Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 114

Heroes of Marvel 114 Helping

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tony, who was pursued by Iron Man Regiment, rushed into the Green Eco-Park and dozens of Iron Man drones behind him also rushed in.

Falling on an empty flat land, Tony watched silently as the emotionless machines surrounded him. Ivan does have some real talent, besides the Arc Reactor, these driverless Iron Man Regiments are really good. There is no emotion in them, they only know how to accept orders and then complete it, they are really a big killer on the battlefield. But this is the reason that Tony has not handed over his Iron Man Armor technology, in order to avoid such a situation. He doesn’t want it to happen because of himself.

Ivan! Do you think you can beat me with these toys? With the help of J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony scanned all the Iron Man Soldiers around him, and shouted, knowing that Ivan must be running the machines behind the scenes.

However, it is not known whether these Iron Man drones are equipped with voice systems or not or whether Ivan does not want to talk nonsense with Tony. After Tony shouted that, the Iron Man Soldiers, who surrounded him, raised their arms and the weapons that had been silent till now a hail of bullets in an instant.

Da Da Da Da~

Instantly, countless bullets had covered Tony’s position. However, Tony, who had been prepared for it, jumped directly to avoid most of the bullets and then rushed into the Iron Man Soldiers group on one side.


Two palm cannons bombarded two Iron Man Soldiers beside him. Tony also avoided the attacks on himself while flexibly starting his own counterattack. These mass-produced Iron Man Soldiers are significantly less defensive than Tony’s Iron Man Armor and they do not have powerful weapons such as palm cannons. So when Tony rushed into the middle of them, the Iron Man Soldiers, who had the absolute advantage in terms of quantity could do nothing to Tony.


Just as Tony was fighting these Iron Man Soldiers with his high defense and powerful attacks, a missile suddenly emerged behind Iron Man, it was launched by an Iron Man Soldiers hiding on the edge of the battlefield.


The powerful missile exploded at Tony’s feet, and the power of the explosion directly surrounded Tony and the three nearby Iron Man Soldiers. That’s the advantage of UAV. It doesn’t care about the casualties of its companions.


The power of the explosion has not yet been completely dissipated when several other Iron Man soldiers surrounding Iron Man have already deployed their missiles behind them to target the front. These Iron Man Soldiers are equipped with life detectors, so long as the explosive power and signs of life are detected, then there will be relentless missile bombardment.


Finally, the power of the explosion gradually faded and there seemed to be some movement inside. It seems that Tony is not so easily defeated, but taking these many attacks is not so easy.


The surrounding Iron Man Soldiers have all opened up their missile launching systems, capable of delivering lethal attacks at any time. At that moment, however, a few small bursts of fire came quickly from outside the encirclement and soon fell at the feet of the Iron Man Soldiers.

Dī dī~

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A second later, all the little things that fell at the feet of Iron Man Soldiers had exploded, and in an instant several gaps had been made in the enclosure.

Pop! At the same time, a number of white spider silk shot from outside the encircling ring and stuck to two Iron Man Soldiers, it then directly pulled the two Iron Man Soldiers causing them to collide together. Spiderman’s power is not so simple. Peter is currently more powerful than Lin Rui.

After Spiderman’s shot, Lin Rui also rushed out of the plants on the side. In his hands is the system Reward, Grade C weapon pseudo-Nine Layers Thunder Blade, Lin Rui has quickly rushed past the two Iron Man Soldiers. Only two flashes of purple light flashed, and the two Iron Man Soldiers did not move.


A second later, the two Iron Man Soldiers slowly collapsed, and the red-shining steelhead rolled aside. Lin Rui cut off the heads of the two Iron Man Soldiers, which had never been possible before for him.

It took only a few seconds for the four Iron Man drones to be handled by Spiderman and Lin Rui from the start of the mini-bomb explosion. The Iron Man Soldiers, who aimed at Tony, had completely lost two of their companions and several others were injured before they could even respond. However, they will not remain so slow, and soon Lin Rui and Spiderman will be included in the target. Nearly ten Iron Man Soldiers have quickly pointed their weapons at Lin Rui and Spiderman.

Da da da!

