Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1824: The Buddha World Core

Chapter 1824: The Buddha World Core

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That day, after the white cat that was the Unworldly Abomination had disappeared without a trace, the Jade Emperor led all the immortal emperors and searched through the devastated Heavenly Buddha's Domain for Xuanzang.

With this round of attack on the Heavenly Buddha's Domain by the Unworldly Abomination, many immortal buddhas have been devoured and become a part of its power. They might become puppets in the future.

There were less than half of the original number of immortal buddhas left alive.

More than half of all the immortal buddhas have been devoured by the Unworldly Abomination. All the remaining immortal buddhas, saved by the arrival of the Jade Emperor and the Heavenly Domain's immortal emperors, had all burrowed into different hiding places.

All the immortal buddhas in the Heavenly Buddha's Domain had long lost the Immortal Buddha World Core and did not possess any will. Hence, they were all acting on instinct. With the threat of a strong predator like the Unworldly Abomination, all the surviving immortal buddhas hid like startled prey.

The Jade Emperor and the other immortal emperors could not do much about this situation.

Now all they could do was to try to find Xuanzang. Also, the Jade Emperor had yet to tell them how to rebuild the World Core. He insisted on finding Xuanzang first.

Even after decades of searching through the entire Heavenly Buddha's Domain, these immortal emperors failed to find Xuanzang.

He might have hidden away in order to avoid the Unworldly Abomination.

However, as the Heavenly Buddha's Domain regained its calm, Xuanzang appeared on his own.

The nine golden buddha worlds quickly appeared before the Jade Emperor, Wu Yu and the others. He was Xuanzang!

At this point, Xuanzang still looked a young monk. It was just that he was expressionless. He seemed to be dissatisfied with the current situation.

"Sigh!" He sighed as soon as he appeared. He seemed very disappointed in the current situation.

"Xuanzang, you are here." The Jade Emperor was extremely calm. He frowned slightly at Xuanzang as he could not tell what Xuanzang was thinking.

Xuanzang looked at Wu Yu now and tutted at him: "The Unworldly Abomination would not have awakened so quickly. It is all because of you, Wu Yu, that caused it to wake earlier! Now there is no hope left. Once it has awakened, it can devour the entire universe and no one can stop it."

Wu Yu did not retort against Xuanzang.

After all, he also knew that when he led the immortal emperors to purify Heavenly Queen Mother, he caused the Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress to run to the Unworldly Abomination. It was possible that it was awakened then.

However, Wu Yu would definitely not share Xuanzang's methods - to sacrifice an entire Heavenly Domain in order to take the seat of a master of the immortal domain.

Wu Yu did not regret his actions.

"If I can rebuild the World Core, then we can fight against the Unworldly Abomination. Ultimately, I might be able to protect the Heavenly Buddha's Domain as well."

Xuanzang shook his head and sighed again. He spoke with despair: "Now all hope is lost. Soon the Unworldly Abomination will arrive and at that time, none of us can defeat it."

The Jade Emperor grinned after hearing Xuanzang's words. He had no intention of blaming Wu Yu at all: "No, there is hope still. However, you will not be the one to rebuild the World Core. Wu Yu will do it!"

"The key is on the Ruyi Jingu Bang. This Ruyi Jingu Bang is the Lord Gautama Buddha's Buddha World Core. However, this is a secret shared only between Lord Gautama Buddha and me. No one else knows, not even you, Xuanzang!"

"What?" Xuanzang exclaimed.

He took one look at Wu Yu. He looked very surprised. It was so unexpected that Wu Yu had actually been carrying the simple solution to rebuilding the World Core with him all along. In fact, Xuanzang had even gotten hold of the Ruyi Jingu Bang multiple times.

Why did the Lord Gautama Buddha not tell him this.

He felt that this was extremely unfair.

But the Jade Emperor quickly added: "Lord Gautama Buddha had told me about the Ruyi Jingu Bang before the Unworldly Abomination's arrival. Perhaps he had predicted the arrival of disaster. It is a pity that Lord Gautama Buddha failed to predict that our Heavenly Domain would be defeated even earlier than him……"

This fact was a secret between the sacrificed Lord Gautama Buddha and Jade Emperor.

Hence, Wu Yu felt that his decision to help the Jade Emperor to regain his consciousness was right. He not only saved the lives in the Heavenly Domain but also received the way to rebuild the World Core!

"We will use the Jingu Bang as the Buddha World Core and let Wu Yu become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain. Integrating the Heavenly Buddha's Domain with Wu Yu's body and buddha world is the only way to rebuild the World Core. Wu Yu will also become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and have the ability to fight against the Unworldly Abomination."

As the Jade Emperor explained, many immortal emperors turned to look at Wu Yu.

Many immortal emperors were in favor of letting Wu Yu become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain. They started discussing amongst themselves. Mainly, during this period of time, they saw and recognized Wu Yu's efforts for to save all life.

Even Guanyin Pusa nodded her head and agreed to let Wu Yu become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

This way, Xuanzang's original plan to become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain would be completely ruined.

Seeing that the other immortal emperors and the Jade Emperor had all agreed to let Wu Yu become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, his expression became a little grim. However, he soon covered it up. He smiled faintly, shook his head and said: "As long as someone can become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and save all life, it's enough. As for who it is, it doesn't matter. I also agree that Wu Yu should be the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain."

With his agreement, there was nothing left to argue about anymore.

The immortal emperors from the Heavenly Domain had successfully join forces with Xuanzang. With Xuanzang at the lead, all of them proceeded towards the broken Buddha World's Core which was hidden in the void!

It was a huge black sphere, full of cracks and holes, broken into pieces. It also reeked of death.

When they arrived at the Buddha World Core, Wu Yu took out Ruyi Jingu Bang and wanted to give it to the Jade Emperor.

After all, no one except the Jade Emperor knew how to rebuild the Buddha World Core with the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Hence, Wu Yu had to leave the rebuilding of the Buddha World Core to the Jade Emperor.

However at this moment, something unexpected happened.

Xuanzang, who was standing at a side, made a sudden move with his nine golden buddha worlds. In an instant, Wu Yu and the Jade Emperor were blasted away from the Buddha World Core!

Although they were not hurt, Xuanzang had took the opportunity to snatch the Ruyi Jinggu Bang from Wu Yu.

"Let me do it."

Even after his sneak attack, Xuanzang still acted as if he was righteous: "Wu Yu, you are still too young. You won't be able to defeat the Unworldly Abomination, even if you become the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain. Therefore, it is still most appropriate to leave it to me."

His true feelings were finally exposed. Many immortal emperors were very shocked.

They did not expect such a turn of events at this time!

However, Xuanzang would never have thought that when he pretended to agree, Wu Yu and the Jade Emperor had already discussed and guessed his true intentions.

"Xuanzang, you are still as ambitious as before."

The Jade Emperor was not anger at all even after watching Xuanzang snatch the Ruyi Jingu Bang. He just shook his head and said with a smile: "You probably wouldn’t know that the Ruyi Jingu Bang you stole is a fake!"

After hearing these words, Xuanzang's expression finally changed drastically.

"Take this!"

As soon as the Jade Emperor raised his hand, an imperious immortal emperor aura descended from the skies, instantly sealing the space, fully trapping Xuanzang’s nine huge buddha worlds!

A terrifying battle between the top-notch experts from both immortal domains broke out in an instant!

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