Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 121

Heroes of Marvel 121 Thor

Climbing up from the ground, the big blonde, somewhat confused, shook in place for a few times.

“My… hammer? Hammer?!” Holding his dizzy head, the alien visitor looked for his partner everywhere. Obviously, the big blonde was the God Of Thunder Thor, who was banished from Asgard by Odin.

“Yeah, we can tell you’re hammered. It’s pretty obvious.” Darcy was relieved to see that Thor was okay.

“(Gasp) Oh, My God. Erik! Look at this, we have to move quickly before this all changes!” Since the guy who was hit was fine, Jane was attracted by the mysterious pattern on the ground, and quickly yelled at Dr. Erik to record.

“Jane, we have to take him to the hospital!” Dr. Erik was still a little worried when he saw Thor still talking to himself.

“Father!” Without finding his hammer, the God Of Thunder began to shout towards the sky.

“He’s fine. Look at him!” Jane obviously does not think Thor needs to go to the hospital.

“Heimdall! I know you can hear me! Open Bifrost and let me come back!”

“Okay~ Hospital, You go and I’ll stay back here.” After Thor continued shouting in the sky, Jane finally changed her tune. But she will not give up such a good opportunity to gather this information.

“What realm is this? Alfheim? Nornheim?” The God Of Thunder, who did not receive a response, turned to several people around him and asked.

“New Mexico.” Darcy, who had just been frightened by the storm, answered, holding up the light and the shotgun in her hand. God Of Thunder’s actions gave her an abnormal feeling that she needed an electric shotgun to give herself a sense of security.

“You dare to threaten me, Thor,  with so puny a weapon?!” Seeing Darcy illuminating himself with light and pointing some kind of weapon on him, Thor asked disdainfully.

(Fires Taser Gun)



There is no doubt that Darcy fired and Thor, who had been deprived of his powers, was shocked directly by an electric shotgun. Lin Rui, standing next to Darcy, had no intention of meddling from the very beginning, which made it easier for Darcy to subdue Thor.

Soon, with the help of Lin Rui, Thor was moved into the car. After Jane recorded the mysterious circles on the ground, they drove back again. In fact, Lin Rui wanted to stay and wait for the hammer of God of Thunder to arrive, but he had no better reason, so he went back with Jane and others. After all, The God Of Thunder’s hammer will not be taken away even if it falls down, Only someone worthy would be able to lift if as it was said by Odin.



“He said it was Thor.”

“What is your relationship with him?”


Jane and Darcy are registering Thor at the town hospital on the edge of the desert. As for Lin Rui, he stayed in the ward to make sure Thor woke up without causing any trouble.

“Woo…” Soon Thor, lying in bed, woke up. Despite being deprived of divine power, Thor’s own strength is greater than that of an average person.

“Well? Where am I?” When Thor opened his eyes, he found himself in a completely unfamiliar place. He was “locked up” in a white room surrounded by some guys in weird white coats, one of whom still had “weapons”.

“Who are you? How dare you attack the son of Odin!” Seeing the guy with the “weapon” walked to his side, Thor suddenly shouted and was about to jump down from the bed.

But just as he was about to sit up, a hand suddenly appeared on his chest and pushed him back. The God Of Thunder was pinched by one hand to the bed that he could not even move.

“You’d better lie down. We don’t mean you any harm, Thor.” Of course, it was Lin Rui, who had been here all the time, and Thor, who was no longer divine, was a slightly stronger human being. Lin Rui suppressed him with only a little internal energy.

“Who are you?!” Thor felt a huge force from the hand on his chest and squinted and asked.

“We can introduce ourselves later. Now let the doctor finish the checkup.” Lin Rui did not answer Thor. “Doctor, don’t worry, take the blood.”

Although Thor is now on the earth,  Lin Rui is curious about the difference between his body and human beings. So, while Thor is still a human being, he can check it as there will be no such good chance in the future.

“You dare to hurt me, Thor!” Thor could only watch the small weapon pierce his arm and draw some blood.

“God Of Thunder? No, you are just Thor now. Or do you think this little thing would have been able to hurt you otherwise?” Seeing Thor still yelling, Lin Rui faintly reminded him. He doesn’t want to continuously consume his internal energy to keep this stupid big fella “quiet”, this is not his style.

