Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1514: Fruition

Chapter 1514: Fruition

After coming out of the Dragon Isolation Room, Wu Yu moved freely within the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm as Tian Que Dragon King.

10,000 years had passed, and the saga of Tian Jian Dragon Lord and the others had indeed passed.

It was only after seeing Tian Que Dragon King that they remembered 10,000 years had passed since Tian Jian Dragon Lord and the others’ death.

The other mystical dragons were not the victims, hence naturally they did not care too much. After all, Tian Jian Dragon Lord and the others had nothing to do with them.

As for Luo Pin, she was also a victim in the eyes of the mystical dragons from the Sky Heart tribe.

As for Tian Que Dragon King whom Wu Yu was masquerading, no one thought that he did anything right or wrong. After all, he was of a high status and no one would dare to judge his actions. They would still respect him.

The identity of Tian Que Dragon King was useful not only in this Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, but within the Sky Heart tribe.

Actually, there was not much difference to whether they had come out of the Dragon Isolation Tower or not. In the sky palaces, many trained in isolation for over 10,000 years. No one would be surprised by a long period of disappearance.

After coming out, Wu Yu met up with a few friends and brothers. This Tian Que Dragon King had a high status and mainly kept to himself. He had few true friends. Most social encounters were of people trying to curry favour with him.

Some had even asked if he would need help from them to kill Luo Pin discreetly.

Wu Yu warned them seriously: "Do not mention such things to me again. I spent 10,000 years in the Dragon Isolation Tower with her. With time, I realised that she is truly outstanding. Now I’m courting her. I’m proposing for her to become my immortal dao companion."

"What?" Everyone was surprised. They had not thought that he would fall for Luo Pin. After all, Luo Pin was the one who had caused the deaths of Tian Que Dragon King’s younger siblings.

"When you guys see her now, you will see her beauty and talent and no longer be surprised. You can even say that there is no one better than her at this age in the entire Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. While we have some unhappiness between us previously, we have to look forward into the future, don’t you agree?"

The gathering this time involved many mystical dragons. Wu Yu did not hide his love for Luo Pin and praised her publicly. This revelation stunned these mystical dragons and many could not react in time.

After all they knew that Luo Pin’s ex-husband had died in Tian Que Dragon King’s hands.

"I have seen her recently and as Tian Que Dragon King said, she is outstanding! Such a beauty and talent is worthy of Tian Que Dragon King."

"Yes, let bygones be bygones. Those are of the past and we should look forward. You two would make the perfect couple."

While some of the mystical dragons could not accept the idea yet, many had already reacted and started to sing praises. When they saw Wu Yu’s lovestruck face as he talked about Luo Pin, these mystical dragons knew that Tian Que Dragon King seemed to have truly fallen in love with her.

This was big news.

Many of the mystical dragons had not seen Luo Pin yet and could not imagine her transformation. They were in disbelief. However, Wu Yu knew that once they saw Luo Pin, they would never suspect why he would fall in love with her.

Of course, to Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, this was a mission that he assigned to Tian Que Dragon King and it did not matter if Wu Yu did not really like Luo Pin.

Wu Yu was letting out the news that he was courting Luo Pin. This news would spread like wildfire in the Sky Heart tribe. At that time, when he pursues her aggressively, and she agrees, their romantic relationship would naturally be accepted. Their plan would come into fruition.

Besides, as Wu Yu had expected, news of Tian Que Dragon King courting Luo Pin had spread within the Sky Heart tribe within a few days. Everyone was curious and actually went to the Primordial Immortal Empire just to take a look at Luo Pin. However, none had the opportunity to see her.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin were prepared to spend up to 1000 years before they could confirm their relationship. Within these 1000 years, they had to design some hurdles for them to overcome as a potential couple.

After all, if they had confirmed their relationship now, it would seem too abrupt to the other mystical dragons.

In the remaining time, Wu Yu went out of Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm once to send Wu You, Princess You Xue, and Su Yanli out. They had trained for too long inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda. If they did not go out for a breather, they might turn mad. They have all reached the Immortal Lord Realm and now had the ability to protect themselves. They would survive in the sky palaces with no problem.

"Let’s go on an adventure."

Wu Yu grinned and sent them off. They have spent too much time together. Over 20,000 years of companionship was no joke. Even Wu You and the others did not bother bidding him farewell. They could not wait to explore all of the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

Wu Yu also contacted Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. The two of them were roaming the sky palaces freely and enjoying themselves, especially Full Moon of Nanshan who claimed to be reaching his goal of sleeping with ten million immortal beauties. His aim was to be romantically engaged with ten million beauties simultaneously and he had already reached 3 million. Wu Yu did not know what to make of his crazy goal.

Ye Xixi was still more focused on training and after exploring the world for so long, she had wanted to return to Wu Yu’s side. However, once she heard that Wu Yu was courting Luo Pin, she did not want to come back and become the third wheel......

Actually, the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm was still more dangerous for them. Hence, Wu Yu suggested that they continued their adventures. When the situation was more stable, they could pretend to meet each other the first time, and then they could travel together again.

At the same time, he asked for news on Chifeng Immortal Lord and learnt that Mighty Miracle God and the others had not given up on catching him. Even the eternal devil emperors of hell were still visiting the sky palaces for this purpose.

