Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 137

Heroes of Marvel 137 Can’t Go Back

Seeing Coulson coming here, Tony’s face was a little bad. “That annoying guy id coming over.”

Because Tony hasn’t promised to join S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick gave Coulson a dead order, to be sure to get Tony.

“Tony, I don’t think he can get into trouble with you right now. This is just too urgent and there is something I haven’t told you yet.” Seeing Tony’s look, Lin Rui smiled and said.

“What’s the matter? I’d better let this fellow go.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Tony asked curiously.

“I was at the research base of S.H.I.E.L.D….” Then Lin Rui was ready to tell Tony about the fact that he was almost killed by lightning at the S.H.I.E.L.D. experimental base.

“Hello, Mr. Stark, I am very happy to meet you here, thank you for helping us solve this big problem!” However, Lin Rui hasn’t said anything yet and Coulson has come quickly to talk to Tony.

“I’m too lazy to take care of your troubles. If Jackson hadn’t asked me for help, do you think I would be here? Also, this time six of my Iron Man Armors were destroyed and twenty Arc Reactors were consumed. I will send the bill to your S.H.I.E.L.D.” Glancing at Coulson, Tony said lightly. Tony is still considering whether to cooperate with S.H.I.E.L.D or not because he won’t let others take advantage of him.

“Uh-huh-huh, Jackson, I hear you’re all right. That’s great!” Hearing Tony’s words, Coulson can only turn to Lin Rui helplessly.

Coulson knows that even if he doesn’t say it, Tony will still know what happened before to Lin Rui and it would be better if he is told now rather then later. Anyway, Lin Rui is fine now, and Tony has no reason to find trouble with him.

“Eh? Okay? What’s all right? Jackson, what happened?” Hearing Coulson’s words, Tony asked Lin Rui doubtfully.

“That’s what I was going to tell you just now. I had an accident at the research base of S.H.I.E.L.D., where there was a hammer, Thor’s hammer. When I was studying the hammer, I was struck by thunder and almost died there.” Standing out, Lin Rui simply talked about what had happened to him. Of course, Lin Rui would not say that his bad luck triggered Mjölnir’s ban and he almost died of thunder and lightning. He could only say that it was an accident.

“Struck by thunder?! Almost dead!? How are you doing now? Will there be any sequelae? If you become a fool, it will be bad.” Tony was shocked when he heard Lin Rui’s words, and reached out to examine Lin Rui’s head. The key is that Lin Rui has been driving an Iron Man Armor and fighting with Destroyer for so many rounds. I really don’t know how he did it.

“I’m all right, but I’m still weak. I’ve had my ass kicked by that fellow. That’s why I have these injuries.” Shaking his head, Lin Rui said he was okay.

“Well, it’s a bit of swelling. You will all good in a few days. However, Agent Coulson, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?” Letting JARVIS carefully check Lin Rui’s body, Tony was relieved seeing the results, and Tony asks Coulson with a bad face.

“Well, Jackson himself asked to join the research team, and the accident was totally unexpected. We’ve done our best to cure Jackson and he is recovering now.” Faced with Tony’s bad voice, Coulson carefully explained. After that Coulson looked at Lin Rui, hoping that the young man would say something nice.

However, the person he asked for help was obviously wrong. Lin Rui would not help S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony get along well. “I felt that I had nothing to do with their treatment when I woke up. It was all luck.” That’s Lin Rui’s response.


“Agent Coulson, I don’t think there’s much more to say between us. Jackson, I’ll ask J.A.R.V.I.S. to send you back to New York right away and give you a good check-up.” Seeing what Coulson wanted to say, Tony interrupted him with a wave of his hand and then spoke to Lin Rui.

“Well, don’t worry about that. I’d like to stay here a little longer. At least, I want to see my friend go home safely.” With that, Lin Rui looked at Thor, who had never spoken at all. “Thor, my friend, Are you going home now?”

It seems that he didn’t want to be involved with Lin Rui. After Tony broke the Destroyer, Thor didn’t speak much, especially when he was afraid to face Lin Rui who almost died.

