Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 123

Heroes of Marvel 123 Meeting Coulson Again

“Hey! This is my research material! You can’t take them away like this!” In the lab, Jane was trying to stop the group of guys who were carrying their things out.

“Miss Foster, I am Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.” When Jane stopped those suited men, a guy who looked like the leader came to her and introduced himself.

“Is that suppose to mean something to me? You don’t have the right to do this!” Jane doesn’t care what S.H.I.E.L.D. is or what it can do. She has worked hard to collect this data.

“Jane, let go. It seems this situation is a lot worse than we thought.” Dr. Erik, apparently much calmer, persuaded her to let go before things can get chaotic.

“Impossible! These are my efforts, my life!” Dr. Erik’s persuasion is obviously useless and Jane fully carries forward her stubborn character.

“We are investigating a security threat. We need to appropriate your records and atmospheric data.” Faced with Jane’s stubbornness, Coulson simply explained.

“By ‘appropriate’ do you mean steal?!” Jane could not accept such an explanation.

“Here, this should more than compensate you for your trouble.” Anyway, things have been taken away, and Coulson won’t explain so much to people who don’t have anything to do with it.

“Compensation?! I can’t buy these instruments on Radio Shake. Most of these instruments are made by myself! Listen, I am on the verge of understanding something extraordinary. My test data is in these instruments. You can’t… Hey! Jane still wants to argue for it, but the book that was taken out by her was taken away by the black man on the side.

“Miss Foster, believe us, we are not bad people.” Coulson was ready to leave, and he didn’t want to stay here anymore.

“Hey! You can’t do this!”

“So, Agent Coulson, can you really be called a good person for such actions?” Just as Coulson was about to leave, and Jane had exploded, a voice came from behind that they both knew.


“Jackson! You are back!”

“Jackson? Why are you here?”

The first sentence was said by Darcy and the latter question was issued by Agent Coulson. From Coulson’s first contact with Tony, he met Lin Rui, who apparently knew him. However, Coulson didn’t know that Lin Rui was here which is a bit strange. The team observing him should have reported Lin Rui coming here to Coulson.

“Agent Coulson, you really have the style of S.H.I.E.L.D agents, doing something like this.” Without answering Coulson’s question, Lin Rui went straight up to him and said.

“Jackson, since you know this is S.H.I.E.L.D. operation, you should not interfere. If these people are your friends, please advise them that we will return the information and instruments in the future.” Coulson really didn’t know that Lin Rui would be here. Faced with Lin Rui, Coulson would certainly not brush him away like ordinary people without explaining a word.

“I know what S.H.I.E.L.D. does, but can you return Miss Foster’s book? It’s just a notebook. It’s not worth mentioning compared to how many instruments and research you dragged away.” Standing in front of Coulson, Lin Rui asked lightly. Although it’s normal for S.H.I.E.L.D. to take Jane’s information and things, it’s not a good explanation. It’s not humane to leave nothing behind. Lin Rui also wants to see if Jane can work out something deeper.

“You know that’s not possible. All the information needs to be retrieved…” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Coulson refused without thinking.

“Really? Maybe I should call Tony. I think he’ll be happy to hear what is it that you are doing here, Agent Coulson.” Knowing that Coulson would refuse, Lin Rui had taken out his trump card.

S.H.I.E.L.D. had just offended Tony some time ago and now Nick Fury is eager to recruit Tony for the Avengers, so Tony is now a VIP to S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson, who has been in charge of Tony, obviously knows this, so when Lin Rui mentioned Tony, his face changed.

“I think I’d better call.” Seeing Coulson still remains silent, Lin Rui has pulled out his cell phone.

“Well, Harvey! Return Miss Foster’s book to her!” Seeing that Lin Rui really called Tony, Coulson finally did not insist. It’s just a book. It’s not worth making Tony upset about S.H.I.E.L.D. anymore than it already has.

“Thank you.” Taking Jane’s information book, Lin Rui smiled and thanked Coulson.

“Jackson, you can’t get involved in this.” Still stiff-faced, Coulson reminded him and left.


