Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 116

Heroes of Marvel 116 One Blade

“Hey! Did you really forget about me?!” Two spiders threads slammed into Ivan’s armor arm and Spiderman screamed as he tugged at them behind him.


Just when Peter wanted to throw Ivan out again, Ivan’s Armored foot deformed rapidly and the split structure inserted itself firmly into the ground and fixed itself in place. In this way, even if Spiderman’s strength is greater, he can’t pull a knot of iron that is connected with the earth.

“You can’t stop me with this little spider!” While being rooted on the ground, the electric whips of Ivan’s hand are exploding again.


“If any of you guys have an idea, do it quickly! I would not mind some help at all!” The defense of the Iron Man Armor was consumed a little bit and he could not help but shout loudly. He managed to find an alternative element without dying, but after all that, will he be killed here by a mad man?


“Mr. Stark, this guy is hiding in his Armor. I can’t deal with him!” Launching himself out like a slingshot and kicking Ivan, Peter felt the numbness in his legs and shouted at Tony.

People like Iron Man, who is protected by an armored suit are really hard for Spiderman, a hero who is proficient in close combat and flexibility. After all, his power is not enough to punch through the defense of an Iron Man Armor.

“Then think of something else!”

“Dī dī~Iron Man Armor defense dropped to 17%.”


“Hunn? What’s going on?!” Just as Tony was almost unable to keep going, Ivan, who was constantly accelerating the output power, suddenly found something wrong.

The energy output, which was supposed to be under his control, was suddenly disrupted. The Arc Reactor, which was functioning normally at first, suddenly seemed to be stimulated by something. Suddenly, powerful energy burst out and rushed to the electric whip on Ivan’s left hand through his Armored battle suit.


Suddenly uncontrolled energy leakage prevented Ivan from continuing to lock Tony, and all the power of the electric whip connecting the right hand was transferred to the left hand as if it had been attracted by something.

The energy on his whip suddenly disappeared and Tony recovered his mobility, but at this time his armor was already scared.


On the opposite side of Tony, Ivan used his other whip to lock on Lin Rui’s blade. At this time, he has been completely covered by a burst of electro-energy and no one can see what is happening inside.

“What happened?! Mirage Knight seems to have absorbed all of that energy!” Tony was all right, so Peter jumped up in front of him and shouted. It’s better to ask a professional like Tony about this kind of stuff, but now it seems that this situation is not in a normal category.

“That’s the energy of Arc Reactor, he is absorbing the energy of Arc Reactor! How is he doing that?!” Like Peter, Tony is also surprised. Does Mirage Knight have any high-grade technology for absorbing the energy of an Arc Reactor?

“This is impossible!” Meanwhile, Ivan, hiding in his Armored suit, feels more intuitively about his current situation. The Arc Reactor’s energy is dropping at a rate of 1 percent per second, leaving less than 20 percent. And he couldn’t get the whip back at all.


Just as Ivan’s Arc Reactor energy dropped to 10 percent, there was a sudden tremor at the end of the whip that was pulling him. Then the dead whip, which had just been pulled, suddenly loosened and fell directly to the ground.


Then, the innumerable electric-energy surrounding Lin Rui burst out like a firework in all directions. Nevertheless, the arcs that exploded out did not escape too far and contracted back again in the next second. Just for a moment, the dazzling light disappeared and suddenly the bright garden, which had been illuminated by the light, was dimmed. And in the place where the light had initially burst and disappeared, a man stood there silently, holding a long blade with a light purple ray in his hand.


Closed eyes burst open and a purple light flashed through Lin Rui’s eyes.  Holding the thunder blade, he raised his right hand slowly and then instantly waved it down!


It’s like a violet thunder struck this garden. The flash of thunder has penetrated Ivan, who is still standing there.

After returning the blade to its sheath, Lin Rui, standing in the field, slowly closed his eyes and then opened them again. This time, his eyes did not have a strange purple light in them.

“Huh! This feeling…” With a long breath, Lin Rui did not know how to describe what he had just experienced. Shaking his head, Lin Rui had already pulled up his legs and walked towards Tony and Peter without looking at Ivan opposite to him.

