Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1825: Master of Immortal Domains

Chapter 1825: Master of Immortal Domains

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Xuanzang snatched away the Ruyi Jingu Bang but did not expect it to be a fake. He was furious.

However, he was alone now and had no way of facing the entire army of immortal and ghostly immortal emperors led by the Jade Emperor. There was also no way that he could escape.

If he could snatch the real Jingu Bang, then there might be a way for him to win this fight. However, the Jade Emperor had already attacked to suppress him first.

"Golden Buddha of the Nine Heavens Way of Destruction!"

Nine golden buddha worlds shook simultaneously at this moment. Each buddha displayed a different expression, whether happy or anger, sad or pleased. Their features displayed rich expressions and suddenly turned into extremely large figures in the void, pressing down towards the Jade Emperor.

When the Jade Emperor attacked, his imperious immortal emperor aura flooded out and formed a hand print of immortal essence that came from all directions.

"Decagonal Imperious Seal!"

This terrifying hand print blasted out from beyond the void and landed on the nine golden buddha worlds. In the next instant, the surrounding voids were filled with explosions. It felt as though many void chasms was created through the shock and even more space was destroyed!

The instant the two parties' attacks clashed, a wave of power flowed out to the surroundings, pushing away the other immortal and ghostly immortal emperors. Even Wu Yu felt as though he was pushed back by a lot.

With the immortal emperors as the witnesses, Xuanzang's nine golden buddha worlds seemed to retreat after the Jade Emperor's attack.

Naturally, the other immortal emperors would not simply remain on the side lines.

The Jade Emperor and Xuanzang were evenly matched.

Wu Yu, Heavenly Queen Mother, Guanyin Pusa, the Three Pure Ones and Five Emperors, and many more immortal emperors attacked simultaneously. All of them took on one of Xuanzang's nine golden buddha worlds.

Xuanzang who was first suppressed by the Jade Emperor could not defend against this group attack.

Xuanzang was already suppressed shortly after the entire group attacked. The nine golden buddha worlds could not handle so much enemies at once. Finally, the Jade Emperor attacked with another Decagonal Imperious Seal and suppressed Xuanzang's immortal buddha trueform.

When his immortal buddha trueform was suppressed, all nine of the golden buddha worlds became quiet and ceased to move.

Immortal buddha energy and apotheosis immortal energy spread out through the void and travelled far. These energies had shattered almost all the surrounding space.

After one round of fierce attacks, Xuanzang was finally suppressed.

Wu Yu did not hesitate and immediately stepped forward. He used the Torpefy mystique from his Ruyi Jingu Bang to suppress Xuanzang totally.

Xuanzang was quiet now. He knew that no matter what he said, it was already useless.

Many immortal emperors stood guard over him while Wu Yu and the Jade Emperor headed towards that shattered Immortal Buddha World Core. They were going to rebuild the World Core.

"This Ruyi Jingu Bang is actually the true World Core of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain. The Immortal Buddha World Core is on the Ruyi Jingu Bang." The Jade Emperor took the Ruyi Jingu Bang from Wu Yu;s hands and said seriously.

Perhaps he recalled his exchange with the Lord Gautama Buddha. In a flash, so many years had passed since their conversation. He did not even realised that the Lord Gautama Buddha had long been sacrificed. So many things had happened to both the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and the Heavenly Domain. Even Xuanzang, an immortal buddha, had secretly betrayed the Buddha world in order to survive. In fact, he was still plotting to become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain……

However, Xuanzang had remained quiet after being sealed.

He might be considering some things. It was just that no one knew if he could think things through clearly.

If he could not, then it would be a pity……

The Jade Emperor wielded the Ruyi Jingu Bang and chanted the mantra that Lord Gautama Buddha had sent to him. At the same time, he inserted the Ruyi Jingu Bang into the shattered black Immortal Buddha World Core.

In this instant, there seemed to be a miraculous strength surging from between the heavens and earth and rushing into the Immortal Buddha World Core.

A brilliant gold light shone from the Ruyi Jingu Bang and lit up the shattered black Immortal Buddha World Core. A holy aura seemed to have descended from the sky.

A huge etheral image slowly formed between heaven and earth. That was a really humongous buddha. It was even larger than Xuanzang's nine golden buddha worlds added together.

That humongous buddha image was a mirage of Lord Gautama Buddha. It looked as though countless divine sarira had gathered and appeared. Then they faded and disappeared.

The humongous buddha emitted pure immortal buddha energy. As the Jade Emperor chanted the mantra for the Immortal Buddha World Core, this energy rushed into Wu Yu.

At this point, Wu Yu closed his eyes to concentrate on receiving Lord Gautama Buddha's immortal buddha energy. This energy caused his golden buddha world to disintegrate and turn into tiny specks that could not be seen by eye. These specks flew out and into the Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

The Heavenly Buddha's Domain was vast and endless. Its quiet starry sky hid countless black immortal buddhas who had lost their World Core.

Wu Yu's body tranformed into the smallest particle possible and covered the entire Heavenly Buddha's Domain!

He could clearly sense every detail in the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and knew every action of every black immortal buddha. He could feel the birth and destruction of divine sarira, and can also feel his body becoming one with the Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

He was the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and the Heavenly Buddha's Domain was him!

With his immortal buddha realm,Wu Yu received the immortal buddha energy that the Lord Gautama Buddha had left behind.This was a plot by the Lord Gautama Buddha. He had actually aided Wu Yu to directly become the master of a buddha immortal domain and gain control over the entire Heavenly Buddha's Domain!

At this moment, Wu Yu could already use the power from the whole immortal domain.

His battle strength grew tremendously and increased more than a fold. In fact, he could tell that he could easily defeat immortals like the Jade Emperor now!

This was the power of a master of the immortal domain.

Wu Yu was drunk on the power. He could imagine why Xuanzang and the Unworldly Abomination was so persistent on becoming the master of this immortal domain. This was in order to gain control over such vast power.

The entire immortal domain was his.

He was the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain!

Luckily, this unparalleled newfound strength did not cause Wu Yu to forget his initial motivations and true heart.

He maintained his calm and opened his eyes once again. The Heavenly Buddha's Domain that presented before him had already changed.

When he became the master of this immortal domain, Lord Gautama Buddha's immortal buddha energy had already resulted in the repair of the Immortal Buddha World Core. The cracks were healed and it shone brilliantly once again.

With the successful rebuilding of the Immortal Buddha World Core, all the black immortal buddhas in the Heavenly Buddha's Domain started to regain their consciousness and will. It was like what had happened with the immortal emperors. These immortal buddhas had now turned back into their original selves and recalled everything that had happened.

When the Unworldly Abomination invaded the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, Lord Gautama Buddha had sacrificed himself to block the invasion. Hence the entire immortal domain remained largely intact.

It was a pity that the Heavenly Domain was now destroyed……

When Wu Yu became the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, he returned to the Jade Emperor and the others. All the immortal and ghostly immortal emperors crowded around him in amazement. They not only placed all hopes on Wu Yu but at the same time, were impressed by the Lord Gautama Buddha's amazing foresight.

If the Lord Gautama Buddha had not plotted for such arrangements, then the Heavenly Buddha's Domain would never be able to rebuild the World Core. No one could control the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and no one could defeat the Unworldly Abomination!

And now, Wu Yu had become their hope.

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