Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1515: A Grand Wedding

Chapter 1515: A Grand Wedding

After Luo Pin had convinced Wu Jun and her adoptive parents, there were no more obstacles to her and Wu Yu’s marriage.

They have done sufficient preparations for their performance and this conclusion was logical. Their feelings for each other had grown over time, and had even endured the necessary ups and downs of any regular relationship. It could be said that they were simply experiencing the natural progression of a relationship. Eventually, they would marry. This was what everyone had expected to happen.

At this point, other than the core members of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor’s family, the others remained unaware that Luo Pin had inherited an eternal immortal emperor’s legacy. Hence, this marriage was a socially approved union between a handsome and beautiful dragon.

Everyone naturally thought that Tian Que Dragon King was much better than Luo Pin’s mortal ex-husband. Luo Pin was too outstanding and her relationship with a lowly mortal husband would not end well.

The mystical dragons only thought that it was good that Luo Pin had come to her senses and agree to Tian Que Dragon King’s sincere proposal. Tian Que and Luo Pin were the true well-matched couple.

Hence, after 11,000 years of learning to get along, they finally got together because of a wretched past. This was what everyone had hoped to see.

Time, especially such a long time, had a terrifying effect on people. Compared to 10,000 years, Wu Yu who had appeared only for a few hundred years seemed to just be a fleeting memory of the past. In fact, if they had not recalled the past history between Luo Pin and Wu Yu, many mystical dragons from the Sky Heart tribe had already forgotten about Wu Yu.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin were really patient to have endured until this day.

They planned for their marriage proposal to happen on an important day for the Sky Heart tribe. Many dragon kings were present. They were at the Dragon Emperor’s Supreme Battlefield to worship their ancestors. When the ceremony was over, Wu Yu, using the identity of Tian Que Dragon King, once again publicly presented Luo Pin with the treasures that he worked so hard to collect from the various sky palaces. He personally made a present from these treasures for Luo Pin and added an emotional speech to tell Luo Pin of his love over these 10,000 years. He admitted his wrongdoings, which marked the beginning of their relationship and begged Luo Pin for an opportunity to show how good they would be together.

It was already rare for someone of his status to openly declare his love. Hence, many elders watched and waited for Luo Pin to agree the proposal.

Even the Sky Will Dragon King promised that he would forget the past and treat Luo Pin well.

While Wu Jun and his family watched with dark expressions, the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings were pressuring for the marriage proposal to go through. Besides, Tian Que Dragon King had been very sincere. Both Wu Yu and Luo Pin agreed that the time was ripe for their marriage to happen after their performance had reached this stage.

Hence, in front of everyone, Luo Pin while looking calm, seemed to struggle and was hesitant. Finally, she replied softly: "I do see your sincerity over these 10,000 years. This much time is enough for one to know another. I think, since so many elders are speaking on your behalf, I shall...... try to have a relationship with you. If we are not suited, we can always separate."

Wu Yu was so touched that tears rolled down his face.

Ming Long laughed until she bent over: "You two are really good actors! You added 10,000 years of performance for yourself! I’m impressed!"

"What do you know. These sky palaces are filled with those immortal eternal immortal emperors. If I want to survive under their eyes, I have to act!" Wu Yu retorted indignantly.

But, so what if they were eternal immortal emperors? Using his Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast’s Replicate ability, Wu Yu could trick these eternal immortal emperors.

Luo Pin agreed to his proposal. Everyone was happy!

Of course, she was only giving Tian Que Dragon King a chance.

Actually, many female mystical dragons were cursing Luo Pin. The noble Tian Que Dragon King had discarded his pride for Luo Pin and she held out for so long against his courtship only to give him an opportunity. If they were in her shoes, they would be elated when Tian Que Dragon King simply looked at them.

Beautiful women were often the target of jealously. Luo Pin’s beauty was unrivalled in the Sky Heart tribe. It was normal that many young girls were jealous of her. After so much trouble, the mystical dragons no longer thought that it was abrupt for the two of them to end up together.

In fact, some were even more anxious than the couple.

Tian Que Dragon King had finally succeeded in his courtship!

After the worship of their ancestors was over, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor decided to strike while the iron was hot. Within the month, he personally brought along Sky Will Dragon King, Wu Yu, and the other Dragon Kings to the Primordial Immortal Empire. As the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, he asked on behalf of his grandson for Luo Pin’s hand in marriage. Upon meeting Luo Pin, he gave her a top-level Great Void Immortal Treasure immediately as her engagement gift.

This Great Void Immortal Treasure was more valuable than the Sea God’s Halberd of Eternal Night. It was called the Heaven’s Dragon Spring Necklace. It contained the Heaven’s heavenly rule. It could protect its owner and defend against most attacks from people below the eternal immortal emperor level. It could be said to be the best defensive weapon. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor could not bear to give it to Tian Que Dragon King, but he did not even blink when he gave it to Luo Pin. The faces of Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King who had come along with the emperor quivered. They could hardly control their emotions. Their expressions darkened after seeing the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor give out such a valuable gift.

