Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 139

Heroes of Marvel 139 Thor’s Plan

Earth, New Mexico, USA, at the research base of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony, Lin Rui and Thor were all at the base. Thor, who had been unable to return to Asgard, was in a bad mood and Lin Rui was chatting with him and persuading him.

“Thor, although you can’t go back to Asgard now, didn’t Miss Sif just come back with information? Asgard is safe. Loki was sent to the front lines by your father and the king. You can just take a vacation here on Earth.” Sitting on a couch in a temporary office arranged by Agent Coulson, Lin Rui looked across at Thor and tried to persuade him.

When the four Asgard warriors returned, they found that Loki and Odin had planned everything, and Thor’s exile was not over. So, in order not to worry Thor, Sif came back to Earth again through Bifrost and told Thor the news. Sif told Thor that he can only return to Asgard if he regains his divine powers by himself, but Sif doesn’t know how Thor can regain his divine powers back and others can’t help him.

Thor was very depressed about it. He has tried to lift Mjolnir again, but it seems that Mjolnir, which was close to him before, did not know him at all at this moment. It did not respond to his calls at all. Lin Rui was struck by thunder when he touched the hammer for the first time.

“Asgard is in the midst of a war, but I am trapped here, unable to help!” Thor obviously didn’t want to take a vacation, and the war genes in his body would not let him rest if there’s a war to be won.

“Maybe your father did this intentionally. Can Frost Giant defeat Asgard even if you are not there?” Seeing Thor acting like this, Lin Rui started to switch his strategy.

“Of course it’s impossible! Asgard is much stronger than the Frost Giant, and we have Loki as the leader, the Frost Giant has no chance at all.” Hearing Lin Rui’s question, Thor answered aloud.

Apparently, Thor is well aware of Loki’s talent, even though he is put in this situation by Loki. As Loki grew up, Thor was the person who knew him the best. He knew that Loki was uncomfortable with him being prioritized by Odin. He knew that Loki’s magical accomplishments were remarkable. So he would let Loki do everything, and try to protect Loki from the outside, and be a good brother to him. Even if he was in his current situation because of him, Thor would not resent Loki.

“What are you so worried about than? And currently, you are just a mortal, you can’t even raise your own weapon. What can you do even if you return to Asgard? Go to the frontline as cannon fodder? Or stay in Asgard, seeing other soldiers being mobilized before the war, I don’t think you’re fit to do that.” Hearing Thor’s answer, Lin Rui continued.

Although the current plot is far from what Lin Rui knows, it is going in the right direction. Asgard wasn’t attacked, Loki wasn’t doing anything, Bifront wasn’t destroyed, and Thor remained on Earth, which was good news for Lin Rui.

Because Lin Rui first helped Thor, Lin Rui was Thor’s first friend on Earth. As long as Lin Rui makes good use of this friendship, there will be great rewards in the future, which Lin Rui firmly believes in.

“But, what if I can’t recover my power? If I can’t lift my hammer, ever? Then I’ll never go back to Asgard.” As his tone faded, it all became clear, Thor wasn’t really worried about Asgard’s safety. What he worries about is himself. He worries that he would always remain a mortal being. Thor was given Mjolnir by Odin in the myths and even now he doesn’t know how to regain his divine power.

“Have you ever thought that this may be a trial for you. In the past, you were invincible with your powers of thunder, now that you have lost that power and become an ordinary person, what kind of person will you become? Sometimes, ordinary people can create and do great things, why don’t you try it?” Lin Rui can’t directly tell Thor that this is Odin’s trial for him, but he can remind him in an indirect way.

“Jackson! You are right! But what should I do? I have never been an ordinary person before.” Thor seems to think that Lin Rui is right, but he has no idea what to do to be a good ordinary person, especially when he is still in such a strange civilization, surrounded by people who can’t understand him.

“It’s up to you to find that out and you can’t let other people teach you how to go step by step. I believe you can do it well. Of course, I will not refuse when you need help.” Lin Rui didn’t know how to get Thor back his powers. it seems to be something that only Thor can comprehend.

“That seems to be the only way. Jane invited me to come back with her, and she continued her research project. She said I might be able to help.” Thor, who was told by Lin Rui, went on. It seems like a good choice to be with a beautiful woman. The trial is always there. Thor doesn’t mind making the trial more loving.

“Well, that’s a good choice too. At least you have your own business to do.” Now Lin Rui is not going to let Thor follow him. He has no time or spare energy to discipline such an alien. Let him learn some earth civilization and know the life of the earth with Jane first.

“That seems the only way.” With a nod, Thor has accepted the reality.

As for Mjolnir, it doesn’t matter if Thor can’t lift it. S.H.I.E.L.D. can’t take it anyway. They are also not likely to find anything useful, that is the product of magic, the development of civilization is different, how can they obtain effective information?

“Well, that’s it. Tony has been urging me back to New York, I hope to see you in New York, Thor.” With that, Lin Rui handed Thor a cell phone with some contact information from Lin Rui.

“I will, my friend.” After taking the phone, Thor said seriously.

“And S.H.I.E.L.D., the organization that hides your hammer. They may want to get to know you better, but I suggest you don’t talk to them too much, at least not now.” Before leaving, Lin Rui started tripping S.H.I.E.L.D.again.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has many mysterious and powerful items, such as the Magic Cube that hold one of the Infinity Stones. But Thor and Asgard were, after all, the first real alien civilizations they had ever come into contact with and Thor’s people have seemed to have mastered their technology and their civilization is several times more powerful and technologically advanced than Earth’s. So, with the nature of S.H.I.E.L.D., they won’t miss such a good opportunity. Thor being left on Earth is the best way for S.H.I.E.L.D. to learn about Asgard and get extraterrestrial technology or other power, but they also need Thor’s cooperation. But until S.H.I.E.L.D. cleans up their internal worms, Lin Rui won’t let Thor fall into their hands.

“No problem. I don’t like them anyway. Even if you don’t say anything, I won’t say much to them. As for my hammer, let them keep it for a while.” Hearing Lin Rui’s reminder, Thor agreed directly. It was just a small matter.

“OK, then I’ll go first. Tony should have began to get impatient with Coulson’s nonsense.” By the end of their conversation, Lin Rui had risen from the sofa.

“Haha, see you later! My friend!” Thor laughed and opened his arms to give Lin Rui a big hug. The big man over two-meter tall with a strong figure almost drafted Lin Rui. After all, he is still injured.

“Cough, all right. Say hello to Miss Foster and Dr. Erik for me and tell them that I am sorry for leaving like this.” Freeing himself from Thor’s embrace, Lin Rui said palely.

“No problem!”

Then Lin Rui and Thor left the office. After they left, the cameras in the corner of the office flashed twice, they were previously disabled by J.A.R.V.I.S. on Lin Rui’s request. He didn’t want his conversation with Thor to be heard by S.H.I.E.L.D.

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