Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1826: Devouring The Sky Palaces

Chapter 1826: Devouring The Sky Palaces

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The whole of Heavenly Buddha's Domain began to recover.

Wu Yu had become the ultimate master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain. The World Core was restored, and all of the immortal buddhas started to return to normal. They would not turn violent at the slightest trigger now.

As the immortal buddhas began to recover, Guanyin Pusa took on the responsibility of gathering all of the immortal buddhas.

After all, she was originally one of the elite immortal buddhas of Heavenly Buddha's Domain. Virtually all of the immortal buddhas recognized her. Even the newly cultivated immortal buddhas responded better to her, as she was one of them.

Before long, all of the immortal buddhas were gathered alongside the immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors.

There were perhaps 30 to 40 thousand immortal buddhas who survived. It was an admirable feat to survive in itself. There had been many harrowing times when they could have had all been killed.

After these immortal buddhas recovered, they recalled that it had been Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa who had joined forces to save them while they had been trapped in Xuanzang's Millstone of Life. Otherwise, none of them would have been alive.

When the immortal buddhas gathered, they all saw Xuanzang, and was disappointed in him. They had not thought him so low to betray them, join the Unworldly Abomination, and choose the cowardly option to live on.

He had even tried to sacrifice all life on two immortal domains in order to make himself master of the immortal domain and fight the Unworldly Abomination.

Although all of his actions had purportedly been for the greater good, but from his attempt to steal the Ruyi Jingu Bang, it was undeniable that there was too much self-interest mixed up in his motivations.

At the same time, the spiritual qi in Heavenly Buddha's Domain returned. Along with the arrival of the immortal emperors, it felt like a return to the immortal domain's former glory.

Till the end, Xuanzang was held down by Wu Yu's Ruyi Jingu Bang.

His expression grew more and more frightened as the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors started to gather.

Although it was only for a while, but it made him recall the past.

Once, the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and Heavenly Domain had golden times. Immortal buddhas and immortal emperors co-existed peacefully, and all life worked towards achieving immortalhood.

But everything had changed when the Unworldly Abomination attacked. It was not just the world that had changed, but people's hearts as well.

Xuanzang himself did not know when he had started to think the way he did, but he felt a stinging sensation in his eyes…

Wu Yu and the others were working hard to make the immortal buddhas normal. There seemed to be nothing wrong with that……

As to what Xuanzang thought at that moment, no one cared anymore.

Because although it seemed like they were in a good situation, they were still not out of danger yet. The Unworldly Abomination could appear at any time, and when it did, all life and the whole immortal domain could be wiped out!

"Wu Yu, we can't find any sign of the Unworldly Abomination."

The Jade Emperor and the other immortal emperors and immortal buddhas came to inform Wu Yu. They made a solemn proposal: "How about you devour the Heavenly Domain as well? It's only an empty shell now, and it will be destroyed sooner or later anyway. Besides, it's actually part of the Unworldly Abomination's body."

"Wu Yu, you're already as strong as the Unworldly Abomination back then. If you devour the Heavenly Domain, it might bring your immortal dao to master of the immortal domain level. As a tenth tier immortal buddha and immortal emperor, master of immortal domain in two daos, you will definitely be able to slay the Unworldly Abomination!"

This was the conclusion of the immortal buddhas and emperors, which the Jade Emperor was presenting on their behalf.

After all, Wu Yu's win was not yet a certainty. After devouring so many immortal buddhas, the Unworldly Abomination might be stronger than it was back then.

With all life in two worlds in the balance, failure would cost them everything. Both immortal domains would be devoured by the Unworldly Abomination.


Wu Yu nodded after great deliberation.

"Of course, you must be careful while you devour. All of the Heavenly Domain is actually part of the Unworldly Abomination's body now."

The Jade Emperor warned him. "Although it is but an empty husk, it is still controlled by the white cat. You must remain alert while devouring Heavenly Domain. As the former master of the Heavenly Domain, I can help you."

Wu Yu took the Jade Emperor's words very seriously. He knew that he could afford no mistakes while devouring the Heavenly Domain.

Wu Yu and the Jade Emperor left for Heavenly Domain, leaving behind the other immortal buddhas and emperors.

No one knew where the Unworldly Abomination was currently. It could appear anywhere, at any time.

They were all very tense, knowing that time was of the essence. They might be fighting for every second.

Wu Yu felt his blood boil with excitement. He had not felt such an urgency since he had become an eternal immortal emperor. Since that moment, time had lost most of its meaning for him.

Whether a thousand years or a hundred thousand years, none of it made much of a difference.

But all of a sudden, time had become extremely precious!

The Jade Emperor led Wu Yu to the broken 8,000 Sky Palaces first. The sky palaces, as well as the rest of Heavenly Domain, had all once been part of the Jade Emperor's flesh and blood. He knew it all intimately, down to the very last blade of grass.

Now, the Jade Emperor could open the path for Wu Yu, and even help him simplify the world with his apotheosis immortal techniques. Wu Yu's devouring speed was at least doubled.

He could very quickly devour the Heavenly Domain at this rate, increasing his strength until it surpassed the Unworldly Abomination's.

Wu Yu was already a master of the immortal domain, and his Heaven Devouring Avatar had reached the point where it could devour all things and transform it into his own strength!

This was basically the same as what the Unworldly Abomination was capable of. Back then, it had also devoured Heavenly Domain in the same way.

Wu Yu was now also devouring Heavenly Domain. However, it was now actually part of the Unworldly Abomination's body.

Aided by the Jade Emperor, Wu Yu devoured it as fast as he could.

Level after level of heaven, the masterpiece of the Jade Emperor. His heart ached even as Wu Yu continued to work his way through them. However, he knew that this was the only way. Besides, the Heavenly Domain was empty now, a hollow and meaningless version of his intended work.

Wu Yu had devoured half of it - a full 4000 levels of Heaven - when suddenly black flames appeared in the sky. Nangong Wei had come!

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