Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 118

Heroes of Marvel 118 Travel Prepration

“So, you won’t show up in a while?” In Tony’s lab basement, he’s talking to Mirage Knight on the phone.

“Well, you can call it self-cultivation, or a retreat. Anyway, I’ll disappear for a while. I won’t show up.” Lin Rui at the other end of the phone explained simply. He can’t tell Tony that he’s leaving New York. After all, many people know that he’s leaving New York himself. And when he goes to New Mexico, he has to ask Tony to help him. Tony can’t doubt that.

“Retreat? Like the one on TV in that country in the East that’s been shut down for years?” Tony had apparently watched some old drama, so he asked.

“Well, you can think so, but I won’t be gone for years, at most a month.” Several black lines appeared on his head when he heard Tony’s words. He’s just going to New Mexico to meet the guy who fell out of the sky, and by the way, to see alien civilization or something. If you have the chance to see that, would you do something else? And a month should be enough to do all that.

“Ok, it seems like you won’t be coming back with more power, going only for a month,” Tony said in a teasing voice and Lin Rui didn’t know if he took the years training talk seriously.

“Well, I will try my best to improve my strength. Next time, I’ll try to disappear for a year. So it’s up to you to help keep New York safe while I’m away from New York. As you said, somebody has to stand up and take on these responsibilities.” Lin Rui carefully explained.

“You don’t have to say it, this is my responsibility.” Even if Lin Rui doesn’t say, Tony will protect New York.

“Well, I’ll see you when I’m done, and I’ll ask Spiderman to come to you and get those devices. Good-bye, Mr. Stark.” With that last word, Lin Rui threw his disposable mobile phone into the garbage can beside him. He’s now on his way to the New York City Library. To go to New Mexico, he will need to make the necessary preparations, although he’s ready to ask Tony for help.

“Goodbye, Mirage Knight.” The phone has been hung up over there as Tony added faintly, “Ha-ha-cultivating, he’s a really funny guy.”


“Jackson, what did you say just now?” It seemed that he had heard something wrong, Tony put down a small electronic instrument in his hand and looked at Lin Rui standing behind the test bench.

After coming out of the New York City Library, Lin Rui came directly to Tony. One part of his plan to go to New Mexico is very important, and Tony’s help is needed to get there. Of course, it’s up to Lin Rui to fool Tony into helping.

“Mr. Stark, you’re not mistaken. I’ve been interested in astronomy recently. I think you can introduce me to an astronomer who can teach me during the holidays. I think Mr. Stark should be able to do that.” Lin Rui remembers Tony’s promise to himself after he helped Tony cure his Palladium Poisoning, he saved Tony’s life. So Lin Rui came directly to him and asked for it.

“Astronomy?! Jackson, I wouldn’t be surprised if you said you were interested in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, even art, but why astronomy?” Putting down the electric equipment, Tony asked, looking carefully at the young man in front of him.

In Tony’s opinion, Jackson is a very talented young man who can achieve great success in every aspect of science. But astronomy, did he discover a way where more stars would change their lives?

“Mr. Stark, people’s interests depend on their feelings. Maybe now I like astronomy, and after a while, I may come to like artificial intelligence? Like J.A.R.V.I.S.” Hearing Tony’s words, Lin Rui said with a smile.

These are of course only his excuses. Such a dull science of astronomy is not really Lin Rui’s dish, but he has to make enough preparations for his trip to New Mexico. At the New York Library, Lin Rui purposely exchanged a memory capsule to help him learn about astronomy, especially Dr. Erik Selvigg’s books.

“If that’s true, I really hope you become interested in AI? Maybe I can teach you myself, J.A.R.V.I.S. is now the pinnacle of Artificial Intelligence technology.” Seeing Lin Rui say so, Tony smiled and said.

“So Mr. Stark is willing to help me? I’ve already inquired about a doctor of astronomy who just did some experiments in Mexico during this vacation, and I want to take advantage of this vacation to go out and have a look. So I would appreciate it if Mr. Stark can introduce me. This Doctor of Astronomy seems to be Erik Selvig.” Seeing Tony’s expression, Lin Rui knows it’s almost done, so he directly shows where he wants to go.

