Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 115

Heroes of Marvel 115 Intense Fight

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Over the Garden, dozens of Iron Man Armors and dozens of Drone soldiers battled each other. From time to time, Drone Iron Man Soldiers were bombed and dropped in the bombardment of bullets, missiles, and lasers. Although Tony’s Iron Man Armors are small in number, their attacks and defense are stronger then those Drone Iron Man Soldiers, so Lin Rui doesn’t have to worry about being besieged again.

“That’s what I call support.” Tony laughed and said when he saw his Iron Man Legion in action.

If even Ivan can make an unmanned Iron Man Regiment, how could Tony not? With the help of J.A.R.V.I.S, Tony’s Iron Man Armors are fully autonomous. This is one of the reasons why he is unwilling to publish the technology of the Iron Man Armor, he won’t hand over things that are so dangerous.

“Wow! This is really…cool!”  Looking up at the robotic battle like the science fiction movie above, Peter was shocked and didn’t know what to say.

“Now we don’t have to worry about these Drone Iron Man Soldiers, but what about Ivan? Is he hiding behind the scenes?” Tony’s Iron Man army unexpectedly surprised Lin Rui, but Ivan did not appear.


While Lin Rui was wondering, Peter’s spider senses detected something.

“Be careful!!” With a loud cry, Peter had rushed towards Lin Rui who was standing opposite to him.

A blue sparkling whip swept past Lin Rui’s position and instantly rushed towards Tony, who had not yet had time to escape.


The whip drew on Tony’s chest constantly releasing high-intensity current, and Tony, who wanted to pull the whip, had already flown straight out. The Iron Man Armor that had just blocked countless bullets and a missile explosion was directly pushed back by the whip. Ivan’s improved electric whip was even more powerful.

Bang ~ Bang ~

A whip hit Tony, and Ivan, wearing an enhanced Iron Man Soldiers armor, walked out. His armor is obviously different from those of remote-controlled drones. This armor can be equipped with people and it also looks even more powerful than the drones. The two electric whips held by Ivan’s armored hand seems to be even more lethal.

“It seems that the Insight Technique doesn’t seem to work that well. Thank you, Spiderman!” Rising from the ground, Lin Rui felt a little sad. Peter’s spider-sense is more like a sixth sense, which triggers automatically. Lin Rui’s Insight Technique needs to be sensed by himself, so sometimes it’s unavoidable to miss out on some details which can be life-threatening.

“Will Mr. Stark be all right?” At the moment of danger, Peter had to choose to save only one person and Mirage Knight who was without the protection of any type of armor was obviously his first choice. But Peter was worried to see Tony being hit.

“He should be fine, but this guy is still a problem.” Tony certainly won’t be defeated so easily, his Iron Man Armor is not so weak.

Sure enough, after Lin Rui finished speaking, Tony, who had just been flown back forcefully, flew back. The striking black whip mark on his chest did not cause him much harm.

“Ivan! You finally reveled yourself!” Falling in front of Ivan, Tony said in a low voice.

“Tony Stark, of course, the pain my family has suffered requires me to personally return it to you!” In the face of Tony, who is still living well, Ivan’s heart has been completely filled with hatred.

With a violent swing his armored arm, two long electric whips were already pulling toward Tony.

“Ohh, Come and do your worse!” After nimbly dodging the electric whips, Tony started to taunt Ivan, he then reached out and straightened his hand to the other side to tie the whip.

“Ha! Caught you!”  Holding the electric whip tightly, Tony instantly tried to snatch Ivan’s whip.


However, Tony apparently forgot what Ivan had said on the phone before, that he had accepted Tony’s suggestion to double the power of the Arc Reactor. So Tony, who wanted to rip out the whip, feels wrong as soon as he started, Ivan’s Armor is much more powerful than his.

So, it came as no surprise that Tony was directly flung forward by the whip and quickly fell in front of Ivan. A missile has emerged behind Ivan’s Armor, targeting Tony.

“Oh! This is not good. J.A.R.V.I.S, increase the output power of the propeller!” Tony shouted at J.A.R.V.I.S. as he was pulled forward towards Ivan by his whip.