“Mirage Knight! What happened just now? What happened to the big guy over there?!” Seeing Mirage Knight coming, Peter asked in a hurry. He and Tony saw the flash of thunder just now, but they thought it was just the light leaked from the previous electric whips. They didn’t even know it was the blade light that Lin Rui wielded.

“Nothing, that is…”


Just as Lin Rui was about to explain, Ivan’s Armored battle suit, which was fixed on the ground behind it, suddenly made a mechanical cracking sound, drawing Peter and Tony’s eyes to it.



In front of Spiderman and Iron Man, Ivan’s Armored Suit was cut from the middle, and large cracks began to appear on the head of the armor and quickly spread to below. Soon, the whole Armored battle suit broke directly into pieces from the middle, and fell to the ground and became a pile of scrap iron.

As for Ivan inside, he also fell out of his Armored battle suit, but he seemed to have died some time. His eyes were staring at the sky of the park, where the drones were still fighting with Tony’s Iron Man Corps.

“Is he dead?” When he got to Ivan’s side, Peter muttered something he couldn’t believe.

“Yes, he is dead.” Tony looked at Ivan on the ground with a complicated look and answered as J.A.R.V.I.S. could not detect any signs of Ivan’s life.

“Mirage Knight, how on earth did you do that?” Instead of looking at the man on the ground who was intent on killing himself, Tony turned to Lin Rui behind him.

Originally Tony’s assessment of Mirage Knight’s strength has been quite high, exceeding the power of the usual number of times, super high agility and speed, melee skills and some other abilities. Tony has been doing a careful test of Lin Rui’s strength, but today Lin Rui’s attack scared Tony. If the strength of the previously judged Mirage Knight does not pose a big threat to Tony’s new Iron Man Armor, he is now fully capable of threatening Tony.

“It’s just an accident. You can see it as an accidental explosion. It would be very hard to do it again.” Lin Rui seemed to have guessed Tony’s worries and explained in a plain tone.

In fact, what Lin Rui said is quite true. In the battle just now, Lin Rui suddenly found that the thunder blade can absorb the energy on Ivan’s whip and it can be used by himself to a certain extent, so the last scene happened. But in the future, Lin Rui can’t always take an Arc Reactor with him every time to let the blade absorb enough energy to fight, and that blade attack just now consumed almost all the internal energy in Lin Rui body, which is not a good phenomenon.

“Really? It’s like every hero’s killer’s move when a crisis breaks out. This is Mirage Knight’s ace killer’s move! It’s so cool!” After listening to Lin Rui’s explanation, Peter said aloud. He must be thinking now that he also wants a powerful killer’s move.

“Accidental Explosion? It’s really a very powerful explosion.” Lin Rui doesn’t know if Tony believed his word but he still nodded casually.



Just after the battle in the garden was over, the battle between the unmanned Drone Iron Man Regiment and the unmanned Iron Man above them was over. More advanced with advanced weaponry and more defensive Iron Man Corps still occupied the top position, turning Ivan’s unmanned Iron Man Regiment into fireworks in mid-air.

Dī dī drops!

Just as Tony was completely relieved, the Iron Man Drones who had fallen into the garden suddenly sounded with a countdown to something. And the Arc Reactor on their chest turned red, flashing constantly.

“Not good, Ivan set them up with a self-destruct program!” Seeing the changes in Iron Man Soldiers, Tony suddenly yelled with a big change in his expression.

“You guys need to leave! I am going to find Pepper!” Saying this to Peter and Lin Rui, Tony has flown up to save Pepper.


After Tony flew away, two Iron Man Armor fell from above, just in front of Spiderman and Lin Rui. Kakaka~Then the two Iron Man Armors quickly opened and waited for Peter and Lin Rui to enter. It seemed Tony had arranged for them.

“Spiderman, would you like to be Iron Man?” Lin Rui asked as he smiled as he looked at the open Iron Man Armor.

“Hell Yeah!”

A few seconds later, two Iron Man Armor rose from the garden and flew away with the rest of the Iron Man Armors in mid-air.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Shortly after Lin Rui and Peter flew away, there were successive explosions in the garden below.

“Yeah! ~” Peter, who was driving his first Iron Man Armor, screamed excitedly in the sky.


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