“Tony!” Avoiding the bullets that were shot at him, Lin Rui shouted loudly. They came to support Iron Man, not to die! He just did that to look awesome, but he consumed a lot of his internal energy. Spiderman’s strength is great, but in the face of these Iron Man drones, his fighting power and superhuman strength are useless.

“Wow!” On the other side, Spiderman is also quickly avoiding the attacks against himself. There aren’t any tall trees in this park, so Peter’s ability has been restricted as he cannot use his spider silk to maneuver himself and he can only fight with these big guys by his flexible body.

“Get down!” Just after Lin Rui shouted, Tony, who was still covered by smoke and dust, burst out and shouted.

Sii! Sii!

After hearing Tony’s reminder, Lin Rui avoided the hail of bullets and went straight down. Spiderman behind him also went down obediently.


Seeing that both Mirage Knight and Spiderman were laying down, Tony released two high-intensity lasers from his arms and quickly rotated two laps around himself, cutting all the remaining Iron Man Soldiers into three segments.

Boom ~ bang~

The sparks flickered, and the Iron Man Soldiers were all scattered in pieces of scrap iron, and the threat was finally resolved.


All of the enemies were taken care of and Lin Rui and Spiderman came to Tony. Even when Peter was wearing Spiderman’s headgear, Lin Rui could feel the amazement in his eyes.

“Iron Man! That was a cool move just now!” Sure enough, Peter has begun to show his fan tendency.

“It is really cool, but this trick is too expensive on energy and it can only be used once.” Hearing Spiderman’s words, Tony unveiled his mask and said faintly. Then he raised his arms and two smoking small devices automatically jumped out of his Iron Man Armor hands.

“Mirage Knight, you got here quickly.” Seeing Mirage Knight seems to be absent-minded, Tony smiled and greeted him.

“Actually, we already knew the Russian plan, so we were at the Expo just now, and the situation there is now under control.” Lin Rui hasn’t spoken yet, and Peter on the other side can’t wait to answer Tony. Now that Tony knows Peter’s identity, he’s more casual.

“Why am I not surprised to hear that? Mirage Knight, what are you looking at?” Hearing Peter’s words, Tony picked his eyebrows and said. Mirage Knight knows everything about S.H.I.E.L.D., so it’s not surprising that he would know Ivan’s plan. But the battle is over. Why does Mirage Knight still look like a big enemy is standing in front of him?

“Sir, thirty Iron Man Soldiers are coming towards your location at high speed.” Just as Tony was ready to ask why Mirage Knight was doing this, J.A.R.V.I.S suddenly said something to him that made him stop.

“What? Come on!” Lin Rui and Peter also heard J.A.R.V.I.S’s voice and the latter was exaggerated. As for Lin Rui, he was already expecting this result. The situation that Daredevil said had just happened to correspond with the present situation. However, the current situation is not easy to handle.

“Sure enough, Ivan still has his backup!” Hearing the reminder of J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony was quite clear. It was a little surprising, but it wasn’t that surprising.

Seeing Tony’s expression, Lin Rui was somewhat confused. Tony has spent a lot of energy in the battle just now. The sharpest laser weapon has been scrapped. How can he be so calm? This is not normal.

“Aren’t you worried? We can’t cope with the full 30 Iron Man Soldiers now, and there must be Ivan within them.” In doubt, Lin Rui asked directly. He wanted to know where Tony’s confidence came from.

“Because my support has arrived!” Reminded by J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony said with a slight tilt in his mouth.


Just as Lin Rui wondered what Tony’s support was, the voice that represented Iron Man Soldiers’flight had reached their ears. However, except for the 30 Iron Man Soldiers led by Ivan ahead. Lin Rui was also keenly aware of a stir coming from behind them, and then Lin Rui, who turned around, knew what Tony was talking about as support.


On the top of the park, opposite to the 30 Iron Man Soldiers led by Ivan, dozens of Iron Man Armor belonging to Tony are rushing over here.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The next moment, the two opposing sides have already fired at each other.

“Really a rich tycoon!!” Looking at this scene at the top of the head, Lin Rui can only say this silently in his heart.


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