“Yes, sir.”

The next moment, Tony’s armored feet suddenly turned pale blue and the propulsion system turned on, stabilizing Tony in mid-air. Tony, who couldn’t get rid of the whip for a moment, saw that the missile behind Ivan had been fired, and two sets of miniature tracker bombs were rapidly emerging from the shoulders of the Iron Man Armor.



A violent explosion erupted between Tony and Ivan and two Iron Mans, originally tied together by the whip, were shot off in the distance by the blast wave of the explosion. Because Tony was trapped in mid-air just before the explosion, he was hit by the blast wave and fell to the ground. As for Ivan, because his own Armor was thicker, he just released his whip and retreated a few steps in the explosion.

“Tony! You die today!” The ejector under his armored feet spewed flames and Ivan shouted to Tony through the steel mask.


But just as Ivan was waving his whip in mid-air, a white spider silk thread shot him from behind.

“Hey! Did you forget about me?” An arrogant remark suddenly came from behind Ivan and Peter pulled the spider’s silk thread instantly.

Under the power of Peter’s full force, Ivan, who was flying in the air, was pulled down. Peter started rotating Ivan around himself and then threw him into the bushes beside him.

“Good job! Spiderman! But next time, can you throw him somewhere else, its a pity that these flowers and plants had to die for someone like him.” Lin Rui, standing with his blade in his hand, saw Peter shouting with joy and did not forget to make fun of him.

“You… Bastard!”

Ivan did crush a lot of flowers and plants when he hit the plant bush, but he quickly increased the power of the ejector and flew back. He was so close to killing Tony and then these guys showed up and denied him the opportunity just now.

However, just as Ivan rushed into the air and roared, another shadow came in front of his eyes, and within a moment, he saw a blade light coming towards him. The blade’s attributes and sharpness were added by the power of thunder and lightning, which Lin Rui used to cut that Iron Man Drone before.


Ivan’s eyes in mid-air were filled with the brilliant purple blade light and he subconsciously raised his hands to block it.


The next moment, Ivan’s armored arm was hit by a burst of blade light and the huge impact sent him flying out again. Nevertheless, Ivan’s Armor is obviously much more defensive than the Iron Man Drone which Lin Rui had cut before. Lin Rui’s blade light only left a deep hole in his arm with sparks splashing in it.

“What a tough tinplate!” His powerful attack only left a deep mark in the Armor, which obviously did not satisfy Lin Rui.

Just as Lin Rui sighed, a whip suddenly came from the direction Ivan had just flown out, and its target was Lin Rui.

Without evading, Lin Rui slashed the whip directly with his thunder blade. He wanted to see whose weapon and the technology was better.


The whip was twisted twice on Lin Rui’s thunder blade. The electricity on the whip jumped in front of Lin Rui’s eyes, but it could not really hurt him.


“Humm? This feeling? Is this charging?!” Standing still on his feet, Lin Rui felt suddenly that the thunder blade in his hand seemed to be absorbing the energy of the electric whip.

Puff Pop!!

While Lin Rui was holding down Ivan’s whip, Tony had rushed back and fired a shuttle of bullets at Ivan, but to the armored Ivan, these powerful attacks were no different than an itch.

“J.A.R.V.I.S, charge the palm cannon!” Tony had to use his palm cannon because his ordinary weapons had run out or failed.

Raising his arm towards Ivan. Tony’s palm shines more and more strongly. However, just as Tony fired his palm cannon, a whip rolled upon his arm.


The palm cannon was directly deflected and flew towards another direction, creating a huge scar in the already destroyed park.

“Tony! You can’t beat me!” Holding Lin Rui in one hand and Tony in the other, Ivan began to rapidly increase the energy load on the whip.



From left to right, Lin Rui’s thunder blade and Tony’s Iron Man Armor sparked with electricity. Tony’s armor has been badly damaged by the instantaneous boost of energy, and if it goes on like this, it’s really going to be scrapped. However, Lin Rui’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter even though there is a splash of electro-optic light on his side.


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