test results showed that everything was normal. However, everything that is normal is showing an abnormal performance.

“Dr. Weiss, all the examinations that you have done on Jackson today can’t be taken out of this villa. I want you to assure me that you won’t mention Jackson to anyone. After you leave today, forget that you have been here.” Tony looked a little bad when he heard that Dr. Weiss had also tested Jackson’s gene. Then Tony suddenly looked at Dr. Weiss with a serious face and said.

“Oh… of course, I won’t say anything about my patients.” He doesn’t know why Tony was so serious, but Dr. Weiss still seriously agreed.

“No, Jackson is not your patient, you have never seen him. Today you just went out for a ride and drove the new sports car that I gave you.” Dr. Weiss did not understand Tony’s words, so he could only speak more clearly. There are so many secrets on Lin Rui that Tony can’t take risks. Weiss’s detection of Lin Rui’s genes was unexpected to Tony. He could not let more people know the secrets of Lin Rui as he himself doesn’t know them.

“Well, I see. I didn’t come here today. I just went out for a few laps with excitement because of the new sports car.” Dr. Weiss was not a fool either. After Tony said that, he finally responded.

“Well, you can go out and drive your sports car now.” Laughing, Tony sent Dr. Weiss away.

“Yes, my car is outside.” With a sigh of relief, Dr. Weiss put all the inspection results on his hand down and went out of the room without taking anything.

Then, taking a key from Happy, Dr. Weiss drove Audi’s latest sports car directly from Tony’s luxury garage.

“This little kid, why do you have so many secrets! Fortunately, you are here with me. If you are still lying in the intensive care unit of SHIELD, you would have been sliced by ​​now.” After the doctor left, Tony looked at Lin Rui, who was asleep in bed, whispering with a smile.

The more familiar he got with Lin Rui, the more mysterious Tony felt about the young man. From the very beginning, Lin Rui deliberately approached himself. Tony knew this guy was not easy. Tony still hasn’t figured out the magical guardian given to him by Lin Rui. And Lin Rui often gives Tony some very constructive suggestions to the problems that he is currently having without him having to ask for it, which makes Tony wonder how Lin Rui knows so much in his little brain.

Tony feels that Lin Rui’s most extraordinary mystery is that he released the Palladium Poisoning from his body with a glass of water. Tony has lost hope in life, but Lin Rui saved him with that magical glass of water. Tony still feels incredible about that.

Moreover, Tony also knows that Lin Rui must have known about his Palladium Poisoning, or at least knew that he was dying of an illness, or he would not have happened to give him that glass of water. Although Lin Rui did not tell him where that magic water came from, Tony knew it was Lin Rui’s secret, a big secret. As a friend of Lin Rui, Tony did not particularly want to inquire about Lin Rui’s secrets. Although he had been doing this before, of course, there was no gain.

However, Tony himself knows about the magic and secrets of Lin Rui and there is no need for others to know about them, especially those of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony believes that one day when he is ready, Lin Rui will tell him his secrets. This trip to New Mexico, Tony also saw the aliens and alien technology. So, for the secret of Lin Rui, Tony had another guess. Of course, this speculation requires more evidence, and Tony feels that he should spend some money to fund an astronomical study.

“J.A.R.V.I.S, pay attention to Jackson’s situation and inform me as soon as anything changes.” After looking at Lin Rui for a few minutes at the bedside to make sure that he really was all right, Tony told J.A.R.V.I.S.

“Yes, sir,” J.A.R.V.I.S. answered as calmly as ever.

Tony then left Lin Rui’s room. From Thor to Earth, Lin Rui has not been in touch with his family for a long time since he touched Mjolnir. Dr. Erik had no contact with Lin Rui’s family, and the team had temporarily left New Mexico. So Tony wants to call and tell Lin Rui’s family to let them know that Lin Rui is here to help him so that they don’t worry.


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