10,000 years was insufficient to quell the anger of Mighty Miracle God, Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor and the others.

"However, they must also be targeting my 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King."

This was another reason for them to capture Chifeng Immortal Lord.

But it seemed like Chifeng Immortal Lord had evaporated into thin air. For 10,000 years, there was no news of Chifeng Immortal Lord.

People speculated that this Chifeng Immortal Lord had hid in seclusion after he got the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. Otherwise, he would not leave some traces behind.

But even if he was hiding in seclusion, he was really quite skillful to hide from so many eternal immortal emperors and eternal devil emperors.

Therefore, the eternal immortal emperors and eternal devil emperors must still be waiting for Chifeng Immortal Lord’s patience to wear out and come out of seclusion. He would not be able to escape from their eyes and search if he hid amongst the people who entered the sky palaces. As long as he appeared in any city or where there were people, he would definitely get caught.

Just right, Wu Yu continued to use Tian Que Dragon King’s identity and returned to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. He remained aloof and devoted himself to his romantic pursuit of Luo Pin.

His courtship for Luo Pin was basically made known to everyone in the Sky Heart tribe. There were also rumors about Luo Pin spreading. Those who had seen her all realised that she had indeed become more powerful and beautiful.

Time could change a lot of things.

Initially, many could not believe that Tian Que Dragon King liked Luo Pin. However after witnessing Wu Yu court Luo Pin with all his heart for hundred of years, the mystical dragons got used to it. They were also curious as to when Luo Pin would be moved by Tian Que Dragon King’s courtship and accept his proposal.

When all the mystical dragons no longer feel that their relationship was abrupt and odd, Wu Yu thought that that the time was ripe for them to be officially together.

That would also mean that he finally completed the "difficult" task that Sky Heart Dragon Emperor gave him.

However, the troublesome part was still on Wu Jun’s side. When they first heard that Tian Que Dragon King was courting Luo Pin, they were very angry. Obviously, they had already recognized Wu Yu as their son-in-law. Initially, they did not ask Luo Pin about the courtship and assumed that Tian Que Dragon King was just daydreaming. They even chased away those who came to the Primordial Immortal Empire specially to see Luo Pin.

Wu Yu went to the Primordial Immortal Empire many times in recent years, but similarly, he was driven away by Wu Jun. They had already fallen out with Sky Shadow Dragon Queen. Naturally, they would not be polite to Wu Yu. If Wu Yu refused to leave, Wu Jun came out personally to chase him away. This happened everytime and Wu Yu did not know whether to cry or laugh. After all, Wu Jun and the others did not know the situation.

However, Wu Yu persisted. He tried to move them with his sincerity and logic. He analyzed Luo Pin’s future, made countless promises, and explained repeatedly that things had already passed. It was equivalent to trying to win the consent of a father-in-law that hated him. This task was too difficult.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor even asked Wu Yu if he would need his help to get rid of Wu Jun or create some accidents. Wu Yu analyzed and said: "We absolutely cannot do that. Luo Pin is not stupid. She is very smart. If she becomes stronger in the future, she can guess anything. Now she respects Wu Jun and the others. We should not do any harm to them. In fact, if we can get Wu Jun’s approval, it will be easier for me."

"You are right, but you better speed up. Now many other tribes have noticed her change. It’s better to make her fall in love with you before others find out about her inheritance of the Dragon Ancestor’s legacy. I’ll arrange for you to get married and go down personally to ask for her hand in marriage for you."

"Grandfather, don’t worry. I’ve worked hard to this day and I’m confident that I will succeed. Now is the time when I can’t rush things. Otherwise, I’ll destroy the image that I have built up for 10,000 years."

Wu Yu was really afraid that Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would not wait and do something to Wu Jun and the others.

"You are right, I shall leave it to you. Tian Que, you have done well this time." Sky Heart Dragon Emperor actually praised him.

Wu Yu hurriedly gave his thanks for the praise. This old man kept appearing in front of him suddenly. His presence warned Wu Yu that he could not afford to be careless.

He still stuck to his plan and did not rush. Every day, he would share his heartfelt thoughts with Wu Jun and the others. He was going to use his persistence, sincerity and patience to touch their hearts. Actually, Tian Que had a fair reputation in the mystical dragon tribe. He had a better reputation than Tian Jian Dragon Lord. In time, even if Luo Pin did not react to Wu Yu’s pursuits, Wu Jun and the others were gradually swayed by his efforts. However, if Luo Pin did not say anything, Wu Jun and the others would never agree to Tian Que and Luo Pin’s relationship.

Seeing the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor grow impatient, Wu Yu asked Luo Pin to reveal a little about their relationship to Wu Jun and her adoptive parents.

One day, Luo Pin told them secretly: "Uncle, Father, Mother, I’m marrying Tian Que Dragon King. I cannot tell you the reason yet, but I can guarantee that this is something good. Also, I’m definitely not doing this against my own wishes. I hope that you all can trust me and I beg of you not to ask me for the reason."

She could not tell the truth. This was the most that she could reveal. Wu Jun and her adoptive parents confirmed with her repeatedly that the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was not forcing her to marry Tian Que. Luo Pin answered their questions patiently. Finally, they chose to trust Luo Pin.

As for the truth, they could not imagine it no matter how hard they thought.

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