Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 126

Heroes of Marvel 126 Exchange Conditions

In the crater that was created by Mjölnir, a small laboratory was quickly built. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Infrastructure process was quite efficient. Now, Lin Rui and Coulson are sitting face to face in a simple little room.

“Jackson, what are you doing here again? Did you come here to get the things of your beautiful instructor back? As I said before, we will not return them until we have finished our own research.” Sitting in his chair, Coulson looked at Lin Rui, who was sitting in front of him and said lightly.

“Uh… I know, I’m not here to ask you for the test data and instruments.” It was embarrassing, but Lin Rui went on to say, “I actually heard that something magical had been discovered here, so I wanted to come and see it.”

“Something magical? You mean the hammer, it looks like the hammer is connected to the earth.” Although S.H.I.E.L.D. has blocked it, the hammer has been exposed for a long time before, and it’s nothing new for someone to know about it.

“Well, I’ve heard that nobody can pick up that hammer and even with a machine, it can’t be moved, even a bit, so I’m interested.” With a nod, Lin Rui said that and he is really interested in the hammer. “Agent Coulson, can you let me try it?”

“Jackson, do you know what is happening now? This is a first-class level event, especially since we just had an intruder. Don’t you think that it is a bit inappropriate for you to make this request now?” Looking at the young man in front, Coulson asked two questions. For Lin Rui, Coulson is very optimistic. A young man who is smart and courageous and has a relationship with Tony Stark, S.H.I.E.L.D. is sure to absorb him.

“Well, it’s not really appropriate. Well, Can you let me look at the hammer and can you release the man who just broke in? He’s a friend of mine, he just wants to try that hammer.” Guessing that Coulson won’t let himself touch Mjölnir so easily, Lin Rui asked something else. Lin Rui feared that Loki would appear after Thor had been locked up for a long time, and he didn’t know what would happen.

“You said that the intruder was your friend? He just beat down fifteen special troops agents. Your friend is quite amazing.” Coulson thought that Lin Rui had been joking with himself. He thought that the guy was a terrorist just now. Now Lin Rui said he was a friend.

“I am really sorry, he’s a bit lose in his head. After he heard that there was a hammer that no one can pick up, he came over here to try himself. As for hurting those special troops, he wouldn’t even be able to get past one of them, how can he beat that many, are you sure they were good as they had said?” Lin Rui first apologized for Thor, then asked a question full of sarcasm to Coulson.

“I would just pretend that you didn’t say the last sentence. However, your friend’s mental problems are not small. After we caught him, he kept shouting that the hammer belonged to him.” Coulson couldn’t help but twitch after hearing Lin Rui’s sarcasm. But it is true, his subordinates had been dumped by a single guy.

“Well, I’ll try to persuade him.” “Sincerely” Lin Rui assured.

“Then take him away when you go out, the guy is going crazy there.” Coulson also did not explore whether Lin Rui was telling the truth, and he had no time to tangle with them.

“Thank you, Agent Coulson. Actually, I’ve been interning behind Miss Jane Foster, and I think I can help you with this hammer. After all, didn’t you confiscate Miss Foster’s information to study for yourself just because you didn’t want to involve ordinary people in this mess? And I’m somewhere in the middle. I know you both exist and I have professional knowledge.” Thor’s business is not important. Lin Rui also wants to study Mjölnir. So he volunteered to recommend himself, and as for what he said, he had indeed been following Jane in the internship, anyway, in a research group, it was not a lie.

“Ohh? Jackson, do you really know these things?” Coulson’s eyes lit up at Lin Rui’s words. Jane’s materials and equipment have indeed been moved here, but it will take some time for SHIELD to understand them, which is far from being helped by someone who already knows them.

“Of course, I bet you have already made the connection that the magical hammer might be an alien item?” Slightly tilted his lips, Lin Rui asked.

“It seems that you really know something? Maybe you can really help us.” When he heard Lin Rui, Coulson felt that the observation talent that made Lin Rui the third sequence candidate was a bit low.

“I’d love to.” Spreading his hands, Lin Rui said earnestly.

“Well, I agree with you to join the research group. But you should know what to say and what not to say.” With Tony’s relationship, Coulson took it for granted that Lin Rui’s understanding of S.H.I.E.L.D. was due to Tony, so after thinking about it for a while, Coulson agreed to his proposal.

“Of course, I know the level of confidentiality that this kind of thing requires.” Laughing, Lin Rui promised, “Well, let me send that big fool back first, and then I’ll come back and help you with that magical hammer. After all, we were there, experimenting on the spot when that thing appeared.”

“Well, I’ll say hello to the guard who’s holding that fool.” With a wave, Coulson let Lin Rui go.


“Thor, are you okay? I heard that you were caught.” Leaving Coulson, Lin Rui was taken to Thor’s room and asked with a grin when he saw Thor on his stool.

“That’s all right! How could these ordinary people stop me if I hadn’t been powerless now?” Although there were many injuries on his face and body, Thor said proudly.

“I know you’re good, but aren’t you powerless now? And your hammer won’t come back. Do you really think you can pick up the hammer if you touch it? If the hammer was still connected to you, it will fly over when you call it. That’s what you said to me.” Sitting at the table in front of Thor, Lin Rui said lightly.

“Maybe it’s just sleeping. I’ll know once I held it in my hand.” In fact, Thor knew that he had lost his connection with Mjölnir, but he was reluctant to admit it.

“Well, now you know that these ordinary people can hurt you. So, put the hammer out of your mind for a while and I think you’ll get it back once you are ready. Now, you’d better go back with Jane. I promised one of the supervisors here and they will let you go.” Sitting on the table, Lin Rui opened his eyes and began to fool Thor.

“Jackson, I know you are not an ordinary person, you have promised to help me. I trust you, I hope you don’t let me down.” Staring at Lin Rui’s eyes, Thor said seriously.

“Rest assured, what I promised will be done. Now, let me take you out.” Standing Up from the table, Lin Rui started unlocking Thor’s cuff holds with a key in his hand.

A few minutes later, Lin Rui and Thor walked out of the test area under the care of several guards. Lin Rui came out of his own, and Thor was forced out. After all, his first impression of these guards was not good.

“You go back first, I should be able to come back soon. Remember, don’t cause any trouble. I’ll help you.” Before Thor left, Lin Rui told him two more sentences. He now wants Thor and Jane back to have a good relationship or something.

“I’ll try.” Looking at Lin Rui, Thor agreed. He also came to the earth less than a day ago. His understanding of the world civilization is almost all known in the chat with Lin Rui. He still needs to learn a lot.

Then Thor left in front of the eyes of the guards he had thrown down. Jane has been waiting outside. They should be able to safely return to town.

“Huh! At last, I fooled him away! But looking at Thor’s mental state, didn’t Loki come to him? Or is it because we were too soon and Loki hasn’t come yet?” Lin Rui sighed with relief as Thor disappeared. But there was still a doubt in his mind: Loki, the second prince of Asgard who had banished Thor, where is he?

“Nevertheless, it’s better if he did not appear. The guy is full of lies, Thor is not so normal and Loki may be more cunning than shown in the movie, I hope to never meet him.” Shaking his head, Lin Rui turned and walked towards the experimental base.

God Of Thunder’s Hammer, I’m here. Nobody can lift it? I’ve always wanted to try!”

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