Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 125

Heroes of Marvel 125 Thor That Does Not Listen To Advice

Despite Dr. Erik and Darcy’s warnings, Jane and Lin Rui and Thor soon got on the road, and Jane volunteered to drive and Lin Rui would not argue with her. Lin Rui and Thor are sitting behind the driver’s seat in the RV. Now that the equipment in the RV has been looted by Coulson, there is quite a bit of space here.

After playing with his cell phone for a while, Lin Rui saw that Thor had been looking at Jane driving in front of him but hadn’t spoken to her, so he felt that if he did not break the silence, Jane would be stared at for the whole drive by Thor. “Thor, you said that was your hammer, but someone had found it. Wouldn’t it be taken away?”

“No one can lift my hammer, except me.” Hearing Lin Rui’s question, Thor turned his eyes back and said proudly. That’s the hammer of God Of Thunder. Without the power of God Of Thunder, it’s impossible to be recognized by Mjolnir. That’s the magic enhancements done to it at the very beginning of the casting of the hammer. Of course, Thor said less about Odin as Odin had more advanced powers that enable him to lift the hammer without any problems.

“That’s your wishful thinking now. The hammer that Odin endowed with his magic will not be lifted so simply by you again.” Hearing Thor’s words, Lin Rui thought in silence.

“Oh, that’s interesting. When you find your hammer, do you mind if I try to lift it?” Although he’s thinking something else, Lin Rui obviously can’t say it out loud and he really wants to try and lift the God Of Thunder’s hammer.

“Of course, if you lift it up, it doesn’t matter if I send Mjölnir to you!” Hearing Lin Rui’s request, Thor generously agreed. Since Thor was given the hammer to control his powers, no one has been able to lift it except him and Odin.

“Oh, I just wanna try it, I don’t like to run around with a hammer.” Laughing, Lin Rui said he wasn’t interested in Thor’s hammer. He feared that once he showed interest in his hammer, Thor’s countless heroic stories would follow.

Sure enough, after Lin Rui said this, some of the things Thor wanted to boast about were choked back. Although Thor wanted to tell Lin Rui that only those who wield weapons of powers similar to his hammer are powerfull but he did not say that when he looked at Lin Rui’s small body.

However, although Lin Rui and Thor talked to each other and finally elevated the awkward atmosphere in the RV. Thor had gathered in the front seat to talk to Jane. Instead of caring about how the relationship between Thor and Jane developed, Lin Rui now worries that Coulson may have enclosed the hammer. In the original story, Thor bursts in and finds himself lost when he can’t lift his hammer. Erik finds an excuse to rescue him. Moreover, when Thor was in custody, Loki came to deceive him that Odin was dead, leaving Thor immersed in self-blame.

But in Lin Rui’s opinion, these plots are completely nonsense in reality. Now Thor is just a strong ordinary man. He couldn’t have broken through so many security personnel to get to the hammer. Would the security guards of S.H.I.E.L.D. be so useless? Moreover, Dr. Erik could not have saved Thor from breaking into S.H.I.E.L.D. so easily and Coulson would not have released him without a full background check.

So to get Thor to his hammer, Lin Rui can only expect Coulson to move less quickly. If the hammer is really sealed up, Lin Rui can only advise Thor not to be impulsive, because he can’t lift the hammer right now. Tony’s face is not always useful, and Lin Rui doesn’t want S.H.I.E.L.D. to pay too much attention to himself, even though he has already been noticed.

The RV drove very fast in the desert rocks and within forty minutes they reached their destination. After seeing the crater that was created by the hammer, Lin Rui was still a little shocked. It was really something from an alien civilization.

Now, in the middle of the pit, there are a lot of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who are driving out the local people who came here to join in the fun. The Hammer has been blocked by a simple fence in the center and then they are going to build a small research base centered around the pit, specializing in the weird hammer that can’t be picked up or moved at all. Although Lin Rui arrived earlier than the original plot, S.H.I.E.L.D. had already taken charge of the area.

“It seems that we’re a little late. Whether it’s your hammer or not, they have it now and fighting them is not good. I think maybe you don’t need to rush back to your hammer for the time being.” Standing at the edge of the huge pit, Lin Rui said to Thor, who was next to him.

“That’s my hammer. How can they take over my stuff?” Thor doesn’t understand Lin Rui’s words and has already walked into the pit.

“Miss Foster, you stay here.” Saying this to Jane, Lin Rui has chased Thor down. “Can’t you listen to me for once?”

“Although I was exiled, Mjölnir will recognize me. As long as I get my hammer, I will recover my power,” Thor said as he walked.

It should have been correct. Thor, who was deprived of his divine power under normal circumstances, only needs the hammer and the power of God Of Thunder contained in it will help Thor to recover again. However, that was the case when Odin did not give his words of restrictions to Mjölnir. Now, the hammer would not recognize this Thor and it will not help him in regaining his power.

“I know that hammer is yours, but now it’s under the supervision of the U.S. government. It’s no good for you to rush through like that. And don’t forget that you’re just a human being now.” Following Thor, Lin Rui earnestly persuaded him.

“As far as those guys are concerned, I can deal with them without my divine power.” Thor wouldn’t put the S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers who stood outside to patrol in the eyes. He was a god and even without his powers, he would be able to deal with them. However, he may have forgotten that he was pushed on his hospital bed without being able to move by a small child when he said this sentence.

“OK, then you go. I’ll take you back when you get a bruised nose and a swollen eye.” Seeing that his persuasion has failed, Lin Rui stopped. He bet Thor would come back in vain and he would not even be able to look at the hammer before he gets subdued by the agents of SHIELD. It shouldn’t be too hard for Lin Rui to go to Coulson afterward to redeem him. After all, someone here is also interested in the hammer that can’t be lifted.

Without paying attention to Lin Rui, Thor just waved his hand and continued to walk toward the fence that was surrounded.

“Hey! It’s my hammer, I’m going to take it away.” Thor yelled in front of the guardrail.

“This place has been taken over by the government. You need to leave the premises.” For Thor’s request, the guard outside only thought that Thor was a fool who came to try the magic hammer. Because before S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived here, the magic hammer had been tried by countless people but no one had been successful in picking it up.

“Well, I will leave.” Seeing that he was stopped, Thor nodded and was ready to turn and leave.

“Huh? What’s going on? How easy is he to…”


Lin Rui’s murmur is not over yet and Thor, who turns over there, has taken advantage of the two guards’ relaxed vigilance to quickly punch one guard and knock the other out, then he kick the first one and knocked the two guards out.

“I said that I am coming to take my hammer.” Clapping his hands. Thor has already walked inside the guardrail.

“Oh! That must have hurt!” Seeing Thor knocking out the two guards and sneaking into it, Lin Rui only felt bad for the two guys on the ground. As for Thor, who sneaked in, Lin Rui waited for him to be caught.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Soon, a fight broke out over the fence, and Thor was found. The fighting lasted for about a minute and then stopped. Either Thor leveled everyone or Thor was leveled, Lin Rui preferred the latter.

After a while, Lin Rui felt that whatever the outcome was, it should be over. So he began to walk slowly to the front and finally squatted down beside the two fallen guards.

“Hey! Are you okay? I came to see Agent Coulson. Can you help me?”

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