Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 120

Heroes of Marvel 120 From Space

“Hey! Jackson, so, did you really came from New York?”

“Well, school is off, you know. I happened to have some interest in astronomy, so I asked a friend to help me and give me an opportunity to practice in this research group for a while.

“That friend of yours is unusual. Professor Haimer is not someone that ordinary people can ask anything off.”

“Oh, my friend is a little famous.”

“What about you? Are you an ordinary person? Maybe we can get to know each other better.”

“Oh… this! Dr. Erik told me to give this to him, I will go first.”

It was just a daily chat, but soon this chatting developed in an indescribable direction. Lin Rui did not come here to flirt with her. Although Darcy is very good, he still found an excuse to run away.

“Ah! Senior high school students, really miss these days!” Darcy laughed and whispered behind Lin Rui as she watched him run away.


“Why hasn’t Jane discovered anything. I feel like I’m going to be eaten by Darcy. Why doesn’t she like so many handsome Mexican Cowboys out there!” While hiding in Dr. Erik’s lab to sort out papers, Lin Rui muttered.

After staying here for nearly a week, he has talked about similar topics with Darcy many times, and Lin Rui worries that next time Darcy won’t make it so easy for him to escape. Moreover, Lin Rui is really not interested in astronomy. If the unique scenery and humanities here in New Mexico weren’t relatively fresh, Lin Rui might have become tired of it long ago.

“If I tell Darcy that I already have a girlfriend, she won’t think about doing anything to me then.” Jane had not detected any anomalies and Lin Rui had no choice but to wait.

In this way, the day of repeating boring work is over. That’s what astronomers do every day. Even if you’re studying something, it’s probably just looking at the sky every night.

As night falls, Lin Rui is ready to leave the small lab that was remodeled in the factory. However, at this time, the simple machine used to detect the special signal suddenly flashed together.

Dī dī~dī dī~

“Darcy! We got a reaction! We detected that signal! Call Dr. Erik!” Keeping an eye on Jane’s instrument, he noticed its change for the first time and shouted at Darcy, who was dozing off.

“Ah?~What! Oh!” The confused Darcy wasn’t able to react for some time before she came to her senses and ran to call Dr. Erik.

Hū ~

“What’s wrong?!” Not long after Darcy ran out, Lin Rui appeared in Jane’s lab. He knew that the events in the sky had begun and that some big fool would fall from the sky.

“Jackson! Now is not the time for explanations. Can you help me move this to the car? We have a mission tonight!” Without giving Lin Rui any more explanations, Jane pointed to the measuring instrument on the table and shouted at Lin Rui.

“No problem!” With a promise, Lin Rui has come to help.

Soon, as Lin Rui walked outside with the instrument on board, Darcy and Dr. Erik’s returned.

“Jane! What did you find?!” Dr. Erik saw that Jane was actually instructing Lin Rui to help her, and shouted.

“Erik! I found it, that signal, it’s getting stronger and stronger!” Jane explained aloud as she packed up what she wanted to bring.

“Jane! That’s what you think, it may not necessarily be true!” Dr. Erik still doesn’t believe what signals Jane’s own instrument detects has any special meaning. He doesn’t want Jane to get too deep into it.

“Doctor, if it’s true, you’ll see it with your own eyes. I have a hunch that we will have a big discovery this time.” Putting on her coat, Jane said seriously.

“Miss Foster, everything is loaded in the car.” Outside the door, Lin Rui couldn’t wait to leave.

“Come on! Erik, don’t you want to see for yourself whether my judgment is correct or not?” Jane asked her friend.

“Forget it! I’ll just go crazy with you once!” Finally, Dr. Erik went on Jane’s “thieves ship”.

“Jackson! Let’s go!”  All four of them got on Jane’s modified car and Jane shouted loudly.

“Yes! Miss Foster!”


Stepping on the throttle, Lin Rui had already driven out of their experimental base.



Just as Lin Rui and his four men rushed out of the lab, over a desert in New Mexico, huge clouds surged and gathered as if a storm was coming, but the weather forecast gave no hint.

“Hurry up! The signal is getting stronger and stronger. We need to look at it closely!!” With the monitor on the roof of the car, Jane shouted loudly at the driver, Lin Rui.

“How fast do you think this car can drive?!” In his heart Lin Rui cursed her but he still stepped on the gas pedal.

Dī dī~dī dī~

“Erik, did you see that?! In the sky, those lights!” The signal overlap is getting higher and higher and Jane can already see the different colored light in the clouds ahead. Dr. Erik did not say anything at this time as the astronomical phenomena were indeed abnormal.

“Get closer! Jackson!” Having confirmed that she had encountered a rare celestial anomaly, Jane shouted excitedly.

“I Know!” Lin Rui certainly saw the phenomenon in the sky ahead, the magical vortex-like clouds and rays.

“I’m going to record them all!” Getting closer and closer to the glowing cloud, Jane had taken out an infrared camera and started shooting. These are the phenomena that she has studied for so long and she had finally saw it with her own eyes. She must get the most detailed information.

“That’s it!” Lin Rui has no intention of slowing down in the face of the gale ahead, which would be a normal choice.

Unlike Jane, who has studied these objects and signals for so long, Lin Rui certainly knows what these anomalies are about. These magical clouds and lights are Asgard’s opening of the Bifrost Bridge. When the Bifrost Bridge is completely opened, it will form a complete space channel.

With a strong wind rushing to the front, Lin Rui’s heart suddenly trembled as if he was being pinched tightly by something. His face began to turn pale instantly. Under such a sudden change, Lin Rui slammed on the brakes.


Just as Lin Rui suddenly felt a heartache, a colored light hidden in the clouds shot directly from the innocent space to the ground in front of Lin Rui’s RV. A strong shock wave spread around the light and quickly hit the RV in the storm.

“Be careful!” Darcy shouted alongside Lin Rui, hoping he would take them away as soon as possible.


The feeling of heartache is slowly going away and Lin Rui had quickly recovered and saw the storm rushing in front of him. Lin Rui’s subconscious stepping on the throttle and was about to leave.


However, shockwaves carrying numerous sandstorms have hit the RV, and Lin Rui has no idea where to go, so he can only crash weakly in the storm.

“Be careful!”


Just as Lin Rui was trying to stabilize the RV in the storm, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Before the figure could escape, Lin Rui, who was rushing in the direction, ran into the guy who suddenly appeared.

“Oh! God, we hit somebody!”

“Oh My God!”

“Let’s go and see!”

After the crash, Jane and Darcy both got out of the car nervously to see the man who had fallen to the ground. Only Lin Rui in the driver’s seat was a little slow. At this time, his mood is complex. Why did someone hit by the RV he was driving? Is this a scenario that can’t be avoided? Lin Rui was helpless.

“Get the first aid kit! Please! Don’t die!” As she ran forward, Jane shouted.

However, when Jane kneels down next to the guy who was hit and is ready to check him, the man suddenly woke up.

“It seems that there is no need for a first aid kit.” Lin Rui came slowly from behind and looked at the silly big man on the ground.

“Where the hell did he come from?!” Darcy looked at the man on the floor and asked in amazement.

“From Space.” Lin Rui whispered in the back.

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