Looking at Coulson and the men in black driving away, Lin Rui turned around and returned the book to Jane. “Miss Foster, that’s all I could do. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you! Although I don’t know how you did it.” After receiving the book Lin Rui handed over, Jane didn’t know what else to say.

“Wow! Jackson, how did you do that? Who is this Tony? Even these people knew him. That Coulson guy seems to be afraid of him.” Darcy has already rushed to Lin Rui and hugged him.

“Its nothing, we just know each other. Their department has higher rights and is mysterious. However, they will return your information and equipment, Miss Foster.” Breaking free from Darcy’s hug, Lin Rui explained briefly and assured Jane.

“As for Tony, he’s just a friend of mine. Coulson is not afraid of him, but of the trouble he is able to bring and Tony is obviously the one who can bring him big trouble.” Lin Rui just deliberately said only Tony’s name, not Mr. Stark.

Tony is a common name, but once you add Stark, it’s totally different. although there may be tens of thousands of Tony Stark in the United States, only one has the impact behind his name that can play a role in this situation.

“I knew you had a lot of money!”  Slapping Lin Rui’s on his shoulder, Darcy said excitedly.

“Jackson, thank you.” Dr. Erik also sincerely thanked Lin Rui, he did not expect his intern to have such a big come.

“Hey! Jackson, everything okay in there?” Just as Lin Rui watched Coulson leave in frustration, Kaecilius’s voice came from behind.

Then Thor came along with Kaecilius. Just now Lin Rui asked Thor and Kaecilius to wait in the car because he didn’t want Coulson to see Thor. Perhaps Coulson, a senior agent, could see something wrong with Thor. After all, SHIELD may have dealt with aliens before.

“Everything’s all right, Kaecilius.” Seeing Kaecilius worried, Lin Rui answered with a smile.

“It’s okay, those government officials have great rights, but if they want to do something on our site, they first have to get clear with us. So, if you have any problems next time, remember to look for me.” Kaecilius obviously saw the overbearing of those black-dressed people and reminded Lin Rui. Thor, who came in with Kaecilius, didn’t talk and just faintly looked at a few people.

“Thank you, but they shouldn’t come back to trouble anymore.” Lin Rui is concerned about Kaecilius, but he does not think that SHIELD would care about the local Law Inforcement.

“He’s the guy we bumped into last night! I didn’t expect to see a handsome man now!” While Lin Rui was chatting with Kaecilius, Darcy saw Thor standing there like a model, and said foolishly.

“Uh-yeah, Every test was done upon him by the doctors. Everything is OK. But he lost something in the desert last night, and I promised to help him find it.” Seeing Darcy noticing Thor. (Of course, she would notice the handsome man who was over 1.9 meters.) Lin Rui explained briefly on the side.

“Hello, I am Thor Odinson, from Asgard.” After Lin Rui finished, Thor, a very gentleman, took the first step to introduce himself, and of course, he came to Jane. Although Thor is a god, he lives in the city and knows some basic etiquettes.

“Hey~ hello, I am Jane Foster. This is Dr. Erik Selvig, my friend, and teammate, this is my research assistant Darcy.” Looking at Thor greeting herself politely, Jane briefly introduced the people on her side.

“So you’re studying stars? And Bifrost?” Thor was interested to hear Jane’s introduction.

“Eh? What Bifrost?” Hearing Thor said that word, Jane didn’t know what he meant.

“Well, well, let’s go in first. The sun is dead outside.” Not wanting to talk too much about extraterrestrials in front of Kaecilius, Lin Rui pushed Thor to the warehouse lab.

“Kaecilius, you go back first. Thank you so much for today.” While pushing Thor in the Laboratory, Lin Rui said goodbye to Kaecilius.

“OK! Call me if you need anything.” Waving his hand at Lin Rui, Kaecilius turned and headed for his SUV.

“Thor, what did you just say about Bifrost?” Following Lin Rui and Thor, Jane asked aloud, she thought the Bifront must have a lot to do with her research.

Darcy also came inside, leaving Dr. Erik alone outside, as if thinking about something important.

“Asgard? The name… so familiar…”

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