Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 119

Heroes of Marvel 119 Arriving In New Mexico


A day later, the plane from New York slowly landed at the airport in New Mexico, where Lin Rui was. Half an hour later, Lin Rui, carrying a suitcase and a large backpack, came out of the airport alone. Although he was just going to come and see the events, he didn’t know exactly when it happened, so he took all of his things and necessity for a  month.

“Ah! It’s a totally different feeling!” Putting the suitcase aside, Lin Rui stretched out his arms and carefully felt the hot air in New Mexico.

Lin Rui has never left New York in the past 16 years and the only time he left was when he went to Monaco. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, rich and beautiful, but things are different here in New Mexico. The degree of development and environment, as well as the humanities, are very different from New York which gives Lin Rui a lot of novelty. After getting off the plane, Lin Rui felt that it would be nice if he traveled alone more often.

Hū ~

Just as Lin Rui stood outside the airport enjoying the unique atmosphere of New Mexico, an SUV suddenly stopped in front of Lin Rui. Glancing at the sign in front of the car, Lin Rui already knew who was in the car.

“Mr. Jackson Lin?” Just as Lin Rui retracted his arms, a man in New Mexican style cowboy clothing came down from the SUV and asked Lin Rui loudly.

After a brief look at the man in cowboy style cloths, Lin Rui smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Jackson. Are you Kaecilius?” With that, Lin Rui generously extended his hand.

“Hello, I am Kaecilius. Welcome to New Mexico. I’m here to pick you up.” The cowboy named Kaecilius shook Lin Rui’s hand forcefully and said aloud.

“Thank you.” Quietly pulling back his hand, Lin Rui continued to smile. Lin Rui actually likes the cowboy culture in the west. This time, he wanted to contact more local people and know more about the cowboy culture by “studying” astronomy.

“Get on, I’ll take you to the hotel first.” Seeing Lin Rui taking back his hand, Kaecilius blinked and helped Lin Rui pick up the suitcase on the ground.

“Okay, sorry for the trouble.” With a promise, Lin Rui has already boarded the SUV consciously.

Lin Rui’s trip to New Mexico is only clearer because of Tony and the person who came to pick him up was also arranged by Tony. However, from the cowboy’s attitude, maybe Tony just wanted Lin Rui to suffer a little bit. However, Lin Rui would not mind such a trifle. He’ll be with Dr. Erik all the time, and the cowboy won’t be with him all the time.


Forcibly closing the side door, Kaecilius returned to the driver’s seat and quickly carried Lin Rui into the desert.


On the edge of a desert in New Mexico, there is a small town.

“Jane, I really don’t understand why you have to come here. You can’t keep doing this, you’re an astrophysicist, not some storm chaser.” Erik Selvig, in a home full of homemade instruments, was reluctantly speaking to his proud student.

Jane Foster is a beautiful woman who studies astrophysics. Jane has been searching for the atmospheric occurrence that has led her to the desert of New Mexico since she observed a strange phenomenon of celestial bodies a few months ago. Although Erik, her mentor, and friend, did not find her discovery valuable, Jane Foster was not a person who would easily give up her point of view, and she had always believed that there must be something hidden in that magical light.

“Erik, you have to believe me, I’m telling you, there’s a connection between these atmospheric disturbances and my research. Every change will have atmospheric fluctuation. I have been observing them for a few months. The next celestial change should be in a few days. After that, I must detect the fluctuations at close range this time.” While tidying up the messy table, Jane also wanted to convince Erik to believe in her research and judgment.

“Well, I won’t persuade you anymore. If you want to continue your research, just continue it. But in the next few days, we need to converge a little. We’re going to have a new intern here. He’s my intern.” Knowing how stubborn his friend is, Erik no longer wants to persuade her but he reminds her that he doesn’t want Jane to mislead the new intern anymore.

“New intern? Who will want to be interned in the desert of New Mexico during holidays?” Hearing Erik’s words, Jane put down the document in her hand and asked curiously.