“Yes, my friend, I’m glad to be able to go home. You can rest assured that once I get back to Asgard, I’ll teach my brother a good lesson.” Seeing Lin Rui looking at himself, Thor finally stopped being silent and said it seriously.

“Well, I believe in you.” As long as you don’t want to break out of the property control and be played by Loki, Loki is just general in terms of force. This is Lin Rui’s thought. Of course, this is based on the premise that Odin will return his Divine power to him after Thor returns to Asgard.

“Well, you’ll come back with me when they get back to that Asgard.” Tony felt the same after hearing Thor’s words. Moreover, if these people are really aliens, Tony needs to see that space transfer technology.

“Uh ~that, Thor, isn’t it? You didn’t tell me the truth!” Just as Thor and Lin Rui were talking to themselves, Coulson broke in again.

As a top-secret agent, Coulson would be foolish to lose track of the situation now. The big man who broke into the research base was obviously not Lin Rui’s friend. And from the nonsense he shouted when he broke into the base that night, Coulson can be sure that he still has four strangely dressed people from the same place as the magic hammer. They are aliens!

Coulson, if you had a better attitude, you might have known it. But now, I’m going home. You have to return Jane’s test materials and equipment to her, so maybe we can be allies. Of course, for Jackson’s sake.” Thor didn’t look very good about beating the guards up last night.

“Of course, Miss Foster can have her equipment back, she’s gonna need it to continue her research, we just borrowed it for a while.” In response to Thor’s request, Coulson agreed to it. SHIELD is already on bad terms with Tony, and Coulson doesn’t want to lose a friendly and powerful alien civilization ally.

“Jane, would you like to see the Bifrost that I mentioned before?” Not talking to Coulson, Thor looked at Jane, who was beside him.

“Ah?! Of course!” Hearing Thor’s words, Jane was a little excited.

“Then let’s go!”

Then, Thor and their group drove to the desert, followed by a large number of people from S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Heimdall, please open Bifrost!” When he reached the position Bifrost had opened before, Thor shouted up into the sky. As the God guarding Asgard, Heimdall has the ability to penetrate the nine Realms and to see anyone in the nine realms.

Whirl ~

Just after Thor had finished that sentence, a large dark cloud suddenly appeared in the clear sky, and a thunderstorm cloud soon appeared over Thor’s position, which was the precursor of Bifrost’s opening.

“Jane, you can rest assured that I will come back after I have settled things on Asgard.” Standing outside the circle with Jane in his arms, Thor assured Jane affectionately.

“I’ll wait for you.”


“Good-bye.” Thor had rushed into Bifrost after saying his farewell to Jane. There, four warriors were waiting for him.

Then, the magical Bifrost opened, and a beam of light instantly shot from the sky to cover Thor and others.

“Wow! Is this the door of space? It looks more like a magic array. Lin Rui, standing next to Bifrost, looked at the beam carefully and felt it unconsciously.

“It’s really amazing.” Tony, standing beside Lin Rui, also sighed, he had let J.A.R.V.I.S record the spatial fluctuation of Bifrost in all directions.

The next moment, the beam disappeared, and the people inside disappeared. Incorrect! Four of them disappeared, and one person stayed where he was.

“What happened? Why am I still here?”  Thor, who had not been sent back to Asgard by Bifrost, looked around blindly and did not know what had happened.

“Heimdall! Let me go back! Asgard needs me!” Thinking that there’s something wrong with the Bifrost, Thor shouted into the sky. However, the normal sky did not change anymore, Heimdall has not responded to Thor’s call.

“No?! Thor can’t go back!? What is happening in Asgard? Lin Rui was surprised to see this on the sidelines.

Although Thor didn’t regain his powers, Asgard should be facing threats now, and even then, Heimdall didn’t let Thor go back. There is only one explanation for the current situation, that is, Asgard has an accident.

“Heimdall!” Under Bifrost, Thor was still shouting, but it was all in vain.

“It seems that your friend can’t go home for the time being.” Looking at Thor’s voice, Tony shrugged and said.

“Well, that seems to be the case.” Lin Rui didn’t know what to say.



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