Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 138

Heroes of Marvel 138 Loki’s Plot

There is a beautiful nebula in a constellation not known how far away from Earth. The most powerful Asgard in Nine Realms on the world tree is located in this nebula. After Thor was banished to Earth by Odin, something did happen to Asgard, but it was not what Lin Rui had guessed.

Because the Frost Giants broke into Asgard’s Treasury at Thor’s coronation ceremony, Thor failed to complete the ceremony and became Asgard’s king. With four of his warriors and Loki, the resentful Thor rushed directly to Frost Giant’s planet, Jotunheim, for his revenge and was finally driven to despair by Laufey and when everything seemed lost, they were saved by Odin.

This series of things is obviously Loki’s conspiracy. As Asgard’s second prince, Loki felt that Odin was a little detached from an early age and did not like himself very much. No matter how good Loki performed, Odin always preferred Thor to him, which made Loki very uncomfortable and resentful in his heart.

Loki is not necessarily worse than Thor in terms of magic than in force. Compared with strategy, Loki is far ahead of Thor, who couldn’t even count how many enemies were there. Thor only knows how to rush on the battlefield with a hammer, which seems to be the most foolish thing in Loki’s eyes. However, from childhood to now, Odin always intentionally or unintentionally ignored Loki’s excellence, and finally decided to pass the throne of Asgard to Thor. Although Asgard’s King had to control Thor’s power, Loki was not happy with this decision.

So at Thor’s coronation ceremony, Loki interrupted the ceremony with a little trick. Later, he tricked Thor to go and get his revenge on the Frost Giants. After Thor successfully provoked a war between Asgard and Frost Giants, Loki knew that his plan had succeeded. Thor made such a big mistake that Odin would not pass the throne on to Thor, at least not now. Thor, who provoked the war between Asgard and Frost Giants, will no longer be sent to the front line and Loki will have a chance to show Odin that he is stronger than Thor.

However, the plan has been perfect in the early stages of implementation. Thor headed towards Jotunheim for his revenge and attacked the King of Frost Giants, Laufey, the war between them was inevitable after that. Thor, who caused all this, was deprived of his divine power and banished, and Mjolnir was also mythologized. But in this project, Loki found something that shocked him. In the battle with a Frost Giant, Loki found himself immune to Frost Giant’s frost power. To find out more about this, Loki went to the Treasury and picked up Frost Giant’s Casket of Ancient Winters.

After that, Loki discovered a shocking secret, the reason why Odin had been biased toward Thor for so many years. The reason was his background. He’s not of Asgard. He’s not Odin’s son. He’s not Asgard’s second prince. He’s a descendant of Frost Giant and Asgard. He’s half Frost Giant. Everything became clear. The doubts that Loki had for so many years were finally solved but in this cruel way.

Just after Loki learned about himself through the Casket of Ancient Winters, Odin appeared in the Treasure Vault. Then Loki and Odin had a big fight. No one knows what happened behind, but when the guards rushed in, Odin was found unconscious on the ground.

Then, after Odin suddenly fell into Odin’s sleep, Loki took over Odin’s baton and began to exercise the king’s rights in Asgard. And Loki, who discovered his secret, secretly returned to Frost Giant’s planet to find Laufey and made a deal with Laufey after revealing his identity. That is, to let Laufey lead his troops into Asgard and kill Odin and let Loki really sit on Asgard’s throne.

However, Odin’s sudden serious injury and Loki coming into power did not sit still with Sif and the Warriors Three and they began to have some doubts, so they decided to go to Earth to find Thor and bring him back to deal with this situation. In order to continue to let Thor stay on Earth and not interrupting in his plans and in order to let Laufey completely believe in himself, Loki sent the Destroyer to the Earth to stop Thor’s return.

Because of Loki’s identity and with Thor in exile and with Odin’s serious injuries, and Loki’s pursuit of Thor, Laufey finally believed Loki’s words and sent people into Asgard. He himself came to Asgard for revenge. With Loki’s help, Laufey broke into Odin’s palace.

And just when Laufey wanted to kill the Allfather of Asgard, Odin, who should have been seriously injured, suddenly opened his eyes in the bed and stood up with a blinding light, and instantly burst out with a powerful power, power that does not belonged to a dying god.