“Yes, I also want to know which fool would choose this place to begin his internship. And are there still people interested in astronomy now?” Just after Jane asked, the voice of a young girl came from outside the house.

Then a young woman slowly came in with a box full of documents. She obviously doesn’t understand why someone would apply for an internship on their own initiative. She would not have been Jane’s assistant if it hadn’t been for credits. This is Darcy Luis, Jane’s assistant. She’s not an astronomy major at all. She’s just helping out to solve her problems with credits.

“Maybe he did it for credit, too? However, we only offer so many credits for this subject, and many interns can not get extra credits.” Jane made a joke at Darcy and then denied his guess.

“Whether he is a fool or not doesn’t matter, I received a recommendation for him from Professor Haimer before agreeing for the internship. Maybe he’s a student who is interested in astronomy. I don’t want you to take him everywhere to chase your nihilistic signals.” Erik doesn’t care why this student would want to come here and choose this location to be interned, but it’s always good to have another person with them.

“Professor Haimer’s recommendation? It looks like he is a guy with a big background! Now I’m more sure he’s out of his mind.” Darcy said excitedly when she heard Erik’s words, putting the box filled with papers on the ground beside him.

Although Darcy is not an astronomy major, she knows Professor Haimer. A student who could be recommended by such a professor was coming here instead of going to the comfortable and meaningful research team, he is coming to New Mexico to study astronomy in the bird-fed desert. Darcy was quite sure that this fellow had an abnormal brain.

“Although I’m sure I have a good mind, I don’t know if it’s polite to say that behind someone’s back.” Just after Darcy had said that, A young man’s voice suddenly came from behind her.

Hū ~

Hearing this young voice, Jane Foster, Darcy Luis, and Erik Selvig all turned to look at the door. There stood a handsome young man of mixed race.

“Well, if he’s a fool, he’s also a handsome fool.” Darcy knew that he was the new intern at the moment she saw Lin Rui and whispered in the back.

“Hello, I’m Jane Foster, the leader of this research group. This is Darcy Luis, my assistant; that is Dr. Erik Selvig. You’re the new intern. You’re called… After all, Jane was older and she wasn’t fascinated by young boys like Darcy, so she came up to Lin Rui and said welcomed him generously.

“Hello, My name is Jackson Lin, I am the new intern.” Simply shaking hands with Jane, Lin Rui said with a smile.

“What Darcy said just now, I hope you don’t mind, she was just joking.” Seeing Lin Rui’s expression, she knew he didn’t mind what Darcy had just said, but Jane explained more. However, she did not mention that she had also just said that Lin Rui came here for school credits.

“I know. Hello, Darcy. Nice to meet you. And Dr. Erik, I read several books you wrote.” Lin Rui, of course, won’t mind. He laughed and went back to say hello to Darcy and Dr. Erik.

“Hello! At last, there’s good eye candy here!” Holding Lin Rui’s hand, Darcy has small stars in her eyes.

In this rough New Mexico, most of the men here are as rough as the environment. Although they are very masculine, they are not very interested in Darcy. The new Lin Rui is different. He’s obviously mixed-blooded and handsome and he looks very polite. Darcy likes that. He’s a little smaller than her, but it’s not much smaller.

“Hello, Jackson. Professor Haimer has sent me an email, and you will be a member of our research group. Welcome to our future journey.” After Darcy shakes hands with Lin Rui, Dr. Erik smiles and welcomes him.

“Thank you. I’m glad to work with you.” Lin Rui was certainly delighted to join Jane Foster’s research team.

“So, when do I start working?” After everyone introduced each other, Lin Rui put his backpack on the ground beside him and asked.

“Now we have two subjects to study. You can do some familiar work with me first.” Dr. Erik said quickly before Jane can say anything.

“Ok, I have no problem with that.” Lin Rui smiled and agreed. For Lin Rui, no matter what research is done, Jane will still pull them to chase the signal.

“So, let’s get started.” Worried about the brief rush, Dr. Erik has already set up a mission for Lin Rui.

In this way, Lin Rui’s internship in New Mexico officially began.


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