“You’ve even found a candidate. How can I not help? Well, I’ll see if any of my friends can find this doctor of astronomy. If he doesn’t mind having more interns, I’ll introduce you to him.” Lin Rui has already said that. Tony will certainly not refuse it anymore. It’s just a recommendation. It’s too insignificant for Tony.

“Then I will wait for the good news!” Appropriately show some excitement, Lin Rui said happily.

“Well, did you come here just for this?” Now that Lin Rui’s story is over, Tony picks up the electronic device on the test bench again.

“Well, after all, I only have to find Mr. Stark for help.” Of course, Lin Rui can also find Harry. But Harry is still young and he may not necessarily have Tony’s connections.

“That’s good, you’ll stay here today and help me with the experiment. I’ll do you a favor. You can’t just say thanks from your mouth and leave.” Out of the test bench, Tony handed Lin Rui the electronic instrument in his hand and said lightly.

Lin Rui: “…” Didn’t I save your life?

“Sure, no problem.” Although he is cursing Tony from the bottom of his heart, Lin Rui still takes over the electronic instruments handed down by Tony.


Two days later, Lin Rui, who was preparing for a trip at home, received a call from Tony. “I’ve helped you get it done. A professor of astronomy named Haimer wrote you a letter of recommendation to be an intern assistant next to Dr. Erik. I’ve asked Happy to send you the letter of recommendation. It will be there.”

Ding Dong~

Just as Tony finished that sentence, Lin Rui heard the doorbell ring. It seemed that Happy had arrived.

“Mr. Stark, how did you get Professor Heimer to write a letter of recommendation for a student he has never met before?” As he walked down the stairs, Lin Rui asked curiously. Usually, those with the title of professor has a high status in terms of learning and knowledge and they won’t accept any student casually no matter how much of a genius he or she is.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that Professor Heimer’s latest research project is short of funds. And you know, I’m most helpful.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Tony said indifferently on the other end of the phone.

“The methods of local tycoons are really simple and effective” Lin Rui couldn’t help but think of it in his heart.


“Hey! Thank you, Happy.” Opening the door, Lin Rui saw Hapi standing at the door with a simple envelope in his hand.

“This is for you.” Passing the letter of recommendation to Lin Rui without any expression on his face, Happy didn’t want to talk more to the young man in front of him. He dared to make fun of his name, which Happy will remember all his life.

“As indifferent as ever!” Taking the envelope and watching Happy turn away, Lin Rui’s mouth warped as he muttered.

“Jackson, now that you have gotten your letter of recommendation, are you going to leave? Maybe I can give you another car. Your Jeep may fall apart before it’s halfway through.” Lin Rui’s phone is still hanging up and Tony’s voice comes back.

When he heard Tony’s words, Lin Rui just cocked his mouth and groaned: “Mr. Stark, although driving from New York to New Mexico is a good road trip. But you have to consider my reality. How can I drive there?

“Then what are you going to do?” Tony always thought that Lin Rui was the kind of person who liked to drive alone and enjoy the beautiful highway scenery and then arrive at his destination.

“Of course…I am gonna take a plane!” Lin Rui rolled his eyes and his tone was helpless.

“Oh, the plane! But is it fast enough to fly? Would you like me to lend you an Iron Man Armor?”


“Of course… not. New York City has just had an Iron Man Regiment fight. How can I let you drive an Iron Man Armor from New York to New Mexico? It will be hit before it even touched down.” Apparently Tony heard Lin Rui’s sarcasm, so he hit back in an instant.

“OK! Mr. Stark, you won!”

“So, I wish you a happy internship holiday.” Taking advantage of the win situation seemed to make Tony happy. After blessing Lin Rui, he hung up the phone.

“Mexico, God Of Thunder, the Hammer of God Of Thunder, Asgard, Here I come!” After Tony hung up the phone, Lin Rui excitedly squeezed his fist.

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