Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 147

Heroes of Marvel 147 Norman Osborn

The middle-aged man standing up from the sofa is Harry’s father Norman Osborn. Unlike the online photos and videos, Norman Osborn seems younger and has a different temperament in front of Lin Rui and Peter. Of course, there must be some differences between the videos and photos on the Internet and the real self, but Lin Rui thinks this is the temperament of Norman’s other brutal personality.

“Dad, that’s Jackson I’ve been talking about with you. He’s my good friend like Peter.” While taking Lin Rui and Peter forward, Harry introduced Lin Rui to his father. Harry and Peter had known each other for a long time. Norman Osborn had known Peter before. After all, Peter’s father had worked in Oscorp before, so there was no need to introduce him.

“Hello, Uncle Norman / Mr. Osborn.” After Harry introduced, Peter and Lin Rui greeted him politely.

“Hello. Jackson, you don’t have to be so polite, just call me uncle, like Peter does, I am very glad that you can come today.” Smiling at Lin Rui, Norman said kindly.

“Okay, Uncle Norman.” Although Lin Rui had a feeling of being cheap, he still called him uncle.

“Ha-ha, come and sit down. I’ve been very happy to hear Harry say his friends are coming to visit me the other day. I’ve known Peter for a long time. His father used to work with me. He was a very capable biologist. And Peter is no worse than his father it seems. I heard you’ve been doing research behind Dr. Connors?” Greeting Lin Rui and Peter to sit down, Norman started chatting like an ordinary parent.

“Yes, Uncle Norman, I am happy to be able to follow Dr. Connors on his research.” In the face of a guy who might be a super bad guy, Peter tried to behave normally. However, when Peter saw Norman this time, he obviously felt that this person was different from the person he had met when he was a child. Perhaps Mirage Knight’s information is true.

“Well, if there is anything you need in the experiment, you can ask Oscorp for support, as I always tell Harry, Oscorp is always supportive of these valuable research.”

“Thank you.”

“Jackson is also very amazing. I know that your grades in the school have always been on the top. And, recently, Tony Stark seems to appreciate you. I don’t know if this is true?” Norman turned the topic to Lin Rui and he seemed interested in the relationship between Lin Rui and Tony.

“Uh ~Well, actually, I’ve only done Mr. Stark a few small favors. And Mr. Stark is not a person who likes to be in someone’s debt, so he once invited me into Stark Industries, but I refused.” Faced with Norman’s inquiry, Lin Rui answered with a smile. This vague truth is the hardest to read. Lin Rui doesn’t want Norman’s discontent because of his relationship with Tony.

You know, the other personality in Norman’s body is very unstable. Maybe he takes Stark Industries as his target. If he is very close to Tony, Norman may see him as an enemy, which is not conducive to his actions.

“Oh? Is it? Why did you refuse such a good opportunity?” When he heard Lin Rui’s answer, Norman looked down and asked, apparently interested in Lin Rui’s choice.

“Dad, Jackson did not only have good at grades but he also has a wide range of hobbies. He will make great achievements in any line of work. So I think that’s why he didn’t entered the Stark Industries.” Just as Norman went on to ask Lin Rui, Harry cut in. Today was a good day and his friends had come to visit his father. Harry thought it was not appropriate for him to ask these questions all the time, so he interrupted.

“Yes, I’m dabbling in everything myself, so I don’t want to fix my future so early.” After Harry’s removal, Lin Rui himself explained.

“Well, that’s good. Young people should be like this. Since they have time and ability, they can make more breakthroughs. Maybe they will make greater achievements in the future.” Nodding, Norman laughed and said, “And if you want, you can come to Oscorp in the future, we will welcome you anytime.”

“Thank you, Mr. Norman.”

“I said you can call me uncle.”

“Er… Thank Uncle Norman.

Next, three young people and Norman chatted in this simple and quiet hall about everyday life, learning, funny things, and all kinds of jokes. They weren’t Green Goblin, Spiderman and Mirage Knight here, this was just a simple and normal meeting between friends and parents.

“Well, there’s still about half an hour before we eat. Harry, you can take your two friends around. I’ll take a rest first.”  After talking for a while, Norman seemed tired and said to Harry.

“No problem, Father, you go to rest first.” With a promise, Harry helped Norman up.

Call ~

“Peter, Jackson, It was good to meet you. We’ll talk later at the dinner table.” Standing up, Norman says to Peter and Lin Rui, who are standing up with them.

“So are we.”

Then, Norman left the hall and left the rest of the time to three young people.

“Huh-Harry, Uncle Norman is really recovered. And he looks younger than before. Do you know what’s going on here?” It was not until Norman left the room that Peter singed before he asked Harry.

“Do you think so, too? In fact, I don’t know how my father recovered. Maybe the disease just resided and my father recovered or maybe those medicines really did work.” Hearing Peter’s words, Harry answered with a laugh.

“But don’t you feel uncle Norman is different from before?” Harry must be happy to know that his father’s condition was finally recovered, but Peter still had to ask.

“My father’s personality did change after his physical recovery, but he’s been lying on the bed ever since he was ill. I think it’s normal, maybe he will slowly recover his old personality.” Hearing Peter’s words, Harry smiled back and answered. In fact, Harry also found some differences in Norman, but after all, it was his father, and he would not doubt anything.

“All right, Peter. Let Harry show me around their luxurious house. I haven’t been there before.” Just as Peter wanted to ask something, Lin Rui cut in. Peter is too anxious and in a hurry right now, he can’t ask Harry anything, lest he create some problems.

“Well, Jackson, although our family home may not be as high-tech as Mr. Stark’s seaside villa but it would still take us half an hour to tour it. Come, let’s start here.” With that, Harry took Lin Rui to the tour.

“Haha, I’m looking forward to it.” Laughing, Lin Rui followed Harry to tour his home.

As for Peter, after Lin Rui interrupted him, he knew he was too anxious, so he also followed Harry and Lin Rui. But Peter also had a secret mission to investigate whether Norman’s equipment was hidden in the house or not.

“This wooden cabinet belonged to Sir Wright some two hundred years ago… this is…” With Lin Rui wandering in a wooden corridor, Harry explained to him some of the antiques laid aside.

“Mr. Stark doesn’t have these things at home. He doesn’t seem interested in these antiques. He’s more interested in high-tech products and some inexplicable works of art.” With Harry around, Lin Rui has not forgotten to compare this house to Tony’s villa.

“Oh, Mr. Stark is such a person.”

“Harry, you take Jackson and I’ll go to the bathroom.” Just as Lin Rui and Harry were walking ahead, Peter suddenly said from behind.

“Well, you know where the toilet is. Come and see us after you’re done.” With a promise, Harry left Peter alone.

Then Harry and Lin Rui continued to move forward, while Peter hung back and left in the other direction.


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