Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 124

Heroes of Marvel 124 Finding The Hammer

Most of the experimental equipment in the experimental warehouse were confiscated and all the data was gone with them, Jane’s experiment could not be completed temporarily. However, she now has at least her own transcript and an alien who was dumped over to Earth.

“So, Asgard really exists, and you came to Earth through the Einstein-Rosen bridge?” Lin Rui, Thor, and Jane were sitting in a fast-food restaurant in the town eating breakfast, and they had heard Thor’s explanation of their origins. But besides Jane’s surprise, neither Dr. Erik nor Darcy believed Thor’s words.

“But we prefer to call it Bifrost.” After eating all three waffles in front of him, Thor smiled at Jane and answered.

“Asgard, how is this possible?! Are those all true? Nine Realm? The god’s palace!?” Dr. Erik, who also heard Thor’s history, was not so receptive, but apparently he knew something about Asgard and the Nine Realms.

“Doctor, do you know anything?” Jane asked curiously at Erik’s exclamation. She didn’t know that Erik had studied these alien civilizations before and he didn’t believe it all the time.

“I have done some research on it, but I always thought that those stories are only in mythology. But if he really came from Asgard, then those stories are likely to be true!” Looking at Thor, Dr. Erik said something exciting and incredible. If it can be proved, then they will be the first to make contact with extraterrestrial civilization!

“What is it?” Darcy is interested in these things now.

“It’s a Nordic myth. Legend tells us that there is a great world tree in the universe. It breeds nine realms full of life. Among them is Asgard, a country with a great God Odin…” As the rest of the audience watched, Dr. Erik spoke slowly about what he knew.

“The story is very mythical, but most of it is still true. It seems that the Asgardians left behind some stories after helping the Earth.” After listening to Dr. Erik’s story, Thor’s calmly said after finishing three waffles. “Asgard is not only one of Nine Realms, but also the greatest one. We are responsible for safeguarding the security and peace of the world tree and Nine Realms.”

“Well, you did a good job!” Hearing Thor boasting, Darcy rolled her eyes and muttered.

“Your human civil war is not within our protection. An intergalactic war between two or more races is our focus. Just when I was dropped here with my powers stripped from me, Asgard was fighting the Frost Giants.” Darcy’s words were not loud, but they weren’t very low, so Thor heard them.

“So, now that you are in a war, why are you here? You just said that you are the prince of Asgard, a god of war. As a god of war, shouldn’t you be at the front of the battlefield in this race war?” This time, Jane asked, but this question was a little awkward for Thor.

“Because… this war broke out because of me.” In the end, Thor still admitted his mistake. But it is already too late. If he had bowed to Odin early and admitted his mistakes, Odin would not have sent his child to the earth for reflection.

“So, you mean that you started an interplanetary race war!!” Hearing Thor’s answer, Jane couldn’t believe it.

“Oh… you can say that, so I was deprived of my power, the symbol of my power, my hammer was taken from me, and I was exiled. However, I will definitely get back my power, I will find the hammer and return to Asgard again and lead the brave Asgard fighters and wipe out the Frost Giants!” The atmosphere was a little awkward, but Thor quickly fooled it with his aggressive oath.

Gu Du~

After drinking the breakfast tea, Thor raised his hand and threw the cup away, indicating that he liked it very much. The cup had been thrown out, but it was not broken on the ground but was caught by one hand.

“Thor, here, when we like something, we don’t throw it, but ask the waiter for a refill.” Lin Rui, who has a few black lines hanging on his head, slowly put the cup on the table and then said seriously to Thor.

“Oh, is it? You didn’t mention it before!” Listening to Lin Rui, Thor was surprised and he brought the cup to his hand again.


This time, Lin Rui did not catch the cup thrown on the floor by Thor. Since he just likes to do it, Lin Rui is too lazy to take care of him.

“I like it very much, bring me another!” That’s Thor. He wants to do what he wants to do, whether or not he’s told that he’s not right. It was because of this kind of behavior that Thor who deprived of his divine power by Odin and was banished to the earth.

“I think I’m beginning to regret promising him in getting the hammer.” Seeing Thor’s like this, Lin Rui held his head and thought in silence. This Thor is not foolish or simple, but he is still arrogant and blind. He did not even respect Odin, let alone these little earthlings.

Thor’s actions apparently startled Jane, but they could only follow him to clean up his mess. As for Lin Rui, he didn’t want to reveal his secrets to Jane so he had to let Thor behave in this way. Otherwise, Lin Rui would’ve taught Thor how to be a human rather than a God while he’s still a human. But Lin Rui knows that Thor will get back his hammer and his power and by that time the teachings may turn towards him. Lin Rui remembers that in the movie, Thor was the only Avenger who could take on the Hulk physically. Lin Rui doesn’t want to anger the God Of Thunder.

Just as Thor threw the cup on the ground and Jane was explaining to the restaurant waiter, the two locals pushed in and walked in while discussing the interesting things happening in the desert. It seems that there is a satellite that fell from the sky, and it is very heavy, no one can lift it up.

“Where’s that thing you just said?” Thor, who sat at the table and continued to eat waffles, was keen to hear the conversation over there, and quickly cut in and asked.

“Fifty miles west of here.” Under Thor’s very deterrent body shape, the two local cowboys quickly explained.

“Jackson, let’s go, I think I found my hammer.” Hearing the location of the “satellite”, Thor shouted to Lin Rui as he walked outside. He can still remember that this young man with some strength promised to help him find his hammer. This is the time to take him.

“Hey! You can’t just call one of my researchers away, especially if we don’t know what you’re going to do yet?” As Lin Rui stood up somewhat helplessly, Jane suddenly stopped in front of Thor and shouted loudly.

Although Jackson is an intern with Dr. Erik, he’s also a member of their research team, Jane will not let Jackson and Thor leave until she figures out what the Prince of Asgard is going to do.

“Don’t worry, Miss Foster. I promised Thor when I was in the hospital that I’ll help him find his hammer. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Lin Rui didn’t expect Jane to stand up and obstruct Thor so he had to explain.

Although Lin Rui was also reluctant to be led by Thor, he also wanted to see what God Of Thunder’s hammer was like. If he had the chance, he would like to hold it and see if he could lift the hammer, though it was impossible.

“If you’re worried about Jackson, I don’t mind if you come along.” There was no anger at Jane’s obstruction and Thor suggested with a laugh.

“Good! I’ll go with you!” Jane believed Thor’s story, so she was willing to take risks for her own research.

“Jane! Don’t be too impulsive!” Dr. Erik persuaded her to not go, he still thought it was just a story. As for Thor, he was just a fantastic psychopath who happened to know the myth. After all, there is no evidence that he is an alien.

“Nothing, Erik, I believe we will be fine. Let’s go, Jackson.” Picking up her jacket, Jane has taken the lead.

“I like this woman.” Looking at Jane’s stubborn back, Thor smiled and said to Lin Rui.

Lin Rui: “…” It seems that no matter how much the story changes or how smart Thor is, some things will never change. That’s Lin Rui’s thought of the day at the moment.


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