“You’re not seriously injured?!” With frost-frozen swords in his hands, Laufey stared at Odin in shock as he stepped out of bed.

“What do you think?” The answer to Laufey was Loki, who had been standing behind him. Then Loki shot Laufey with Odin’s scepter.


The powerful energy instantly slammed into Laufey and he hit the solid wall of Odin’s palace. If it wasn’t for Laufey’s own strength and that he blocked the attack in front of him with his Frost Sword, Loki’s blow might have killed him.


“Cough! Loki! Odin! It turned out that all this was your conspiracy!” Climbing up from the ground, Laufey screamed with blood in his mouth.

“It’s true that I have Frost Giant’s blood in me, but I still half Asgardian. Did you really think that I would betray my home to you?” With Odin’s scepter in his hand, Loki looked at Laufey’s disdain.

Although Loki really cares about his background, he grew up in Asgard and was educated and raised in Asgard. Although he was unhappy about Odin’s bias, it was a reaction of normal children. Loki won’t eat betray relatives just because of half of Frost Giant’s blood in his body. He’s the second prince of Asgard. He’s not an unlucky child who has been abused for a lifetime. Why would he help the Frost Giant? There’s no reason for him too.


Just as Loki dismissed the question, a huge frost suddenly burst out of Laufey’s corner and it froze most of the palace in an instant and the frost quickly spread toward Loki and Odin.


Faced with Laufey’s counterattack, the Odin scepter in Loki’s hand glowed with gold light. As for Odin, he waved his hand and pushed back the frost.

“Laufey, do you really think that you will win this war? I can still fight even if I am this old!” Odin shattered the ice that filled half of the palace.

The wounded Laufey, who had broken through the wall behind him by frosting it, was ready to flee, this time in response to this conspiracy. In the absence of Odin’s injury and Loki’s rebellion, Laufey was left with only one dead end.


Loki apparently did not intend to let Laufey run away so simply and another powerful magic attack shot toward him.

An ice wall was erected behind Laufey to block the attack and Laufey jumped out of the gap. When the ice wall behind him was blown away, Laufey just flew out with that impact.

“Father! I’ll go after him!” Watching Laufey escape, Loki shouted at Odin.

However, Odin waved his hand. “Laufey can’t escape. How to deal with the Frost Giants is the most important thing now.”

Taking his scepter from Loki, Odin has recovery the majesty of the former Allfather. Perhaps Laufey’s escape was deliberately done by Odin. A badly wounded leader is enough to deter the Frost Giants, especially since Laufey knows that Odin is not injured and that the war may end soon because of this. Odin did not want to exterminate the Frost Giants. He wants peace in Nine Realms.

“Yes! I’m going to arrange for the soldiers. But Thor…” Understanding Odin’s meaning, Loki responded quickly, but finally mentioned Thor on Earth.

Loki sent the Destroyer to Earth just to prevent Thor from returning to Asgard. He wasn’t really going to kill Thor. Even if Lin Rui didn’t interrupt, Destroyer would only seriously hurt Thor. Anyway, for Loki, it is hard to have a chance to bully his brother, he will not let it go so easily.

“This battle was initiated by you and Thor. Since I banished Thor, it is natural that he will come back when he realizes where he is wrong and when he really understands responsibility and compassion. And for you, the battlefield on the front line is your punishment. Didn’t you always want to show off your talents? Winning this battle is will be the best proof.” Obviously, Odin is not a fool. He had seen what Loki had done. However, the incident also reminded Odin that it was time for Loki to really do something as Asgard’s second prince. As for Thor, he’s still staying on the earth for a while. Heimdall will keep watching him.

“Yes! Father! ” When Loki heard Odin’s words, he said yes excitedly. He finally had a chance to show Odin his talent. He’s not the younger brother who’s been shadowed by Thor’s light. He’s Loki. He’s also a god!

In this way, when the Earth’s Destroyer was destroyed by Tony and Thor planned to return to Asgard, Heimdall only took back Sif and the Three Warriors. Poor Thor, who had been set aside by his dear brother for his recklessness, could only reflect on the earth now.

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