“What are you talking about?! I am God Of Thunder! Thor!” Hearing the words of Lin Rui, Thor, who shouted, couldn’t believe it, and struggled harder. Perhaps Thor knew that he had been deprived of his power and was exiled by Odin, but he could not accept it for a while.

“Ok, doctor, you’d better give him some injections to help him keep quiet. I don’t want him to take your room apart.” Seeing Thor still not calming down, Lin Rui had to ask the doctor to prepare a tranquilizer.

“Happy to.” The doctor who had been scared by Thor’s yelling replies quickly and then took out the tranquilizer.


“You’re no match for the mighty…” Soon, Thor, who was given a tranquilizer, has already sleeping heavily.


When Jane and Dr. Erik learned that Thor was fine but still not awake, they went back to their lab. After all, Thor was given a tranquilizer, and they had a major discovery tonight, they didn’t have time to stay in the hospital to wait for Thor.

Of course, Lin Rui volunteered to stay and watch Thor, nicknamed him responsible because he drove the car that crashed into Thor. However, no one knows the real intention of his stay. After all, not everyone believes that extraterrestrial visitors will fall from the sky.

In this way, when Jane and Dr. Erik studied their latest discoveries overnight, Lin Rui stayed at Thor’s bed, thinking about how to fool the prince of Asgard who was shot down.


Obviously the sedative given by the doctor was not enough for Thor, and Thor woke up in the early hours of the morning.

“Are you awake?” Sitting at Thor’s bed, Lin Rui looked at him faintly.

But Thor, who woke up this time, seems a little different. He didn’t yell or jump out of bed with excitement. He just kept his eyes open and looked calmly at the white ceiling of the ward. Seeing Thor in a daze, Lin Rui did not disturb him, so he sat quietly aside.

“Who are you?” About five minutes later, Thor’s gaze finally refocused and asked Lin Rui, who looked sideways.

“My name is Jackson Lin, you can call me Jackson.” This is Lin Rui’s answer, simple and clear.

“Where is this?” Jackson.” Thor then asked.

“Earth, the United States, New Mexico,  In a Small Town, you are now in the town’s only hospital.”

After hearing where he was, Thor didn’t say a word again, he seemed to be sorting out something.

“So, I was really exiled. The hammer is gone, Asgard, the Allfather…” A few minutes later, Thor spoke again and said something that normal people didn’t understand. Of course, Lin Rui is obviously not a normal person. He knows what Thor has experienced.

“Now, Thor, would you like to tell me where you came from? Who are you?” Although he knows who Thor is, Lin Rui has to ask out of respect.

“Thor Odinson, I came from Asgard, a place you wouldn’t know of.” Taking a faint glance at Lin Rui, Thor answered.

“Oh, you can’t guarantee this.” Lin Rui smiled as he heard Thor. “So, Thor, why are you here?”

“I made some mistakes, I was deprived of my power by my father, and I was exiled. I need to find my hammer and then go back to Asgard.” Anyway, this is not a big deal for Thor. He’s now banished to a small planet he doesn’t know. He’s going back to Asgard.

“It shouldn’t be that easy. After all, if what you say is true, you are just an ordinary person now. And the Asgard you’re talking about should be far away.” Hearing Thor’s words, Lin Rui said lightly.

As Lin Rui knows, Thor was banished by Odin and the hammer was mythologized. Only when Thor realized his humility and compassion can he lift the Hammer again and gain his strength back. But Lin Rui, who remembers the plot, never understood how Thor finally lifted the hammer. He did not learn anything about humility and compassion on Earth at all. He just had a love affair here.

In the end, Thor raised the hammer and defeated the Destroyer. It was more like Odin couldn’t bear to see his son killed by his own war weapon and untied his own words. Therefore, Lin Rui does not whether this would become a reality in this world. What happens if Thor wasn’t able to lift the Hammer as he did in the movie for the final counterattack.

“Indeed, I am an ordinary person now. But Jackson, you’re not. I can feel your strength. Would you like to help me?” After Lin Rui finished, Thor stared at him and said it seriously.

Lin Rui: “…” This stupid big man doesn’t seem to look so stupid anymore? ! This is Lin Rui’s current psychological thinking.

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