Sky Shadow Dragon Queen still remembered that when she was young, she got rejected when she asked her father to give her the Heaven’s Dragon Spring Necklace. Now he gave it to Luo Pin. This meant that he really adored his granddaughter-in-law.

"Thank you, Dragon Emperor."

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor grinned and said: "Although you now call me Dragon Emperor, three years later, you will have to call me grandfather."

The date of the wedding was already set during their engagement. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor made a visit to the Primordial Immortal Empire personally and gifted Luo Pin with such a great gift like the Heaven’s Dragon Spring Necklace. This made the Dragon Kings watching envious. After this, their wedding was all set. Actually, Wu Yu and Luo Pin had only just got together this month. The Sky Heart Dragon Emperor did not even give them the opportunity to test their relationship and quickly visited Luo Pin. With his status, Luo Pin could not reject the marriage. After all, many people had witnessed her getting along well with Tian Que Dragon King.

"Luo Pin is after all just a young girl. Given this grandeur, being on the receiving end of so many people’s envy, and with this big wedding, she would find it hard to reject......" Wu Hao shook his head and sighed. He felt that this marriage seemed right, but when he thought of Wu Yu, he was filled with slight regret. Actually, they realised that they did not seem to know Luo Pin at all.

"Don’t guess blindly. I know Pin’er’s character. She must have her own considerations. Otherwise, why would this Tian Que Dragon King look more pleasing to me now as compared to the past?" Ye Qianning whispered.

"I also feel that way. Weirdly, I don’t hate him anymore? Is it because of this that Luo Pin likes him? But I still prefer Wu Yu."

"But Wu Yu has died."

At this point, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor asked Wu Jun and the others for their opinion. Since Luo Pin herself had no complaints, and actually looked quite happy, Wu Jun and the others would have no objections. They would marry three years later. The timing was confirmed as well.

"The wedding will be held three years later so that our friends from all around the sky palaces can have the time to prepare and come here. This wedding will be extremely grand and all the guests that we invite will be eternal immortal emperors from all around the sky palaces."

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor enthused.

Now that the marriage was confirmed, he no longer had to worry about the other dragon emperors and revered dragons learning about Luo Pin’s power. The wedding invitation had been sent. Three years were nothing more than travel time. Naturally, it would not make any difference.

Even if they found out now, it was too late for them. The future inheritor of the Dragon Ancestor’s legacy was now their family’s daugther-in-law.

To Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, Tian Jian Dragon Lord and the other two were simply useless dragons compared to Luo Pin. They were nothing. Sky Shadow Dragon King and his wife were not idiots. While they did not like how things had turned out, they still had to put on a happy face and prepare presents for the future daughter-in-law of their family.

After the wedding date was confirmed, the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor started to send out invitations. He had to publicise this marriage as much as he could. Hence, he would probably make this wedding an incredibly grand affair. He had even instructed Sky Will Dragon King to focus on organising this wedding within these three years. That day, he the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would personally host the wedding.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin were both amused watching the entire Sky Heart tribe make haste to prepare for this wedding. The entire Sky Heart tribe was very lively now and were all looking forward to the wedding three years later.

"That’s unexpected. We did not prepare anything yet and they have done everything for us. I heard that even the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor is invited." Luo Pin was speechless.

Wu Yu laughed and said: "Not only the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor, but also the Three Continents, Ten Islands Celestial Dong Hua Great Emperor Lord, Northern Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress, Central Ecliptic Great Yellow Horn Immortal and more! Basically all Five Directional Divine Emperors will be present."

It had been long since the last grand affair in the sky palaces.

But compared to the scale of their wedding, Wu Yu’s identity as Tian Que Dragon King was nothing. He would need to be at least at Gu Huo Immortal Lord’s level to have the ability to invite these great eternal immortal emperors.

The Sky Heart Dragon Emperor’s true aim was to publicise that the recipient of the Dragon Ancestor’s legacy was now his granddaugther-in-law.

He wanted to announce that to all the sky palaces.

Of course, he could not openly declare that. Outsiders might not be able to tell but in future, Luo Pin’s identity as the inheritor of the Dragon Ancestor’s legacy would definitely be exposed. By announcing their relationship now, he was at least taking the lead.

The level of activity within the Sky Heart tribe was beyond imaginable. Everyone was busy. Wu Yu and Luo Pin appeared in front of everyone as a pair, becoming the envy of many dragons.

"Provenance Phoenix Empress is invited too. Will she come?" Luo Pin suddenly asked.

"She... ... probably wouldn’t. Oh yes... ... Would she think that I’m dead?" Wu Yu had only just thought of Nangong Wei. When he took on Tian Que Dragon King’s identity, he had informed Full Moon of Nanshan and the others but forgot to let Nangong Wei know. Besides, Nangong Wei was with Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. It would not be convenient for Wu Yu to let her know.

Luo Pin thought about it before saying: "She knows that you have this transformation ability. In the past, she may think that you have died. However, hearing that we are getting married, she should have guessed that you are Tian Que Dragon King. This way, she will not be worried."

Wu Yu nodded. His thoughts were disrupted. Luo Pin’s words made sense. Nangong Wei should be able to make the link between him and Tian Que.

"Should?" He thought that it was best for him to trust Nangong Wei.

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